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Best Delta 8 Flower: Top 3 Delta Flower Strains to Buy Online In 2023

If you are looking for the strongest strains & buds from legit weed brands, then read this article to get the best delta 8 flower.
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Are you keen on experiencing the effects of pure Delta 8 flowers and how they can ease your mind and body without causing any of the typical marijuana effects?

Well, you’re only one among thousands of such people who have or are on their way to experiencing the calm and relaxed feelings that Delta 8 has become so popular for. In fact, wherever, in the US, marijuana has been deemed illegal, Delta 8 has become more popular. And what better way to get there than smoking some legal weed — Delta 8 flowers.

Delta 8 flowers can improve your general mood, relax your mind, help with oxidative stress, and even serve recreational purposes, as they can cause a mild euphoria.

So, if you’re a smoker, maybe it is time to quit and replace it with a hit of Delta 8 hemp flowers to ease your mind and body and help you go through your daily chores like a breeze.

Top 3 Brands Of Delta 8 Flowers In The Market

  1. Exhale Wellness – Overall Best Delta 8 Flower; Top Selling

  2. Budpop – Strongest Delta 8 Flower In The Market; Non-GMO

  3. Hollyweed CBD – Premium Quality Delta 8 Flower; 100% Natural

#1. Exhale Wellness – Overall Best Delta 8 Flower; Top Selling

Brand Overview

Exhale Wellness, a California-based brand, is currently among those leading the hemp industry forward with its high-quality, safe, and potent products. Its core team comprises scientists, chemists, and cannabis enthusiasts with expertise in the medical use of hemp and its extracts.

Its Delta 8 flowersare among the most potent and popular products in the industry. These hemp flowers are organically grown and are free of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and soil contaminants, making them 100% safe for use. The brand works with local, licensed farmers of Colorado to source hemp.


#1. Cerebral Upliftment

The taste of Delta 8 flower can be harsh on the user’s throat. But it provides a great boost to your mind and helps in completely relaxing your body.

#2. Relieves Minor Aches & Pain

Studies have found that using Delta 8 flower may help reduce the pain that occurs due to extensive physical or mental exhaustion that an individual always comes across by performing their daily activities.

#3. Size Variance

Exhale Wellness offers its customers the option to buy Delta 8 flowersin any desired quantity. The strain of the product can be bought in the range of a quarter ounce to one pound. That is, there is no restriction in purchasing the amount of Delta 8 flower at Exhale Wellness.

#4. 13 Distinct Flavors

There are 13 distinct flavors of Delta 8 flowerlisted on the official website of Exhale Wellness. Each flavored flower has a different essence and soothing effects. A few of them are Pink Runtz, Sour Diesel, Hawaiian Haze, and Skywalker OG.

#5. Appetite Booster

Even with the minimum daily usage of Delta 8 flowers, you may observe an increase in your appetite. Those people who are struggling with food issues may benefit from it.


#1. Ingredients: The Delta 8 flowersproduced by Exhale Wellness are organic, vegan, non-GMO, and free from chemicals.

#2. Cannabinoid Extraction: Delta 8 is derived from CBD, extracted from Colorado-grown hemp, using the safest extraction technique with liquid CO2.

#3. Third-Party Testing: Every batch of products from Exhale Wellness is clinically tested in third-party labs.

#4. Shipping and Return Policy: Standard shipping for Delta 8 flowersis usually free across the United States. Buyers also have the option to return products under certain conditions within 30 days.

#5. Potency: Each flavor is different and potent in delivering results.

#6. Pricing: The flowers’ price depends on the package size. However, it ranges from $39.95 — $1199.95.


