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Four Holiday Cocktails and a Punch Bowl to Try This Winter

Winter holiday cocktails—like these at Starlite, SKA Bar, L'Auberge and Bankers Hill—are the best cocktails
SKA Bar's Boom Roasted | Photo by Arlene Ibarra

By Kelly Davis

Winter holiday cocktails are the best cocktails. Flavors like maple, cinnamon, and anything with spice pair perfectly with bourbon—and I’ll try anything that makes good use of eggnog. Here are a few seasonal cocktails that’ll take the edge off holiday stress and warm you up in cold weather. And, if you’re looking for a perfect party cocktail, Sean O’Connell was kind enough to share his recipe for a holiday punch bowl.

Salted Maple Old Fashioned @ Starlite: Starlite’s cocktail menu stays pretty consistent, but their seasonal additions have always impressed me. This one’s perfect in its simplicity: bourbon, salted organic maple syrup, and mole bitters.

Four Holiday Cocktails and a Punch Bowl to Try This Winter

four winter cocktails to try

L’Auberge’s Chai Nog

Chai Nog @ L’Auberge Del Mar: If you’re feeling inclined to grab a drink somewhere fancy, you can’t go wrong with the lovely L’Auberge Del Mar and this boozy dessert cocktail, made with Remy Martin XO Cognac, Godiva white and dark chocolate liqueurs, Cutwater Spirits’ Fugu horchata vodka, and eggnog.

Boom Roasted @ SKA Bar: Stay tuned for more on the new Normal Heights bar/restaurant. For now, this coffee cocktail, made with coffee from neighbors Dark Horse Coffee Roasters and topped with a Becherovka cream is one of my new favorites.

Up To Snow Good @ Bankers Hill: Just check out the ingredient list on this one: Malahat Spiced rum, apple brandy, Amaro Montenegro (a citrusy Italian liqueur), Allspice Dram, black walnut bitters, egg white, and a house-made apple cider reduction, garnished with grated nutmeg and fresh cranberries.


Collins & Coupe, the charming bartending supply shop in North Park, has been hosting an impressive line-up of cocktail-making classes. Last week, Sean O’Connell, who’s been behind the bar at Aero Club and Hundred Proof and now works for Pernod Ricard, taught a class on punch bowls for parties. He was kind enough to share one of three recipes he taught the class. Head over to Collins & Coupe to pick up a vintage punch bowl and try out this recipe for a holiday party.

Fall Spice Punch

10 ounces Jameson Black Barrel

10 ounces lemon juice

5 ounces Tippelman’s honey ginger syrup

5 ounces St. George Spiced Pear liqueur

2.5 ounces oleo saccharum

10 ounces Julian Apple Cider

Combine in a bowl and serve over ice, garnished with shaved nutmeg and/or cinnamon. As the bowl gets low, gradually refill with champagne. Makes eight to 10 servings.

Four Holiday Cocktails and a Punch Bowl to Try This Winter

SKA Bar’s Boom Roasted | Photo by Arlene Ibarra

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