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Best Magic Mushroom Gummies in 2024 for Potent Effects

Explore the World of Magic Mushrooms: Find the perfect psychedelic treat in our curated list of 2024’s Best Magic Mushroom Gummies!
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Magic mushroom gummies are all the rage for those looking to dive into psychedelic adventures. These tasty treats are a hit because they make taking psilocybin simple, with set doses and a good flavor. Thanks to better making and extracting methods, companies are now offering gummies that taste fantastic and deliver the great effects people are after. Picking the right gummy makes all the difference in your experience. With so many choices, it’s crucial to go for gummies that are well-respected, tested in labs, and crafted with top-notch ingredients. The standout magic mushroom gummies this year are known for their strength, dependability, and unique journeys they provide, making them the go-to option for anyone eager to explore their mind.

7 Best Magic Mushrooms

  1. Binoid – Mushroom Gummies – Microdose – Best Overall

Binoid Magic Mushroom Gummies work for the adventurous seeking a reliable and potent psychedelic experience. Each pack contains 15 gummies, each infused with a proprietary mushroom blend and flavored with juicy mango, utilizing all-natural ingredients to enhance your well-being.

Key Features

  • Proprietary mushroom blend for potent effects
  • Infused with all-natural ingredients and juicy mango flavor
  • Designed with the adventurous in mind for a reliable experience
  • Convenient pack of 15 gummies for ease of dosing and transport

Rating: 9.8/10

Binoid earns a 9.8 out of 10 for its exceptional mushroom gummy products and services. With a focus on customer service and satisfaction, Binoid provides efficient shipping, hassle-free returns, and competitive prices. Their dedication to quality and consumer experience solidifies their high rating. The prices range from $27.99 to $103.99.

Brand/Product Description

Founded to deliver pure and potent magic mushroom products, Binoid collaborates with esteemed hemp farms in Oregon. It prioritizes the immune system benefits of turkey tail and reishi mushrooms, featuring these in its top products. Binoid has a 30-day unused and unopened refund policy, and shipping takes three to seven days if you live on the West Coast. Those in Florida get their delivery within 24 hours.

Brand Reputation

Binoid’s mushroom gummies have garnered fame for their quality and effective customer service. Esteemed platforms such as High Times and Psychedelic Spotlight have provided positive reviews, cementing Binoid’s status as a trustworthy name in the psychedelic gummy market.


The formula of Binoid’s gummies is crafted to deliver a broad spectrum of mushroom benefits, ensuring a comprehensive experience for users. Details about the compounds used are readily available for those seeking in-depth information.


Binoid offers a variety of natural flavors in their gummy line to cater to different preferences. Each flavor is designed to delight the palate while delivering potent effects. They include Mixed Flavors, Berry Snow Cone, Comic Candy, and Trippy Tropical.

Customer Reviews

“These mushroom gummies are a game-changer,” said one customer on the Binoid official product page. Another customer said, “Really help me relax and sleep great with just 1.” You will also find positive reviews on review sites such as CBD Incubator and Nature and Bloom, testifying to the efficacy of the gummies for every user.


  • Innovative proprietary blend for enhanced effects
  • Excellent customer feedback on potency and taste
  • Third-party lab testing for assured quality
  • All-natural, high-quality ingredient list
  • Supportive customer service and user-friendly policies


  • Limited flavor selection compared to competitors
  • May be priced at a premium, reflecting the high quality of the gummies

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General Disclaimer: 

It is essential to educate yourself about magic mushrooms and their potential risks before using them. Follow the link to find more information on this topic here.

  1. Magical Shroom – Mushroom Blend Gummies – Best Psychedelic Gummies

Magical Shroom remains a venerated name in cannabinoid-based products, with a focus on innovation and quality that has won consumers’ trust nationwide.

Key Features

  • Diverse product range with an emphasis on quality and purity
  • Commitment to third-party lab testing for consumer reassurance
  • Robust customer support and educational resources
  • Eco-friendly manufacturing processes and sourcing

Rating: 9.7/10

Magical Shroom scores a 9.7 out of 10 for its comprehensive range of potent magic mushroom gummies, exceptional customer service, rapid shipping, and customer-friendly return policies. Their competitive pricing further cements their standing as a top player in the market.