  • Highly potent and effective products

  • Available in small as well as in bulk quantities

  • Delivers organic, lab-tested, homegrown Delta 8 flowers

  • Smooth effects of cannabinoids and terpenes

  • Popular flavors

  • Customer-friendly brand policies

  • Value for money

  • Legally compliant brand


  • Relatively new to the industry

  • Fewer options than other reputable brands

=> Click  here to visit the official website “Exhale Wellness”

#2. BudPop – Strongest Delta 8 Flower In The Market; Non-GMO

Brand Overview

BudPop has been serving its consumers with the most potent products in the market. The brand has experts with over 30+ years of expertise in the cannabis industry. The Delta 8 flowersby BudPop are prepared from locally grown hemp. Every ingredient used in its product is naturally obtained, including the flavors (from cannabis-derived terpenes).

Also, to maintain the potency of the products,the brand uses a special process of isomerization to convert CBD into Delta 8, ensuring the creation of effective Delta 8 distillates. This purified Delta 8 is then infused into hemp flower buds during the final preparation of the Delta 8 flowers.

These flowers come in four different strains possessing completely different flavors, aromas, and sets of effects. Each strain is meant to achieve a completely different sensation in the user.


#1. Infused with Pure Distillate

The hemp buds are infused with Delta 8 distillates after extraction from the farms and isomerization to enhance the potency of the final products. However, this process is carefully performed by experts to retain the purity and natural properties of the flowers.

#2. A 25% Discount

If you want to regularly use Delta 8 flowers, it would be a good idea to utilize BudPop’s subscription offer, especially since it will help you save 25% on every purchase of the product.

#3. Eases Stress

The potent Delta 8 flowerrelaxes the mind and body without jeopardizing your mental focus and stability. Its soothing effects can calm you and relieve stress, enabling you to maintain your productivity levels throughout the day.

#4. Each Strain Has Unique Effects

BudPop offers only four different strains of hemp in its Delta 8 flower category. But each offers a unique set of effects, flavors, and aromas as you smoke them.

The Zkittlez and Northern Lights strains are ideal for relief from stress and anxiety, while the Tangie and Cookies strains are well-known for uplifting your mood.

#5. Combat Sleep Troubles

People generally suffer from sleep issues for a plethora of different reasons. Special hemp strains, infused with pure Delta 8, created by BudPop’s team of experts, can help you improve your sleep cycle over time, making you feel well-rested.


#1. Ingredients: Infused with high-quality Delta 8 distillates, these Delta 8 flowers are toxin-free, artificial chemical-free, and organically produced.

#2. Hemp Extraction: The hemp used is produced under strict protocols from the local farms in Colorado.

#3. Third-Party Testing: All the products are tested in third-party labs.

#4. Shipping & Return Policies: BudPop has a customer-friendly return policy that allows customers to seek a refund within 30 days of purchase if they are dissatisfied with the products. The brand ships for free across the United States in record time.

#5. Potency: The organic flowers used in making these Delta 8 flowers are highly potent. Additionally, the Delta 8 distillates used are highly concentrated. The strength of the Delta 8 in these flowers makes them highly potent and effective.

#6. Pricing: The prices of BudPop’s packages start at $39.95 for a 4.2gm pack.


  • Long-lasting effects

  • Organically sourced hemp used

  • Third-party lab-tested flowers

  • Four different strains available

  • Contaminant-free products; no synthetic chemicals or toxins found

  • Highly potent and safe

  • Value for money

  • Convenient shopping experience

  • Amicable customer service


  • Only available for purchase online

  • Not available outside the US

  • Limited flavors

=> Click  here to visit the official website “BudPop”

#3. Hollyweed CBD – Premium Quality Delta 8 Flower; 100% Natural

Brand Overview

Hollyweed CBD is among the oldest producers of hemp-derived products in the cannabis industry. The brand’s main aim is to promote its consumers’ spiritual, physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and environmental wellbeing. These are also the company’s six pillars on which it has been built and grown over the years.

The brand delivers quality products and can be trusted because of the transparency in its production methods and practices. Hollyweed sells several different types of CBD and THC products, with Delta 8 flowerbeing one of the most popular ones. These flowers are derived from locally grown hemp plants that are 100% natural, organic, and GMO-free.

