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In Good ‘Company’

Cygnet's current production is a gem

By Kimberly Cunningham

In Good ‘Company’

Company Cast

If I had a nickel for every man I’ve ever met who was afraid of commitment, I would be very rich woman.

Enter Bobby (aka Robert), the main character in Stephen Sondheim’s musical Company, now playing at Cygnet Theatre in Old Town.

The show—considered one of the first musicals to deal with adult relationships—premiered on Broadway in 1970. Its humor and relevance still ring true today. Such is the genius of Sondheim.

Over the course of two acts, the eternal bachelor Bobby meets with his various couple friends to examine the benefits (and pitfalls) of marriage. The irony of relationships, that natural ebb and flow, is beautifully detailed in songs like “Sorry-Grateful.”

In Good ‘Company’

Company Men

In Good ‘Company’

Company Bobby Girls

Sondheim’s music and highly regarded lyrics will make you reflect and laugh about your own relationships. Sometimes I felt like I was staring in the mirror at all the mistakes I’ve made—the plight of the single gal.

Theater lovers will recognize many of the songs, made famous by Sondheim darlings like Patti Lupone and Bernadette Peters.

Standouts from Cygnet’s production include the wildly hilarious and hysterical Eileen Bowman, who shines as Amy.

Company runs through August 25 at Cygnet Theatre in Old Town.

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