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The Animal Pad Gets a People’s Choice Award

Plus, the Jensen Meat Company donates 500,000 pounds of plant-based patties to Feeding San Diego

By Sarah Sapeda

MMGN - Animal Pad

Therapy dog Oliver’s story earned The Animal Pad $11,000 in grants 

The Animal Pad was selected as one of five People’s Choice award winners in Petco Love and Bobs from Skechers’ Love Stories campaign. The organizations invited pet adopters to share how their animals have changed their lives, and 100 winners and five People’s Choice recipients were chosen out of thousands of entries. Each winner received a grant. The Animal Pad got an extra $10,000 on top of the initial $1,000 for its story about volunteer Melissa and rescue dog Oliver, who was found with a bullet lodged in his spine. When a foster for Oliver could not be found, Melissa stepped up and adopted him outright. Oliver has since become a therapy dog and now helps students transitioning back to in-person schooling. 

MMGN - Jensen Foods

MMGN – Jensen Foods

Jensen Meat Company has donated 500,000 pounds of its new plant-based patties to Feeding San Diego, the nonprofit’s largest food donation to date. The protein patties will be distributed by Feeding San Diego and its partners throughout San Diego County.

“Plant-based meat alternatives are high in demand right now, and we are pleased to be able to provide this product to those in the community facing hunger,” said Patty O’Connor, chief supply chain officer at Feeding San Diego. “This product is high in protein and a great vegan option for those we serve. Generous food donors like Jensen Meat Company make our mission of ending hunger through food rescue possible.”

Jensen Meat Company, known for its high-quality ground beef, had previously donated over 40,678 pounds of food to Feeding San Diego since 2015.

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