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The Salty Series: I was all ear

About the Event

“Listen to everything all the time and remind yourself when you are not listening,” Pauline Oliveros

Sound artist and filmmaker XARENI LIZARRAGA manifests a Sonic World transporting audiences to another time, another place, through interdisciplinary art and sound performance. I was all ear invites witnesses to bolster their sonic awareness and deep listening while sharing sound that thickens the sensory stew of our lives. I was all ear celebrates the sense of sound that we depend upon to help us interpret, communicate with, and express the world around us.

“Echoes from a sea cave” written and performed by Dom Cooper
“In the language of the bloom” by Akari Komura performed by: Camilo Zamudio (percussion), Ilana Wanuik (violin), David Aguila (trumpet), and Natalia Merlano Gómez (voice)
Janet Asuncion improvising on the Kulintang (Filipino String Instrument)
Improvisation by Preston Swirnoff, & Xareni Lizarraga
Sonic meditation by Kerem Brulé


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