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A Night to Remember

5 things we learned at the Paul McCartney concert

By Kimberly Cunningham

It was a night I will never forget—and a dream come true for tens of thousands of superfans who packed Petco Park on September 28 to see the man, the legend Sir Paul McCartney in concert.

Here are five things I learned from the experience:

1) Petco Park makes a great concert venue. Words can’t really describe what it was like to be on the field, to feel the energy of everyone in the stadium, surrounded by the buildings of downtown San Diego. We spotted Bill Walton in front of us and former Yankees pitcher David Wells to our right. Simply awesome.

A Night to Remember

A Night to Remember

2) Baby Boomers are excellent concert-going company. The crowd was mellow Sunday night. There was no pushing or shoving or heckling. Most of the audience grew up listening to the Beatles and watched the British Invasion firsthand. They were just so stoked to be there. Cue the screaming and hyperventilating. (“He was the love of my life when I was 17!” one woman told me.) The fact that they were so appreciative helped me really grasp the importance of what I was witnessing. It was likely the last time McCartney will ever perform in San Diego, and the last chance for most of us to see one of the original Beatles in concert.

 3) Paul McCartney has a lot of guitars. I counted at least six and one ukulele, which he used during a tribute to George Harrison. McCartney also used the same guitar that he used while recording “Paperback Writer.” He mentioned this right before he performed the song. That was pretty cool.

4) “Let It Be” is the best song ever. Granted, we could argue all night about the best Beatles songs, and I’m sure a lot of people do so on a regular basis. But I have always loved this song. When McCartney performed it on Sunday, there were some lighters, but most people in the stadium powered up the flashlight app on their smartphones. Modern technology meets 1970. It was a goose bump-inspiring sight. I come from a long line of professional worriers, which means I worry a lot. So I just love this message: “There will be an answer. Let It Be.” Thank you, Paul.

A Night to Remember

A Night to Remember


5) Paul McCartney is a badass. Okay, maybe I already knew this, but it has been officially confirmed and forever minted in my brain. At a svelte 72 years old, the man rocked for three hours straight. Three. Hours. Straight! There were fireworks, balls of flame, and so much more happening on stage, and he just kept on rockin’. I was so impressed. Best. Concert. Ever.

A Night to Remember

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