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10 Best Phone Tracker Apps of 2024

Stay ahead with the best phone tracker apps of 2024! Seamless, reliable cell phone tracking technology for your convenience.
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Best Phone Tracking Apps in 2022

Best Phone Tracking Apps in 2022


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Parenting today means using smart tools like cell phone tracker apps to keep an eye on our kids. These apps help you know your kids are safe, whether they’re coming home from school or at a friend’s place, giving you updates in real time. It’s about helping, not spying.

Thanks to GPS tracking, parents can relax a little, knowing their kids are just a click away. In our article, we talk about the top 10 phone tracking apps for 2023 and how they’re changing the parenting game. 

These phone tracker apps understand the importance of trust and privacy in a family. We’ll share how these tools keep your family safe while making sure everyone’s personal space is respected.

List of The Top Rated Phone Tracker App of 2024

1. mSpy


3. FlexiSPY

4. Hoverwatch

5. Eyezy

6. uMobix

7. Spyic

8. Spy Bubble

9. GEO Finder

10. Spyzzz

Best Cell Phone Tracker Apps For Android & iOS

#1. mSpy

Brand Description:

Embrace the power of mSpy, your family’s digital guardian angel. This phone tracking app takes the worry out of internet exploration, providing parents with a 360-degree view of their children’s online activities. 

With the intuitive interface of this phone tracking app, mSpy makes safeguarding your family’s digital experience a breeze, focusing on comfort and understanding rather than strict supervision. It’s the silent protector every modern family needs in a digitally saturated world.


  • User-friendly installation and setup.
  • Keylogger captures every keystroke.
  • Geofencing for location-based alerts.
  • Comprehensive social media tracking.


  • Can be pricey for premium features.


  • Advanced Facebook Monitor: Delve into multimedia messages exchanged on Facebook, ensuring kids’ social interactions are safe.
  • Efficient Keylogger: Captures every keystroke, helping parents stay alert to potential secretive communications or searches on the mobile phone.
  • Encrypted Security Barrier: All data is encrypted, guaranteeing privacy and security for your family’s information.
  • Youth-friendly YouTube Tracker: Oversee watched videos, keeping a tab on the content that influences your children.
  • Remote Lock for Lost Devices: The ability to lock the child’s device, preventing information breach in case of loss.
  • Positive Content Filters: Set up content filtering for browsing, steering children toward constructive information.
  • Intrusion Alert Wisdom: Receive alerts when unauthorized access is attempted on your child’s Android phone.

=> Click here to visit the official website “mSPY”


Brand Description:

Keep a watchful eye on your child’s online activities with XNSPY, a top phone tracking app designed for proactive parenting. This versatile cell phone tracker simplifies child safety by providing real-time location tracking, insights into online activities, and reviews of app usage.

XNSPY phone tracker app works on both Android and iOS, offering parents a comprehensive toolkit to monitor and manage their child’s mobile adventures. It focuses on preventive measures and peace of mind, ensuring you stay in control of your child’s online world.


  • Night mode for low visibility tracking.
  • Live recording for immediate insights.
  • Custom alerts on specific words.
  • Offline tracking with data upload.


  • Inconsistent GPS tracking accuracy.


  • Prompt Panic Alerts: Kids can send instant alerts in emergencies, with real-time location tracking for quick response.
  • Enhanced Snapchat Scrutiny: Retrieve even deleted snaps and messages, ensuring nothing escapes your notice.
  • Powerful Remote Commands: Control the device with SMS commands, offering immediate intervention when necessary.
  • Night Watch Mode: Set up after-hours monitoring on the device, preventing misuse and ensuring restful sleep.
  • App Blocking Authority: Prevent access to inappropriate apps without confiscating the device.
  • Automated Ambient Recording: Record your child’s environment at scheduled times for monitoring without intrusion.

=> Click here to visit the official website “XNSPY”

#3. FlexiSPY

Brand Description:

FlexiSPY turns cutting-edge technology into a parent’s best friend. Known for its innovative approach, this app takes parental oversight to a new level with features like live call interception and ambient listening, shedding light on the unseen aspects of your child’s digital life. It’s more than just a phone monitoring app; it’s a pathway to enhanced peace of mind, knowing your child is protected by advanced, proactive safety measures.


  • Live call interception feature.
  • Capture surrounding sounds.
  • Provides detailed activity reports.
  • Supports remote camera control.