The brand’s customer reviews can offer valuable insight into the immense help the brand’s products have been in enabling consumers to find the best Delta 8 experience. Hollyweed CBD has also maintained a good reputation in the market, making them an ideal manufacturer of Delta 8 flowers.


#1. Ten Strains

Hollyweed serves its customers ten different flavors of Delta 8 flower. People can always try something new from the list. Some of its popular flavors are Skywalker OG, Northern Lights, and Gorilla Glue.

#2. Huge Discounts

If you are a first-time purchaser, Hollyweed gives you a great discount of 20% on Delta 8 flowers. Also, you can get an additional discount of 25% for subscribing to monthly purchases from the brand.


#1. Ingredients: Hollyweed uses premium-quality ingredients that are natural, GMO-free, and toxin-free.

#2. Hemp Source: The Delta 8 is extracted from locally farmed hemp in the United States, ensuring they are natural, organic, and legal.

#3. Third-Party Testing: Independent testing is performed on the products to ensure their authenticity, safety, and potency.

#4. Shipping & Return Policy: Hollyweed guarantees free delivery for every product within the US and a decent return policy, ensuring good customer service.

#5. Potency: The unique blend of different strains used by Hollyweed makes their Delta 8 flowershighly potent.

#6. Pricing: Delta 8 flower from Hollyweed comes in a pocket-friendly price that everyone can afford. It ranges from $39.95 – $69.95.


  • 100% natural and organic, free of animal cruelty

  • Excellent quality Delta 8 flower strains

  • 30-day money-back guarantee

  • Certified from third-party lab tests

  • Multiple choices

  • Friendly customer service

  • Quick delivery of products


  • Pretty strong for some users

=> Click  here to visit the official website “Hollyweed CBD”

How Can We Be Sure These Are The Best Delta 8 Flowers In The Cannabis Market?

With the cannabinoid market flooding with Delta 8 flowers, trusting one can be tough. Many brands ramble for space in the market, promising the best results and attractive offers. Most of them aren’t as genuine as you’d want to believe. That is why we set aside a few criteria to look for in a brand of Delta 8 flowers to ensure their safety, efficacy, potency, and reliability.

Criteria We Looked For In Delta 8 Flowers & Their Brands

#1. Cultivation & Care

We can consume Delta 8 products in many ways — vaping, smoking, using tinctures, eating gummies, etc. It is imperative that the hemp is cultivated in a manner that can preserve the quality of the natural chemicals within rather than just boosting yield.

Many brands claim to cultivate crops naturally and organically. The brands that appear on our list of Delta 8 flowers use scientifically proven farming methods that produce healthy levels of cannabinoids and terpenes in their yield. The official websites of these brands mention that they are homegrown. This sounds promising when it comes to the quality of flowers you will be consuming.

#2. Transparency & Trust

In the olden days, people would buy hemp products from a local dealer. The customer would ask the dealer for the best and most potent high-delivering product. He would accept whatever was offered at a price, maintaining the highest level of secrecy. Back then, hemp cultivation and consumption were illegal.

Things are different today. Nonetheless, one thing remains the same: trust. A trustworthy brand will sell authentic, good-quality products. Credible brands are transparent about their processes and practices. Best delta 8 flower will also get their products tested for safety and efficacy by independent accredited laboratories.

The significance of trust in consumable products is unmatched. We kept this in mind while bringing you the most trusted brands, backed by third-party lab tests.

#3. Experience In The Cannabis Industry

They say: Practice makes perfect. We’ve heard this since time immemorial. This holds true in the case of manufacturing practices, too. Brands that have been working in the cannabinoid industry for a long time have something special that the others don’t. This “something” is the practical experience they’ve earned over time through simple trial and error.

