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How to Support Women (While Drinking Beer) During International Women’s Month

These collaborative beers and events around San Diego are a great place to get started this March
Womens Month Beer

Pink Boots Society Brew Day at Second Chance Brewing

In a landscape where three quarters of brewery owners are male, it’s more important than ever to recognize and celebrate the achievements of women in craft beer—especially right here in the Capital of Craft. San Diego has a commendable history of supporting underrepresented people working in and drinking craft beer, so if you’re interested in continuing to raise a glass to equity, here are a few brews and events coming up during International Women’s Month 2022.

Head to Julian for a Pink Boots Collaboration

Nickel Beer is teaming up with the San Diego chapter of the Pink Boots Society, an international nonprofit women’s education group for alcohol professionals, to brew an IPA during International Women’s Month. The brew will be available in early April—the perfect time to head to the mountains, sip some beer, and support women. 1485 Hollow Glen Road, Julian 

Eat, Drink, and Celebrate at Stone Brewing

March 8 is the official International Women’s Day, and that evening, the place to be is Stone Brewing in Liberty Station. Starting at 6:30 p.m., the three-course dining experience will feature paired beers like Ladies Night Out, brewed with the 2021 Pink Boots Society proprietary hop blend. Tickets are $65 and are available at 2816 Historic Decatur Road, Liberty Station

Learn About Low-Calorie Beer (and More) at White Labs

You might walk away from White Labs with a buzz, but you’re guaranteed to walk away with some knowledge as well. White Labs’ collaborative contribution for International Women’s Month also uses the 2021 Pink Boots Society hop blend, but with a twist: The low-calorie hazy pale ale will be split into two batches using two different yeast strains, resulting in two different beers. Trying both side by side is strongly encouraged, so keep an eye out for their release in March. 9495 Candida Street, Miramar

Look for more International Women’s Month brew releases at Second Chance Beer, Pizza Port Brewing, Bay City Brewing, and more across San Diego throughout March and April.

By Beth Demmon

Beth Demmon is an award-winning writer and podcaster whose work regularly appears in national outlets and San Diego Magazine. Her first book, The Beer Lover's Guide to Cider, is now available. Find out more on

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