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INCOMING: Trey Foshee Tacos

Betting on the location of Trey Foshee's new taco shop

Last week we wagered that George’s at the Cove chef Trey Foshee would open a taco shop somewhere in La Jolla. Now we’re betting where it’ll be. Remember the old La Jolla Shores Market at 2259 Avenida de la Playa? Yeah, there. Someone emailed us to say the huge space—7,495 square-feet on the ground floor of the F.W. Kellogg building (the Kellogg family owns the La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club)—will be split up into a few different concepts. Foshee’s taco joint will be the main show.

No confirmation yet. Foshee’s camp is not talking. “Trey Foshee Tacos” is not a real name. We made it up.

If true, it’s a very big deal for the tiny “downtown” section of La Jolla Shores. Foshee and owner George Hauer have a deep history in La Jolla. Both are very, very respected. And Foshee is one of the best chefs in the country. Their reputations will help them win over Shores locals, who tend to be wary of new development (that’s why the downtown area looks like it’s pleasantly residing in the 1960s).

The Shores Market shut down because business along the street is extremely seasonal, dependent on summer beach-goers. A strong street taco concept from someone like Foshee and Hauer might help change that. With the recent opening of Shorehouse Kitchen across the street from Trey Foshee Tacos, Avenida de la Playa might just have a little life in the offseason.

INCOMING: Trey Foshee Tacos

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