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Top Food Events: January Main Dish

Everyday Peruvian | Tap This! The Art of the Brew | Clambake

By Troy Johnson

Everyday Peruvian w/ Monica Szepesy

WHEN: Jan. 17, 6PM-9PM

COST: $85

LOCATION: Cups La Jolla, 7857 Girard Ave, La Jolla, 858.459.2877.

Q’ero has long been one of the top holes in Encinitas’ walls—a Peruvian restaurant from chef Monica Szepesy. Her skirt steak with caramelized onions, aji Amarillo (yellow Peruvian pepper) and chichi de jora sauce (reduced from the famed South American corn beer) is pretty legendary. She’ll school gourmands on the art of aji. Guests also get a full meal.

Tap This!—The Art of the Brew

WHEN: Jan. 24, 6:30PM

COST: $20

LOCATION: Reuben H. Fleet Science Center, 1875 El Prado, Balboa Park, 619.238.1233

Yes, Reuben H. Fleet just said that. The keg-party double entendre exhibit will be like saddling up to the bar with Bill Nye. Really, it’s just an intellectual reason to unwind (since you were short on them), but there will be brewers on hand to chat the science of craft. And “the physics of beer pong” will be explained, which should make you instantly the most popular person in Pacific Beach. Beer and/or food from Stone, Green Flash, Hillcrest Brewing Company, Helm’s, Mad Lab Craft, Brazen BBQ, West Coast Tavern and D Bar.


WHEN: Jan. 26 & 27, 7PM

COST: $85

LOCATION: 1044 Wall St., La Jolla, 858.551.7575,

Whisknladle chef Ryan Johnston is getting New Englandy with the traditional shellfish-over-open-fire feast at this month’s Supper Club event. Clams, local lobster, Dungeness crab, mussels, linguica, potatoes, slaw and cornbread. And it will mark the only time it’s acceptable for a human who’s not under two years of age to wear a bib in the restaurant.

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