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Take a peek at our curated list of top San Diego skin care gurus, tips, tricks, and latest procedures, and get ready to say hello to a radiant new you…

It’s no secret that living in San Diego has tremendous perks, especially for those of us who love spending time in the sun. With nearly perfect year-round weather, it’s always easy to get outside, stay active, and maintain a healthy glow. The only downside is that, while the sun brings warmth, happiness, and coveted tans, it also brings on premature aging and sun damage. Luckily, San Diego is home to an incredible community of dermatologists and skin care experts offering a wide range of services to help us stay vibrant and beautiful no matter what wear and tear our lifestyles may create. Take a peek at our curated list of top San Diego skin care gurus, tips, tricks, and latest procedures, and get ready to say hello to a radiant new you…


As the human body’s largest organ, skin is more than just a signifier of outward beauty. It’s our body’s protector; our soft, supple armor, and window into our inner health and happiness. Choosing to invest in caring for your skin is about more than just appearances. It’s an investment in your whole self and it’s never too late, or early, to get started. 

“Every dermatologist has access to the same products and treatments, but it takes a true artist, with skill and empathy, to create beautiful, natural-looking results.” says Dr. Mitchel P. Goldman of Cosmetic Laser Dermatology. In addition to Goldman, the facility also boasts an impressive roster of top-rated, board-certified dermatologists as well as a medical aesthetician, making it the gold-standard in San Diego for medical aesthetics. They offer 80+ treatment options, 60+ laser and light devices and 5+ proprietary procedures which provides patients better results with less downtime. Their board-certified dermatologists tackle concerns for every skin type and tone using treatments backed by science. Services offered, from acne scar and sagging skin treatments to Botox and body sculpting, target a wide age range, from teens to those in their 70s and 80s. The practice also offers extensive resources for client education as well as an in-house dermatology research center to ensure that patients always receive the most cutting-edge, aesthetic treatments available today. 

“It’s a holistic view on your skin health and how that leads to a more youthful appearance,” says Winnie Eastwood, Co-founder of Proof Aesthetics in Carlsbad, a MedSpa that offers a range of accessible services to support self-care and well-being. She recommends creating a skin regimen that boosts skin health as early as your twenties. “In your twenties you are already losing collagen and so you want to definitely get on board with preventative treatments as soon as you can.”

From HydraFacials to radiofrequency micro-needling to restorative, tension-reducing botox, the top Med Spas in San Diego offer a range of non-surgical procedures to boost skin health and create a healthy skin-care regimen, in-office as well as at home. “We like to call it kind of our 80/20 rule where 20% of your skin health routine is done in-office and the other 80% is done at home,” says Eastwood, which includes applying medical-grade products like retinol to increase skin cell turnover.

 “We can age differently than ever before with the field of Medical Aesthetics,” describes Dr. Amanda Holden of Holden Timeless Beauty, whose vast experience includes actively serving as medical director for various independent medical aesthetics practices in the San Diego area as well as a background in emergency medicine. Holden’s “Hold Back Time” approach works with individual client needs based on age, genetics, and personal goals.” The team of advanced injectors at HTB sees patients ranging from their 20’s to their 80’s on a regular basis,” says Holden.

Looking to explore the world of medical aesthetics but unsure where to begin? Book a free consultation today with a qualified aesthetician or dermatologist. It’s a great way to begin your skincare journey and to invest in the long-term health of your body’s largest, most visible organ and greatest protector.


Cosmetic Laser Dermatology’s proprietary “Take10” treatment takes 10 years off of your face in a single non-surgical treatment. Combining 3 or more lasers in a single session, the Take10 tackles deep wrinkles, fine lines, texture, tone, and sun damage, without the need for surgery. The treatment is a holistic approach to rejuvenation, combatting multiple concerns in a single session with impressive results.

Holden Timeless Beauty’s EMFACE® is the latest FDA-approved face treatment using a combination of Synchronized Radiofrequency and HIFES™ to redefine and sculpt facial muscles, help tighten skin, and reveal a radiant, healthy face without the need for a surgical facelift. Treatments run a mere 20 minutes and require little to no recovery time.

Proof Aesthetics Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment with Microneedling is a minimally invasive procedure in which Proof’s Nurse Practitioner injects your body’s own plasma back into your skin to help stimulate collagen production, improve skin texture, and enhance skin tone.

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