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12 Reasons this Juice Costs $12.50

It ain't cheap to squeeze 3 to 5 lbs. of produce into a 16-fluid ounce bottle. We asked Hanna Gregor, CEO and founder of OH! Juice, to explain why her OH! My Greens is so dang pricey.
12 Reasons this Juice Costs $12.50

12 Reasons this Juice Costs $12.50


The pineapple is flown in from Costa Rica or Hawaii to L.A.


We are 90 percent local, 10 percent tropical. The kale is from Be Wise Ranch in Escondido.


The celery comes from Suzie’s Farm. All of our produce is washed in lemon water and grape seed oil. We use filtered water to rinse.


Each glass bottle costs $1.25. Glass is nutritionally best for the consumer because it doesn’t leach any parabens or synthetic chemicals.


We source our cucumbers from Sage Mountain Farm in Hemet and JR Organics in Valley Center. Prices fluctuate by season. In winter, cucumbers can be as high as $2 per pound.


The Romaine also comes from Suzie’s Farm.


The mint bunch is from JR Organics. We put it in a giant salad spinner so there’s no runoff water.


Spirulina is an algae that rids you of toxins and boosts immunity. It can come from the waters of Kauai or Klamath Lake in Oregon.


There are three to five pounds of produce in each cold-pressed bottle. In a smoothie, you get maybe a fifth of a pound, plus fillers like ice.


We use a small $3,000 juicer and a five-foot-tall, $30,000 hydraulic press.


We receive, weigh, and check the produce for physical hazards. We wash the produce and prepare some of it. The labor per bottle is $3.50.


We are 100 percent USDA Organic. The application to get certified was 60 pages long and cost $2,000 to file. We passed the kitchen inspection and sent in our vendors. I was going to roll out new flavors, but it’s $150 for each new flavor. It takes six weeks, and by then it’s out of season.

*All produce pictured here fits into this one bottle!

12 Reasons this Juice Costs $12.50

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