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On Playwrights and Playwriting

Don't worry, San Diego. We won't quit our day jobs

By Kimberly Cunningham

On Playwrights and Playwriting

The Second City

Photo: Dave Rentauskas

One of the many perks of being an editor at San Diego Magazine is that we occasionally get asked to do some super cool stuff—and meet with really cool people.

Last night Erin Meanley and I had drinks with two writers from Chicago’s famed sketch comedy troupe The Second City, which recently visited La Jolla Playhouse on its national tour. Rumor has it the hilarious bunch is coming back later this summer, and they’re currently gathering intel for a San Diego-specific show.

The Playhouse asked if we would share our breadth of knowledge about this city with them, and naturally, we were happy to oblige. We are big fans. Many of The Second City’s alums have gone on to mega stardom at Saturday Night Live. And if you read Tina Fey’s book, Bossypants, you’ll remember that she called her time at The Second City “the best job she ever had.”

We met them in the Gaslamp at Croce’s—an iconic San Diego spot—where we proceeded to pontificate about all things SD: the craft beer movement, the homeless problem, the great seal/Children’s Pool dilemma, the border, the comeback of Tijuana, North County vs. the rest of San Diego, fish tacos, Shamu, Norv Turner, and more.

I’m pretty sure they thought we were nuts. Or heavy drinkers. Or both.

Either way, we had fun singing the praises (and problems) of our hometown. It was an honor just to be asked—to be considered resources of information. And we’re looking forward to seeing the new show when it comes in August.

Check with La Jolla Playhouse for updates and ticket info.

P.S. If you see the show, and there happens to be two magazine-editor characters downing martinis and rambling on about San Diego circa 1995… we have no idea who they are! (wink, wink)

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