  • Requires manual installation.
  • High cost for advanced features.


  • Live Call Interception: Unique ability to listen in on live calls, ensuring real-time protective measures.
  • Multi-Device Watch: Monitor multiple devices with one dashboard, perfect for families with several children.
  • Intuitive Operation Logs: Understand how your child uses their device with detailed operation reports.
  • Custom Alert Configurations: Set specific word or location alerts, staying ahead of potential issues.
  • Express Remote Update: Update the location tracker app remotely without needing to access your child’s device physically.

=> Click here to visit the official website “FlexiSPY”

#4. Hoverwatch

Brand Description:

In the world of online safety for kids, Hoverwatch stands out as a trustworthy helper for parents. This easy-to-navigate phone tracker app makes safeguarding youngsters a hassle-free task. From tracking text messages to recording calls, Hoverwatch is versatile, supporting Android, Windows, and Mac devices. 

Its stealth mode keeps monitoring discreetly, preserving trust within the family. Whether it’s keeping tabs on social media or pinpointing a child’s location, this phone tracking app is a robust solution for concerned parents.


  • Allows scheduled monitoring.
  • Front camera photo capture.
  • Browser history tracking included.
  • Invisible operation on the target device.


  • Limited functionality on the free version.


  • Scheduled Monitoring Preferences: Customize active monitoring periods to balance supervision and privacy.
  • To-do List Insight: Access and review created tasks and reminders, ensuring awareness of priorities and schedules.
  • Device Switch Track: Record all instances of SIM or device changes to prevent identity masking.
  • Failsafe Theft Protection: Continuously track the device’s location, which is invaluable if the device is lost or stolen.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy navigation designed for non-tech-savvy parents, focusing on user experience.
  • Compact Activity Reports: Receive sleek daily or weekly reports for a quick review of your child’s phone usage.

=> Click here to visit the official website “Hoverwatch”

#5. Eyezy

Brand Description: 

Step into a world where concern is transformed into proactive digital care with Eyezy. This is the best phone tracker app that anticipates the needs of parents diving into the digital realm, offering detailed insights into your child’s online interactions and social behavior. 

With Eyezy mobile tracker, protection goes beyond mere monitoring, empowering parents to understand and guide their children’s digital journeys. 


  • User-centric dashboard design.
  • Multi-device monitoring support.
  • Efficient battery consumption.
  • Enhanced data encryption for security.


  • Customer support lacks live chat.


  • Profile Picture Tracker: Monitor changes in profile pictures across social apps, understanding your child’s digital persona.
  • Skype Recreation Access: Review detailed Skype chat histories, guarding against potential digital threats.
  • Direct Webpage Blocker: Restrict access to harmful websites directly, curating a safe online exploration space.
  • Sophisticated Screen Capturing: Real-time screenshots provide live insights into your child’s smartphone activities.
  • 24/7 Support Promise: Round-the-clock customer support, catering immediately to concerns or required assistance.

=> Click here to visit the official website “Eyezy”

#6. uMobix

uMobix is a mobile monitoring tool, ideal for parents who want extra safety for their kids. This phone tracking app works smoothly on Android phones, providing a range of options that let you know where your child is, online and in real life. 

More than just a phone monitoring tool, uMobix is a bridge between curious young minds and the sometimes overwhelming world of the internet, providing a safety net that respects a child’s space while negating online threats.


  • Real-time data updates.
  • Recover deleted messages and media.
  • Unobtrusive operation maintains device performance.
  • Broad compatibility with various devices.


  • Slightly more expensive than competitors.


  • Cyberbullying Prevention: Monitors social apps for signs of bullying, helping parents intervene early.
  • Online Safety Supervision: Regularly checks internet history, safeguarding kids from inappropriate content.
  • Family Call Log: Reviews all incoming and outgoing calls, ensuring children’s communication safety.
  • Social Media Protection: Specifically tracks Snapchat activities, shielding kids from online predators.
  • Academic Focus Support: Limits app access during study hours, promoting uninterrupted learning.
  • Friend Screening: Shows detailed contact information, helping parents know their kids’ social circles.
  • Schedule Safety Checks: Review calendar entries, protecting against suspicious plans.

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#7. Spyic

Enter the world of the Spyic tracker app, where sophisticated tracking technology meets a user-friendly interface, offering a simplified experience without compromising on comprehensive safety. 