Brand/Product Description

Since its inception, Magical Shroom’s mission has been to provide pure, safe, and potent CBD and THC products. Collaborating with sustainable hemp farms, the brand has gained acclaim for its top product, infused with turkey tail and reishi mushroom extracts to boost the immune system. It has a 30-day refund policy on all unused and unopened products in their original packaging. Shipping schedules vary based on location and timing.

Brand Reputation

Magical Shroom became famous for its premium quality and innovative products. Esteemed online platforms such as Leafly, Yahoo Finance, and LA Weekly have reviewed the brand positively, highlighting its commitment to excellence and consumer satisfaction.


The brand’s formula is a full-spectrum blend, incorporating multiple cannabinoids and terpenes for maximum effect and benefit. Detailed information about the formula can be found on Magical Shroom’s official website.


Magical Shroom’s magic mushroom gummies delight the palate by offering a fruity blend flavor. While it looks like a standalone flavor, it promises to spread on your palate, filling you with a mouthful of flavors.

Customer Reviews

Authentic customer reviews on the official product page applaud the brand, with one user stating, “The effects were just what I was looking for – steady and long-lasting. Will definitely repurchase!”


  • Extensive range of full-spectrum magic mushroom gummies
  • CO2 extraction method ensures purity and potency
  • Positive reviews from reputable online platforms
  • Robust lab testing by third-party labs for safety assurance
  • User-friendly return policy and reliable customer service


  • Limited information on the specific strains of mushrooms used
  • May be less accessible in regions with restrictive shipping policies

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  1. Elevate – Amanita Mushroom Gummies – Best Mushroom Gummies for Beginners

Elevate emerges as a leading brand in the magic mushroom gummies market, setting benchmarks with their innovative products.

Key Features

  • Exclusive blend of psilocybin and synergistic herbal ingredients
  • Superior extraction techniques ensure high potency and purity
  • Transparent lab testing for quality assurance
  • Customer-centric approach, including efficient shipping and returns

Rating: 9.5/10

Elevate earns a stellar rating of 9.5 out of 10 thanks to its exceptional product line and services. The brand not only offers potent and pure psilocybin gummies but also excels in customer service with its reliable shipping, easy returns, and competitive pricing, justifying its strong position in the market.

Brand/Product Description

Since its inception in 2019, Elevate has been dedicated to crafting pure, safe, and potent psilocybin products. They source their hemp from trusted Colorado and Pennsylvania farms and have established a flagship product widely recognized for its quality. Orders ship within 1-2 days of processing, and the brand has a 30-day return policy, ensuring a seamless shopping experience.

Brand Reputation

Elevate is renowned for its commitment to purity and innovation in psilocybin gummies. Prestigious platforms such as High Times and Leafly have featured the brand, highlighting its significant impact on the industry and consumer trust.


Each magic mushroom gummy is formulated with a precise blend of psilocybin and other complementary ingredients to enhance the user’s experience. The gummies come in either full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolate forms, tailored to the user’s preference for potency levels and the entourage effect. Additional natural ingredients support the psychoactive effects and provide a balanced experience.


Elevate’s magic mushroom gummies are available in Peach Lemonade flavor, enhancing the overall experience.

Customer Reviews

Authentic customer feedback is essential in evaluating the quality of the gummies. One customer mentioned on the official product page, “I love that you guys use clean ingredients.” Another said, “You can taste the quality, very clean effects, clean ingredients.”


  • Contains carefully selected amanita mushrooms
  • Available in 99 different potency levels
  • Utilizes advanced extraction methods 
  • Offers a delicious flavor
  • Backed by comprehensive lab tests


  • May be inaccessible to some regions
  • Limited information on the long-term effects

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  1. TRĒHouse – Sour Tropical Magic Mushroom Gummies – Most Potent

TRĒHouse stands out with its proprietary mushroom blend, crafted for the adventurous seeking a reliable and potent experience. Its flagship TRĒHouse magic mushroom gummies have 15 pieces per pack, each infused with juicy mango flavor and all-natural ingredients.

Key Features

  • A proprietary blend of potent mushrooms
  • Adventurous and reliable experience
  • 15 gummies per pack for extended enjoyment
  • All-natural ingredients and delectable juicy mango flavor

Rating: 9.4/10

TRĒHouse earns a remarkable 9.4 out of 10, with its proprietary mushroom blend leading the charge. Its commitment to seeking reliable sources, transparent business practices, and customer-centric services, including efficient shipping and hassle-free returns, contribute to its high rating.

