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7 of San Diego’s Sexiest & Best Bathrooms

Put on your best duds, grab your friends, and come barhopping with us in the city's chicest stalls
San Diego restaurant bathroom at Seneca in downtown
Seneca | Photo Credit: Erica Joan

San Diego’s got more than its fair share of chic bathrooms, so we grabbed a few pals and wandered through the city’s hottest stalls (and one nostalgia-inducing dive bar john).

After all, the party only sucks if the bathroom’s quiet. The main event may be sullied by long drink lines, boring DJs, couples that really need to get a room. The only escape that doesn’t involve calling an Uber? The true epicenter of gossip and booze-induced bonding: the restroom.

Almost anywhere after happy hour, the lavatory is the place to be—the setting for the best compliment you’ve ever gotten, a land where the questionable hygiene of sharing lipstick goes unquestioned.

And businesses are catching on. If patrons are flocking to the loo anyway—to mirror selfie and make out and urge crying acquaintances to “Dump him!”—why not give it the same design consideration as the rest of the building? Hello, disco-ball bathrooms and wallpapered water closets. Finally, a prettier place to get your hair braided by a stranger.

Check out the sexiest bathrooms in San Diego below:


Photo Credit: Erica Joan

Morning Glory

Photo Credit: Erica Joan


Photo Credit: Erica Joan
Photo Credit: Erica Joan

Realm of the 52 Remedies

Photo Credit: Erica Joan


Photo Credit: Erica Joan


Seneca Trattoria, San Diego
Photo Credit: Erica Joan

Til-Two Club

Photo Credit: Erica Joan
Photo Credit: Erica Joan

By Amelia Rodriguez

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