Designed for the everyday parent, the Spyic phone tracking app brings to your fingertips an effortless monitoring experience. Its stealth mode keeps the tool invisible, ensuring your child’s trust while you discreetly keep a protective eye on their digital footprints, conversations, and virtual journeys.


  • An intuitive interface eases user experience.
  • Strong emphasis on data security.
  • Stealth mode for invisible tracking.
  • No jailbreaking or rooting is required.


  • Limited customer support channels.
  • Occasional delays in log updates.


  • Incognito Supervision: Operates invisibly, keeping kids unbothered and secure online.
  • Memory Lane Safety: Displays photo and video timelines, protecting against unsuitable media.
  • Unauthorized Movement Alert: Notifies about SIM changes, preventing fraudulent activities.
  • Teen Safe Instagram: Monitors Instagram messages, ensuring children’s interactions remain healthy.
  • App Usage Guidelines: Oversees app installations and usages, maintaining a balanced digital diet.
  • Homework Helper: Views notes/reminders, helping parents ensure schoolwork is tracked.
  • Safe Zone Reminders: Sends alerts if kids step outside designated safe areas.

=> Click here to visit the official website “Spyic”

#8. Spy Bubble

Spy Bubble mobile tracker emerges as a paramount choice for parents seeking both discretion and assurance. This platform takes pride in its non-intrusive monitoring capabilities, offering a sanctuary of digital peace of mind for parents. 

This phone tracking app specializes in maintaining family trust by working invisibly, all while ensuring that your child’s digital interactions and explorations are free from harmful content and connections.


  • Multi-language support broadens usability.
  • Extensive social media monitoring.
  • Remote control command features.
  • Robust functionality on both Android and iOS devices.


  • Lacks website and app blocking.


  • Ambient Danger Alert: Records surroundings, helping parents detect potentially dangerous situations.
  • Professional Network Oversight: Unique LinkedIn activity tracking, extending safety to all social platforms.
  • Homework Document Tracker: Monitors documents, ensuring school-related files are in order.
  • Wi-Fi Safety Checkpoints: Logs Wi-Fi networks, tracking child’s movements for safety.
  • Live Evidence Collection: Takes screenshots remotely, providing real-time proof of online activity.
  • Download Awareness: Tracks app downloads, keeping unsuitable apps at bay.
  • Email Safety Net: Scans emails for inappropriate interactions or potential phishing threats.

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#9. GEO Finder

Brand Description:

GEO Finder is a location tracking app that’s a game-changer for parents. Its standout feature is its impeccable location tracking, allowing you to create a virtual safety perimeter for your kids. 

In a world where location is important, GEO Finder GPS tracking provides real-time alerts to make sure that no matter where your children are, they are protected by proactive digital parenting.


  • Emergency response feature for alerts.
  • Customizable platform suits various needs.
  • Supports multiple forms of mapping.
  • Accurate real-time location tracking.


  • No call or message monitoring.


  • Emergency Family Alert: Instant notifications during emergencies, ensuring timely response.
  • Digital Footprint Overview: Logs device usage, helping parents understand digital behaviors.
  • Listening for Danger: Ambient noise recording reassures parents of their child’s environment.
  • Real-time Wander Alert: Tracks location live, preventing kids from visiting unsafe areas.
  • Low Battery Notifications: Sends alerts about phone batteries, ensuring constant connectivity.
  • Travel Pattern Reviews: Analyzes travel routes, helping parents anticipate potential risks.

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#10. Spyzzz

Brand Description:

With Spyzzz phone tracking app, proactive parenting takes a leap into the future. This tool is not just about monitoring but anticipates potential digital dangers, stepping in to guard against online risks before they reach your child. 

The real-time surveillance of this phone tracker app is combined with predictive alerts, transforming caution into a dynamic shield for your child. Spyzzz redefines digital safety, becoming an essential tool for modern parents.


  • Seamless performance across platforms.
  • Proactive safety alerts and reports.
  • Real-time location tracking with history.
  • Comprehensive coverage of online interactions.


  • Some features require rooting/jailbreaking.


  • Digital Routine Monitoring: Offers a chronological view of digital activities, supporting healthy habits.
  • App Access Control: Allows parents to remotely manage app permissions, ensuring appropriate usage.
  • Live Online Conduct Reports: Real-time analytics keep parents updated on digital conduct.
  • Sensitive Topic Alerts: Notifies parents when sensitive topics are encountered in searches or texts.
  • Search Supervision: Keeps track of internet searches, protecting against harmful content.
  • Favorite Site Safety: Offers insights into bookmarked sites, preventing exposure to harmful web content.
  • Flexible Update Settings: Enables scheduled updates, allowing parents to review data at convenience.