Their on-field, hands-on knowledge and understanding of hemp, its benefits, and the best ways of producing them provide them with a competitive edge over other brands. These experienced manufacturers can provide consumers with the best quality products. For the same reason, we looked into how experienced a brand was in the market.

#4. Public Opinion

No one can be a better judge of a product’s effectiveness than someone who has already used it. People tend to compare products with ones they’ve previously used. This tendency leads them to form strong opinions and preferences.

We noted the general voice of the public on the effectiveness of the Delta 8 flowers. The results of this analysis made it to our list. Since we’ve made this list for the people, we’ve brought you the best from the people.

#5. Efficiency

It is the nature of brands to market their products as the best and the most effective ones in their niche. However, they can often fudge facts and figures. To bring you a product that matches your expectations when buying Delta 8 flowers, we checked if the products were indeed as efficient as marketed. The products that didn’t stand up to our tests were discarded.

#6. Potential Side Effects

As we mentioned earlier, Delta 8 flowersare naturally grown hemp with Delta 8 extracts infused into them. Now, Delta 8 is a form of THC (almost like Delta-9 THC that gives marijuana its euphoric properties) that is found in mere trace amounts in natural hemp. In order to produce Delta 8, pure CBD distillates are obtained and isomerized into Delta 8 THC.

Now, in both the farming and manufacturing process, a number of impurities can creep in. We made sure that it is not the case with these brands. So you needn’t worry about side effects.

However, you can’t be sure of the unreputable Delta 8 THC vendors out there. Consuming them could lead to dreadful consequences.

According to research, plenty of brands make false claims merely to sell their products by hook or crook. They may even use chemicals of synthetic origin to boost the potency of these products.

Factors To Bear In Mind Before Buying Delta 8 Flowers From The Cannabis Market

At the very onset, we’ve explained why Delta 8 flowers are so sought-after. But determining which brand to choose is imperative to ensure the best and the safest effects. Numerous factors must be considered before investing your money in any company or brand.

#1. Farming, Extraction, & Manufacturing Practices

Since the level of Delta 8 in hemp is naturally quite low, it needs to be added to hemp flowers to boost its potency. Delta 8 is produced from CBD through a process known as isomerization. The resultant compound is then distilled and purified to ensure it’s free of residual solvents or other chemicals. Delta 8 is then added to the hemp flower in many different ways, i.e., spraying, dusting, coating, and infusing.

Delta 8 is a natural by-product of cannabis extraction, although it is not naturally found in quantifiable amounts in nature. Reputable brands ensure that the CBD that is used to produce Delta 8 comes from natural, organic hemp, grown on licensed farms across the US (or EU). Besides, these brands make sure to keep their practices transparent by revealing these details. These brands also make sure to clearly mention the overall potency and purity of their products by posting the test results of third-party laboratories.

#2. General Brand Reputation 

Reputation takes time and consistent effort to build. You have to impress your consumers repeatedly by consistently delivering great quality products and making sure to guide them post-purchase for complete satisfaction.

You know you’re in safe hands when a brand has a good reputation in the market. For customers willing to try new products, the general reputation of a brand can aid you in deciding whether you want to try those Delta 8 flowers. This is usually quite obvious from customer reviews, general statistics, independent lab reports of their products, and company policies involving the customers, such as shipping, exchanges, returns, etc.

#3. Consumer Convenience

When buying a product, the users’ shopping experience, ease of selection and payment, and post-purchase service are important. In other words, the more comfortable the customers feel with a brand, the more likely they are to stick around or become loyal patrons.

Talking about convenience, let’s discuss a few key points:

#i. Product Availability

The strains of Delta 8 flowers you wish to buy should ideally be easily available on the website. If they advertise a certain strain, you should be able to find it easily on the site. A product that you’ve once bought from the brand should be available the next time you want to get them.

#ii. Website

The official websites of these brands usually double as their e-commerce sites. So, these websites should cover all kinds of information, including that of their products, their ingredients, etc. The website should have a clean and clear category selection and convenient navigation to allow customers to quickly find what they are looking for.

