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✨ March Mingle ✨

About the Event

Come experience the beating heart of our local tech industry at the annual celebration of all things tech in San Diego – March Mingle. For our 18th year, we’ll be Mingling at the iconic Bali Hai on Shelter Island, a San Diego institution since 1953.

March Mingle is by far the most efficient way to meet the most fascinating local tech people in one night! We can promise the friendliest locals from startups, meetups, and technical non-profits will be there. We’ll have drinks, grub and geeky activities for you to enjoy along
with the stunning view of downtown San Diego at night.

If you’re new in town, we can promise you’ll be among the friendliest geeks in San Diego, and you can jump in the deep-end in getting acquainted with the coolest startups, meetups, and technical non-profits in town.


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