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Easy Steps To Set Up A Phone Tracking App

Making sure your kids are safe is super important, especially with all the stuff they can come across online. A smart move is to put the best phone tracker apps on their phones right from the start. 

Here’s a detailed step-by-step guide to help you navigate this process smoothly, ensuring your peace of mind:

  1. Selecting the Right App: The first step involves some research. Explore various phone tracking apps, considering their features, compatibility, and reviews. Your decision should align with your family’s specific needs and the level of oversight you’re comfortable with.
  2. Downloading the App: Once you’ve chosen, visit the official website or app store. From there, download the phone tracker app directly onto your child’s smartphone. Ensure it’s a genuine app to avoid any security risks.
  3. Seamless Installation: After downloading, initiate the installation by clicking on the app icon. Follow the installation prompts attentively. The phone tracker app may request certain permissions to function effectively – it’s crucial to read these carefully and accept them as needed.
  4. Creating Your Account: You’ll need to establish a secure account within the phone tracking app. This involves inputting basic information and setting a password. Ensure your password is strong to maintain the security of your account.
  5. Customizing Monitoring Parameters: Now, let’s have a look at the app’s settings. Here, you can personalize what the app monitors. Whether it’s text messages, browsing history, or location, this step is about aligning the phone monitoring app’s functions with your preferences.
  6. Activation and Continuous Monitoring: With everything set, your app will start its monitoring role. Most cell phone tracker apps offer a dashboard where you can oversee all collected data. Regularly check this to stay informed about your child’s digital behavior.
  7. Understanding the Benefits: This proactive approach is not about invasion of privacy. It’s a protective measure, shielding your kids from online dangers such as cyberbullying, inappropriate content, or potential online predators. 

By taking these steps, you’re making the digital world a safer place for your child, ensuring their online experiences are positive, educational, and safe.

FAQs About Phone Tracking Apps

Q1. What is the best cell phone tracker software?

Mspy is highly recommended. Its robust set of features, user-friendly interface, and dependable performance make it a go-to choice for individuals seeking comprehensive monitoring tools for enhanced digital safety and effective parental control.

Q2. Is it legal to use phone tracking apps?

Legality varies by location, but generally, using phone tracking apps is permissible, primarily for parental control purposes or with explicit consent from the targeted user. It’s crucial to respect privacy laws, ensuring ethical application in safeguarding minors or in consensual scenarios.

Q3. How accurate are phone tracking apps for pinpointing locations?

Most phone and location tracking apps employ advanced GPS technology, ensuring high accuracy in location tracking. They can often identify a device’s exact location in real-time, giving users precise coordinates and peace of mind, especially concerning the safety of kids or lost devices.

Q4. Do phone tracker apps drain the device’s battery?

The cell phone tracker apps are designed to optimize energy usage, using minimal battery life to function. Though active background operations might consume some energy, developers often prioritize efficient design to ensure your device maintains optimal performance throughout the day.

Q5. Can I track a phone without the owner’s knowledge?

While some phone tracker apps offer discreet tracking options, it’s essential for ethical and legal reasons to obtain the phone owner’s consent before tracking. Secret monitoring is often frowned upon and could lead to legal repercussions, highlighting the importance of respecting privacy and laws.

Q6. Are there any privacy concerns with using phone tracking apps?

Privacy concerns are paramount in using tracking technology. Responsible use entails informed consent and clear communication about monitoring scope. Misuse could violate individual rights and lead to legal challenges, underlining the necessity for ethical practices in digital surveillance.

Q7. Can phone tracker apps be used for cybersecurity purposes?

Indeed, the phone tracker apps aid in shielding users from potentially harmful online interactions, fraudulent websites, and malware. Additionally, they help enforce safe online habits, thereby playing a crucial role in digital protection strategies.

Concluding Thoughts About The Best Phone Tracking Apps

Keeping kids safe online is key, and phone tracking apps are here to help. Mspy stands out because it lets parents see updates about their kids instantly. XNSpy is also great, making it easy to know what your child is up to without hassle. 

While these two are on top, all the apps we talked about are good choices. They’re trusted by families everywhere. So, you can pick any, knowing they’re all about making sure your kids are okay while they explore the internet.

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