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A Weight Lifted

Learning healthy lifestyle changes with the Scripps Diabetes Prevention Program
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For some time, Nancy Butsumyo, 60, had struggled with her weight and had high A1C levels that didn’t budge with diet and regular exercise. But she was surprised when routine blood work showed that her glucose levels were elevated, indicating prediabetes. Fortunately, her longtime primary care doctor uses a prediabetes diagnosis as a teaching moment to help her patients get on a path to good health. She directed Butsumyo to the Scripps Diabetes Prevention Program, where she learned to eat healthy via nutritional counseling, increase her physical activity, manage stress and make healthier choices. Read more of Butsumyo’s story and about the diabetes prevention program at Scripps Whittier Diabetes Institute here.For more nutrition, wellness, and healthy living tips, sign up for the San Diego Health newsletter here.

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