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Growing: Dudley’s Bakery

By Troy Johnson

San Diego has some solid bakeries now, from Bread & Cie. to Con Pane and Sadie Rose. But ask any local for their first memory of lust-worthy, high-quality bread? The answer is almost always Dudley’s Bakery—where for the last 50 years, every San Diegan with an operable sense of smell has stopped for some potato bread on their way to “see snow” in Julian. Now San Diegans won’t have to drive so far for their fix. Evan Brunye, son of Dudley’s owners Barry and Laurie Brunye, is opening Dudley’s Deli in Kearny Mesa—the first Dudley’s location that isn’t a hell of a drive for us city folk. 9119 Clairemont Mesa Boulevard 

Growing: Dudley’s Bakery

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