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A New Film Documents San Diego’s Craft Beer Scene

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David, Marie and Troy are still at our sponsor, Home Brew Mart. Rumor has it David brought a cot and this is where he lives now. Understandable. The Linda Vista store is where the city’s first bootstrap scientists got all the ingredients, materials, recipes, rumors, and know-how to start the craft beer revolution in San Diego. It’s also home to Ballast Point—makers of one Sculpin IPA, one of the most famous craft beers in existence—who’s celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. Colby Chandler—the second-longest serving employee who helped create Sculpin way back when—will share a few pints and some stories of craft beer’s days in the manger.

This week we talk to the creators and host of a new documentary film, Beer City: San Diego. Host Aubree Miller (who’s also the creative director of Amplified Ale Works) and producer Dave Wadsworth spent three years documenting San Diego’s craft beer world, talking to the brewers, owners, and personalities who helped build the culture. The film also features and serves as tribute to longtime craft beer supporter and eminently great human being, Nate Soroko, who passed away recently. Some of the proceeds of the film’s premiere party (Aug. 5 at The Casbah) will go to Nate’s family.

In Hot Plates, we cover Pop Pie Co. and Stella Jean’s Ice Cream, which is opening a new spot in one of San Diego’s original neighborhoods. We discuss the boom of the Mexican stew, birria, now that everyone’s going nuts for Mike’s Red Tacos, a new birria food truck in Morena. Plus, one San Diego bar made it into Esquire’s annual “Best Bars in America.”

For Two People, $50, Troy is still knee-deep in donuts and shares his story about sitting down with the owner of the iconic VG Donut (get the apple fritter) in Cardiff. David suggests hitting up Garibaldi, the speakeasy-ish spot inside the InterContinental Hotel downtown. Aubree reluctantly points people to her favorite natural wine bar in South Park, The Rose.

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Aubree Miller

By Troy Johnson

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