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The Best Food & Drink Events This Month: September 2015

Mama's Kitchen 25th Anniversary Party (“Food Is Love”), Rock'n Chef Competition, Enrique Olvera & Trey Foshee

By Troy Johnson

Mama’s Kitchen 25th Anniversary Party (“Food Is Love”)

WHEN: Sept. 26, 6 PM

WHERE: Illumina Campus, 5200 Illumina Way, University City

When San Diegan Laurie Leonard started “Mama’s Kitchen” in 1990, AIDS was a full-blown epidemic. And though it’s a treatable disease now, there’s a misconception that patients and their kids/families don’t struggle to do very basic things in life. Like feed themselves and pay for medical costs. “Mama’s Kitchen” does that, delivering free home-cooked meals to individuals and families affected by both AIDS and cancer with the help of volunteers. To celebrate over 7.2 million meals served to those in need, they’re throwing their big 25th Anniversary fundraising bash, a family-style “Food is Love” dinner with entertainment. I’ll be emceeing the event this year. It is not a stuffy fundraiser event. Come, party, do good.

COST: $300


Rock’n Chef Competition

WHEN: Sept. 19

WHERE: Del Mar Racetrack & Fairgrounds,

San Diego felt a festival vacuum when Street Scene died years back. Now the three-day Kaboo comes to fill that gaping soul chasm. It’s the whole shebang, with musicians (No Doubt, Killers, Ben Harper, Bonnie Raitt, a hundred good indie bands and DJs), comics (Joel McHale, Lewis Black, etc.), artwork, craft food and drink, you name it. To foster the food people, there’s the “Rock’N Chef” competition presented by Chef’s Roll, which pits six chefs against each other in an Iron Chef-style competition. Competing chefs include Brian Malarkey (Searsucker/Herringbone), Chad White (who will be a contestant on the next Top Chef), Jason McLeod (Ironside), Javier Plascencia (Bracero/Mision 19), Amy DiBiase (Tidal) and James Montejano (La Valencia). I’ll be emceeing this event as well. I will give all of the chefs, Malarkey especially, a hard time.

COST: $125-$795 (for full, three-day VIP pass)


The Best Food & Drink Events This Month: September 2015

The Best Food & Drink Events This Month: September 2015

Enrique Olvera | Photo by Ana Lorenzana

Enrique Olvera & Trey Foshee

WHEN: Oct. 18, 6-8PM

WHERE: Chino Farm, 6123 Calzada Del Bosque, Del Mar

Enrique Olvera is basically a food concert, and so I list him as such.

He’s every bit as compelling and artistic as a David Bowie. Only Olvera’s from Mexico, where his Mexico City restaurant, Pujol, is considered one of the world’s best. His appearance in San Diego, then, is a big deal. He’ll be teaming with San Diego chef Trey Foshee (who needs no introduction to San Diegans as chef-partner of George’s and Galaxy Taco) for a simple menu of tacos and drinks at Chino Farm. The event serves as a reception and San Diego coming-out for Olvera’s new book, Mexico from the Inside Out. Really, I should be featuring the Good Earth/Great Chefs series every single time they do something.

Because they’re bringing some true food icons to San Diego. So pick up my slack and check their roster here.

COST: $90 (includes signed book)


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