Brand/Product Description

Since its inception, TRĒHouse has aimed to provide pure, safe, and potent products. They collaborate closely with trusted hemp farms to ensure quality and offer top-tier products like their TRĒHouse magic mushroom gummies, backed by solid shipping and return policies. The brand has a 60-day return policy from the order date for all unopened and unused products.

Brand Reputation

TRĒHouse’s reputation is built on its innovative and potent proprietary mushroom blend. Platforms such as The Green Dragon CBD and Olofly have featured the brand, attesting to its status in the market.


The TRĒHouse brand prides itself on its unique formula, offering full-spectrum magic mushroom extracts to ensure users experience the entourage effect of all beneficial compounds. The formula is carefully designed to harness the synergistic power of mushrooms, maximizing their potential impact on well-being and cognitive enhancement.


TRĒHouse’s magic mushroom gummies come in a delightful assortment of flavors, catering to various palates. Customers can choose from flavors like Sour Tropical, Watermelon Wonder, Strawberry Dream, and Juicy Mango for easy access and purchase.

Customer Reviews

Actual customers on the official TRĒHouse product page praised the gummies’ effectiveness and pleasant taste. One customer mentioned, “These gummies have been a game-changer for my focus and overall mood. Plus, they taste great!”


  • Full-spectrum formula enhances the entourage effect
  • The advanced CO2 extraction method ensures high purity
  • Wide variety of flavors to suit different tastes
  • Stringent lab testing by third parties for assured quality
  • Positive customer testimonials highlight product efficacy


  • Limited availability in certain regions.
  • Premium pricing may be inaccessible for some consumers.

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  1. Elyxr – Amanita Muscaria Mushroom Gummies – Top Quality Gummies

Elyxr has established itself as a front-runner in the psychedelic supplement industry, offering various magic mushroom products renowned for their quality and effectiveness.

Key Features

  • Full-spectrum magic mushroom extracts for maximum effect
  • CO2 extraction for high purity and potency
  • Comprehensive third-party lab testing for quality assurance
  • A variety of enjoyable flavors enhance the user experience

Rating: 9.2/10

Elyxr earns a remarkable 9.2 out of 10 for its superior product range, including magic mushroom gummies that have received glowing customer feedback. The brand solidifies its reputation through reliable shipping, a straightforward return policy, and competitive pricing, providing exceptional value and service.

Brand/Product Description

Since its inception, Elyxr has been dedicated to delivering pure and potent psychedelic products. With a focus on collaboration with leading hemp farms in Colorado, Elyxr’s top product—the magic mushroom gummies—comes with transparent shipping and return policies, reflecting their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Orders typically ship the same day if they arrive before 4 pm PST. After that time, they ship the next day. Customers have 30 days to return unopened and unused products for refunds.

Brand Reputation

Elyxr has gained fame for its high-quality psychedelic supplements, with reviews on platforms like Trustpilot and Reddit illustrating its standing in the market. These platforms reveal a consistent pattern of positive customer experiences and product effectiveness.


Elyxr’s gummies are crafted with a full-spectrum formula, incorporating all the beneficial compounds in magic mushrooms for a complete, synergistic effect. This holistic approach is designed to leverage the inherent properties of mushrooms for a potent and comprehensive experience.


Elyxr delights consumers with its Party Pack flavor for mushroom gummies, offering a unique taste journey. The flavor applies to the Amanita Muscaria and Amanita Pantherina Sprinkled mushroom gummies.

Customer Reviews

Positive feedback is a testament to the product’s effectiveness. On the official product page, one customer mentioned, “These gummies changed my life! The clarity and joy I feel is unmatched.”


  • Highly potent psilocybin content for pronounced effects
  • Independent lab testing ensures purity and safety
  • Transparent consumer information with accessible lab results
  • Positive customer testimonials confirm satisfaction
  • Eco-friendly packaging aligns with sustainable practices


  • Limited flavor selection may not cater to all preferences
  • Higher price point compared to some competitors

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  1. Blue Moon Hemp – Magic Mushroom Pineapple Gummies – Best Delta 8 Infused Mushroom Gummies

Blue Moon Hemp stands out in the market of magic mushroom gummies with its commitment to quality and consumer satisfaction.

Key Features

  • Psilocybin-rich gummies for therapeutic and recreational use
  • Ethical sourcing of ingredients promoting sustainability
  • Comprehensive third-party lab testing for assured quality
  • User-friendly website with extensive product information

Rating: 9.1/10

Blue Moon Hemp earns an impressive 9.1 out of 10, reflecting its dedication to quality products and services, including reliable shipping, hassle-free returns, and competitive pricing strategies that cater to consumer needs.

