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INCOMING: Diner En Blanc, Part Deux

Date announced for the city's biggest, whitest dinner party

By Troy Johnson

Only Edward Snowden knows the location. But we’ve been tipped to the date: September 19.

Diner en Blanc returns to San Diego.

It’s part Guinness Book-size picnic party, part color theory performance art. Started by some thematic French gourmets 25 years ago, now spread globally. A couple thousand people wear nothing but white. They’re bussed to a surprise, nontraditional dinner locale (under a bridge, a park, atop a building, the moon, etc.). White tables and white chairs are everywhere. Each diner starts decorating their own (candelabras, floral explosions, elaborate sculptures, water features—it’s a designer’s night to show off). And then the gigantic dinner party ensues. Drinks are poured. Dancing en masse happens.

Last year was the first in San Diego. A thousand people showed for the sold-out event, held on the grassy edge of San Diego Bay. Four-thousand people signed up for the waiting list. This year, organizer H Events is upping the ante to 1,500-2,000.

Last year’s attendees get first dibs on tickets. Those who register can invite their friends. If not at capacity at that point, the general public who signed up for the waiting list will get what’s left.

The location is never known until guests arrive. Last year was a spectacle. Most, save insufferable grumps, seemed to highly enjoy themselves. It brought out the flamboyant in even the stridently unflamboyant.

More info (and waiting list sign-ups):

INCOMING: Diner En Blanc, Part Deux

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