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Love Isn’t Blind: A comedy/dating show where the men can’t speak.

About the Event

Tired of swiping? In this dating experiment, men compete on stage for one lucky bachelorette, with the little caveat that the men can’t speak. Through a series of games – which includes calling the boys’ moms and unlocking their phones – we narrow it down to two men. Finally, we hear their voices, and the lucky winning man is sent with our bachelorette to the bar for an immediate date. Audience members wear wristbands according to their relationship status, and a wingcouple (who wear actual wings) helps those of you who are too shy to make a move. This show has been featured in LA Magazine, LAist, Thrillist, Time Out LA, CBS, and more.

Created and hosted by Allison Goldberg. For more info, to apply to be in the show, or to nominate your hot single friend, visit (Or just grab tix.)

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1230 Columbia Street, Suite 800,

San Diego, CA