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Made in SD: Feel the Bern! Kimchi

By Archana Ram

Forget door-to-door canvassing; creative product discounts are the new way to back a candidate. Voters can flex their rights with Feel the Bern! Kimchi, a raw, organic snack that offers a chance to donate to the Bernie Sanders campaign. Launched by Jean Richardson, owner of Poway-based Gold Mine Natural Food Co. and a former civil rights worker, the kimchi is prepared in small batches and, as Richardson says, is “good for your palate, your body, and your political future.”

The jars are available online alongside Bernie-emblazoned tees and “Feel the Bern” bumper stickers. Customers who use the discount code “PROMISE” receive 20 percent off in return for making a good-faith promise that they’ll donate those savings to the Sanders campaign—the website even links to his donation page after checkout. And just like that, election season got a little more tasty.

$24.95 each,

Made in SD: Feel the Bern! Kimchi

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