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Mind, Body, and Spirit

A skeptic’s first psychic reading (and more) at Four Moons Spa in Encinitas
Joseph Collier

By Dan Letchworth

Four Moons

Four Moons

Joseph Collier

I’m a wizard.

I’m not trying to brag. (It remains to be seen whether I’m a bad wizard, even if I am a good man.) But that is the first thing my psychic guide, Kim Hassey, revealed to me during our spirit reading at Four Moons Spa.

In fairness, it was also the most far-out detail of the whole experience, so let me clear your mind of stereotypes: We met not in some spooky carnival tent, but a plush bungalow suffused with golden sun, and Kim wore no costume jewelry or feather boas but a practical jumpsuit and fabulous eye shadow. She opened the session with a prayer to the fifth-dimensional light beings whose divine information she would be channeling, and after a moment of silent concentration, opened her eyes and immediately uplifted me from Muggledom.

Now, I consider myself a skeptic in the classical sense—extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence—but after reading Slaughterhouse-Five and Edwin Abbot’s Flatland, I know better than to dismiss the idea of higher dimensions, or beings who could roam freely across time.

Truth is in the eye of the beholder—one person’s impossible magic is a tesseract angel’s basic physics. And really, for the rest of the half hour there were no extraordinary claims.

Kim explained that my magic was my gifts, and the light beings wanted me to use those gifts to make the world a better place. She answered my questions about my past and future lives and the liminal bardo between each one (can you blame me for being curious?), and provided guidance from the spirit realm about my current earthbound concerns.

Kim has had 13 years’ experience in this form of person-to-person healing, and regardless of how much of the mystical side you buy into, there was no denying that she’s a deeply empathetic person, a perceptive listener, and above all a kind soul who truly wants to help people—all the things we ask a good therapist to be.

And if you don’t already buy into the mystical side, Four Moons might just light a candle in you. The lush tropical plants, waterfall, and koi pond form an insulating terrarium from the outside world—even the warp and weft of the Balinese-inspired bale hut creates a relaxing pattern to lose yourself in while receiving your facial or massage.

When you come here, come for the entire day if you can. They offer a full complement of spa treatments with organic products, plus a private outdoor shower and infrared sauna, and each experience builds on and magnifies the effect of the last. Try something you never have before, like the Hammam room, where you exfoliate with a Moroccan black olive soap and then bathe yourself from multiple fixtures on a suspended marble plinth like a luminous demigod you are.

Mark one less thing I’m skeptical about. When they say to heal your mind, body, and spirit, this is the kind of experience they mean.

775 North Vulcan Avenue, Encinitas; @fourmoonsspa

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