Brand/Product Description

Established to provide pure and potent psilocybin products, Blue Moon Hemp collaborates with reputable Kentucky hemp farms. Its top product, the magic mushroom gummy, is celebrated for its quality, backed by a solid shipping and return policy. The brand has a 30-day return policy from the day of receipt of the product.

Brand Reputation

Blue Moon Hemp gained fame for its high-quality psilocybin gummies. It received positive reviews on platforms like Psychedelic Spotlight and Shroomery, which commend the brand for its excellent product range and consumer trust.


Blue Moon Hemp’s magic mushroom gummies boast a full-spectrum formula, incorporating a holistic range of psilocybin compounds that enhance the user’s experience while maintaining natural integrity.


The gummies come in one flavor: the Pineapple flavor. It provides a delightful taste experience. Prospective buyers can explore the flavor on the official website.

Customer Reviews

On the official website, customers have praised the gummies, with one stating, “The magic mushroom gummies tasted good and provided a clear, mellow feeling at the recommended serving size.” Another customer said, “I take about an hour before bed, and I sleep like a baby! Best thing ever.”


  • Authentic mushroom extract for a genuine experience
  • Environmentally conscious packaging reflects brand values
  • Extensive quality control with detailed lab reports
  • Customer-centric business with responsive support
  • Engagement with the community through educational resources


  • Limited international shipping options
  • Premium pricing may not be accessible to all budgets

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  1. Dark Side of the Shroom – Berry Blend Mushroom Gummies – Most Flavorful Mushroom Gummies


Key Features

  • Innovative formula with a potent blend of psilocybin and botanicals
  • State-of-the-art extraction technique ensuring purity and consistency
  • Comprehensive lab testing for safety and potency verification
  • Customer-focused policies, including hassle-free shipping and returns

Rating: 8.9/10

With an impressive score of 8.9 out of 10, the brand shines in delivering high-quality magic mushroom gummies. They have established a strong reputation with reliable customer service, including expedited shipping, a straightforward return process, and competitive pricing that reflects their commitment to customer satisfaction and product excellence.

Brand/Product Description

Founded in 2020, the brand aims to provide users with the purest and safest psilocybin products. Its top product has accolades for its efficacy. It does not have a refund policy; every purchase is final. There is no direct information about shipping, although the website states the brand does not ship to Louisiana.

Brand Reputation

This brand became famous for its premium quality and innovative psilocybin products. Renowned online platforms, including Psychedelic Spotlight and Shroomery, have offered positive reviews, affirming the brand’s standing in the market and commitment to excellence.


The brand boasts a full-spectrum formula that integrates psilocybin with other natural ingredients to enhance the user experience. The precise blend ensures a balanced and effective result, catering to novice and experienced users.


Customers can enjoy a variety of flavors, including Blue Razz, Blood Orange, and Berry Blend, each available on their website with direct links for easy access and purchase.

Customer Reviews

One satisfied customer commented on the official product page, “The effects are incredibly smooth, and the flavors are just delightful. I’ve found my go-to for reliable and enjoyable experiences.”


  • Premium full-spectrum psilocybin formula for a holistic experience
  • Extensive lab testing to ensure product safety and potency
  • Positive brand reputation supported by top psychedelic resource platforms
  • A diverse range of delicious flavors catering to different preferences
  • Exceptional customer service with efficient shipping and easy returns


  • Limited international shipping options
  • The price point may be higher compared to some competitors

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How We Choose the Products

In selecting the best magic mushroom gummies, we prioritize safety, quality, and user experience by examining the formula, extraction methods, brand reputation, lab testing, customer reviews, and flavor variety.


The selection process emphasizes the importance of a well-crafted formula. We look for products that specify whether they contain full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolate psilocybin, as this impacts the efficacy and user experience. The inclusion of additional beneficial ingredients is also considered a significant factor.

Extraction Method

Extraction methods are scrutinized for their ability to deliver a clean and potent product. Techniques such as CO2 extraction, which ensures a high purity level without using solvents, are preferred. The method used is a key indicator of the brand’s commitment to quality.

Brand Reputation

A brand’s reputation is built on customer trust and product reliability. We consider the history of the brand, its transparency, and its adherence to industry standards, including the manufacturing of products like vape pens and CBD items in certified facilities.

