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San Diego Storytelling Festival

About the Event

Come one, come all to the historic Coronado Library for an all-day storytelling festival presented by Storytellers of San Diego and the library. Storytelling up close, in-person is the original social media. The theme of the festival is “Building Bridges.” There are workshops for those wanting to practice their story skills with three dynamic presenters, Emily Stamets; Miyo Yamauchi (Moth slam winner;) and Sara Armstrong of Berkeley.
Looking for kids’ programming? Choose from these sessions, two are given by adults : “Building Bridges”–for Kids. “Stories from Around the World”, with lots of audience participation. And experience, “Kids Tell”, from a Coronado elementary who have been in a storytelling residency.
The Turning Wheel bus will be parked outside in the afternoon, next to a low rider. The exhibits of Chico Park murals and Barrio Logan bring home the theme of “Building Bridge”, as does a panel featuring Mexican American contributors to San Diego from these neighborhoods. Veteran’s telling their experiences is always a popular session.
Want to hear seasoned storytellers? There are story concerts all through the day, ending with “Voices” from 4pm – 6pm.

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