#iii. Ease Of Payment

If you’re shopping online, you should be able to pay safely and securely with the help of credit cards, PayPal, or other reliable payment options. Reputable brands always make the convenience of their customers their priority. These brands should use secure payment gateways to ensure their customers’ personal financial information is not compromised.

#iv. Quick Shipping Arrangement

A brand that delivers its product within a few days will naturally be on your radar. No one likes to sit on their hands, waiting for weeks for their order to be delivered. Ideally, most brands ship out their orders within one to three business days.

#v. Easy Returns & Exchanges

It’s also advisable to consider the brand’s general return and exchange policy. For instance, if a product doesn’t suit you or is delivered damaged, you should be able to return the product for a refund or get it replaced by the brand. If you decide to get some other strain from what you ordered, you should also be able to get it exchanged. Most brands have a 30-day return or exchange policy.

#vi. Brand Assurances

Brands that can guarantee 100% satisfaction and promise to return your money if you aren’t satisfied with the products are obviously more reliable. It goes to prove that those brands are confident about their products’ performance.

#4. Expiration Date

Although Delta 8 flowers have a relatively long shelf life, one should still be cautious and buy the freshest yield possible. If stored correctly, Delta 8 flowers can last anywhere between eight to 24 months. Practically, the expiration date of these flowers indicates the time in which they will either go bad or lose their potency.

So, while checking the expiration date, one must consider how a brand recommends storing its products. This helps retain the flower’s flavor and potency for a longer period, and allows the customers the time to seek a refund if the product goes bad before its “expiration date”.

#5. Product Price

When choosing the best D8 flower for yourself, its price may well not be the most important point. Nevertheless, it is still important when you have to compare the value of a brand of product to another. A product that is too pricey might just be as good as a cheaper product. It’s not always necessary that the costlier a product is, the better it is.

But don’t expect cannabis products to be very cheap. They can’t be as long as they are legally made.

Compare the prices of similar brands (and check them with our recommended brands) and decide which one you want to buy. The bottom line is that the price should fit into your budget.

FAQs About Delta 8 Flowers

Q1: Why should I try Delta 8 flowers?

A: There are many positive benefits to smoking Delta 8-infused hemp flowers. The cannabinoid bonds with the receptors of the endocannabinoid system in the body, triggering certain reactions. This system is known to be responsible for physiological and psychological functions, such as digestion, immunity, brain health, sleep cycles, pain sensations, anxiety, depression, stress, memory, mental focus, and the body’s general health.

Apart from these, this particular cannabinoid is known to cause a gentle form of euphoria, much like Delta-9 THC, but much less intense. All in all, this cannabinoid has been found to have all the desirable effects that we expect from cannabis but none of the obvious side effects.

While there are many ways of using Delta 8 THC, smoking is one of the most potent methods of using this cannabinoid. It travels quickly through the lungs and into the bloodstream, from where it transfers to the endocannabinoid system, triggering the effects. Although it isn’t the best option for people with issues with their lung health, many people have found relief from Delta 8 use.

Q2: How to use Delta 8 flowers?

A: One can use Delta 8 flowers in numerous ways. These hemp flowers can be smoked or rolled into joints or cigarettes. Its extracts can be used to create tinctures, oils, salves, vape liquids, gummies, cakes, etc.

Q3: How many types of Delta 8 flowers are there?

A: Generally speaking, like any other hemp plant, Delta 8 flowers are essentially sourced from two strains of cannabis — Sativa or Indica. Most of the strains available in the market today are a hybrid of these main strains. The only difference is the way they are bred and cultivated, and the concentration of the cannabinoids and terpenes in them. The flavors and aromas that you would experience from smoking these flowers have nothing to do with Delta 8 THC, and are typical to the blend of strains used. The Delta 8 that is used is produced from CBD after the latter is isolated from the hemp extract.