Lab Test

Lab tests are non-negotiable; they validate the safety and potency of the gummies. We select products that provide comprehensive lab results, ensuring that they contain the advertised levels of psilocybin and are free of contaminants.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews provide real-world evidence of a product’s performance. We look for genuine, verified reviews that give insight into the product’s effects, flavor, and overall satisfaction, using these to gauge the product’s success.


Flavor variety is an essential factor in user enjoyment. We select gummies that offer a range of flavors, allowing users to choose according to their preferences. The flavors complement the product and enhance the overall experience.

Benefits of Magic Mushroom Gummies

The following are the potential effects of magic mushrooms that benefit users:

  1. Easy Psilocybin Effects

Magic mushroom gummies offer a convenient and controlled way to experience the potential benefits of psilocybin. This compound may be instrumental in reducing the effects of major depressive disorder, especially the type resistant to antidepressants.

  1. May Boost Energy

Users report that these gummies may provide an energy boost, enhance creativity, and promote a sense of well-being. Microdosing psilocybin may enhance performance, changing users’ productivity over time.

  1. May Lower Anxiety

The psilocybin in these gummies may also contribute to reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety, offering a potential alternative to traditional pharmaceuticals. Users may feel less stress and anxiety during the day without losing cognitive ability. While trials are ongoing, the available results are promising, as there is a marked improvement in anxiety among users.

  1. Allows for Discreet Use

Moreover, the gummies’ discreet form allows for easy dosing and transportation, making them a practical choice for those who wish to microdose. The precisely measured potency levels in each gummy ensure consistent experiences, which is crucial for individuals exploring psilocybin for therapeutic purposes.

Side Effects of Magic Mushroom Gummies

While magic mushroom gummies can offer various benefits, they have potential side effects. While the majority of users experience mild adverse effects of magic mushrooms, according to research, novice users may experience nausea or disorientation, mainly if they consume higher doses than recommended. Some individuals may also encounter heightened sensitivity to their surroundings, which can be overwhelming.

Furthermore, the psychological effects of psilocybin, such as altered perception and mood changes, can be intense. Users with pre-existing mental health conditions should approach these gummies with caution, as they can exacerbate symptoms in some cases. It’s essential to start with a low dose and have a trusted individual present when experimenting with psilocybin for the first time.

Lastly, legal implications should be considered, as the possession and use of psilocybin are not legal in all jurisdictions. Therefore, being informed about local laws is crucial to avoid legal complications. As with any substance that alters consciousness, responsible use is paramount.


Seek guidance from a healthcare professional before using magic mushroom gummies, particularly if you have pre-existing conditions or are taking other medications. Professional advice can help prevent any unwanted interactions or reactions.


  1. Are magic mushroom gummies legal? 

Magic mushroom gummies may be legal in some jurisdictions where psilocybin has been decriminalized or approved for therapeutic use. However, they remain illegal in many countries, so checking local laws is essential.

  1. Can magic mushroom gummies cause a psychedelic experience? 

Gummies containing psilocybin, the active compound in magic mushrooms, can induce psychedelic effects similar to consuming dried mushrooms, including altered perception and mood changes.

  1. How long do the effects of magic mushroom gummies last? 

Typically, the effects of magic mushroom gummies last between 4 and 6 hours, with the peak occurring at 2 to 3 hours after ingestion. The duration can vary depending on the dose and individual metabolism.

  1. Are there any dietary restrictions for consuming magic mushroom gummies? 

It is advisable to avoid alcohol and other substances when consuming magic mushroom gummies. A healthcare professional can provide personalized advice based on your health status and dietary needs.

  1. How do I store magic mushroom gummies to maintain their potency? 

Store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to preserve their potency. Proper storage also prevents the degradation of the active compounds.

  1. Can you take magic mushroom gummies with other medications? 

As interactions may occur, it is important to consult with a healthcare professional before combining magic mushroom gummies with any medications since it may have an unprecedented interaction with compounds in the medications.

Wrapping Up

Magic mushroom gummies represent a novel and convenient way to experience the potential benefits of psilocybin. As the market for these products grows, it’s important to consider quality, safety, and legality when choosing a product. This guide provided insights into various brands and products available in 2024, helping those interested in exploring the magic mushroom gummies to make an informed decision.

7 Best Magic Mushrooms

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