Q4: Are Delta 8 flowers legal?

A: Unfortunately, there isn’t any short answer to this question. It completely depends on your State of residence. Although Delta 8 is still federally legal, there is the question of certain States banning or restricting its use.

So, before you place an order, check if the cannabinoid is legal in your State, and then proceed.

Q5: Which States allow the sale and use of Delta 8 flowers?

A: Before buying Delta 8 flowers, it’s a good idea to look up the legal status of this cannabinoid in your State. To find out if it’s legal in your State, check out this list:

  • California

  • Florida

  • Georgia

  • Indiana

  • Kansas

  • Louisiana

  • Maine

  • Maryland

  • Massachusetts

  • Minnesota

  • Missouri

  • Nebraska

  • Nevada

  • New Hampshire

  • New Hampshire

  • New Jersey

  • New Mexico

  • North Carolina

  • Ohio

  • Pennsylvania

  • South Carolina

  • South Dakota

  • Tennessee

  • Texas

  • Virginia

  • West Virginia

  • Wisconsin

  • Wyoming

  • Hawaii

  • Washington DC

In some states, such as  Alabama, Illinois, Oklahoma, and Oregon, no concrete steps have been taken to deem the compound as illegal, while the rest of the states, which includes Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, New York, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, and Washington (except DC), it has been banned.

Q6: Can using Delta 8 flowers get you “high”?

A: Yes. Like using any other Delta 8 product, hemp flowers infused or coated with Delta 8 can give a relatively smooth and consistent high. The time taken for the effects to start showing and to wear off depends on the strain of hemp flower and how many puffs you’ve taken. Besides, if you were to use these flowers in any way other than smoking, the time taken for the effects to kick would also alter.

Q7: Can using Delta 8 flowers lead to addiction?

A: Any mood enhancer or intoxicating substance can cause an addiction. However, a reasonably regulated dose won’t lead to any kind of addiction. In fact, it could prove beneficial in aiding you in overcoming other kinds of addiction, much like CBD does.

Q8: Can Delta 8 be spotted in a drug test?

A: Drug tests don’t look for Delta 8 THC in one’s body. They look for metabolites of the compounds you may have been exposed to. And Delta-9 THC and Delta 8 THC, both being different forms of tetrahydrocannabinol, are broken down into the same metabolites in the body. So, when the tests look for marijuana use, they can detect the Delta 8 metabolites in the body and falsely consider it as proof of marijuana use. So, if you want to pass a drug test, we recommend you stop using Delta 8 entirely.

Q9: What are the side effects of using Delta 8 flowers?

A: Delta 8 flowers can cause some non-critical side effects, but only in rare cases. These side effects may include dry mouth, irritation in the eyes, reduced vision, slow reaction time, lack of control over voluntary muscles, increased heart rate, panic attacks, slurred speech, etc. However, these may occur only if you overdose on Delta 8 flowers.

Q10: Is there an age limit for using or buying Delta 8 flowers?

A: The minimum legal age for buying or consuming Delta 8 products is 21 years. In some states, the limit is 18. It’s best to check it before you decide to purchase Delta 8 flowers.

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Conclusion: Order Online From Reputable Brands & Enjoy The Best Delta 8 Flower!

It has always been our priority to provide you with 100% correct and the most detailed information on everything that you may think of regarding the cannabis industry. This article was aimed at weeding out all misconceptions and rumors and providing you with correct information regarding your best options in legal pot.

By now, we’re sure you’ve figured out how you want to go about selecting your choice of Delta 8 flowers — or may even have ordered it already!

A fair warning: Be sure to go over the factors we have pointed out in our guide while shopping online for Delta 8 flowers. Also, check with your doctor if smoking Delta 8 flowers will sit well with your health (or health condition). If you’re currently on any medication, discuss any possible drug interactions with your physician as well.

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