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Our annual exhibition of local art and music returns with a ritualistic mélange of paintings, sculpture, multimedia art, and live performances. A transborder team of artists and musicians will invade the gothic halls of the historic St. Paul’s Cathedral in Bankers Hill and fill it to the brim with works that explore connections between the earthly and the divine. This three-day, community-based event will include new works, world premieres, and thought provoking performances featuring some of the most exciting creative voices in Southern California, Tijuana, and Baja California curated by Diana Benavidez and Leslie Ann Leytham. Join us as we take a pilgrimage through sacred spaces, profane realities, and everything in between!

Visual artworks by Ana Luisa Diaz de Cossio (video and sound installation); Ash Capachione, Maria Molteni, Laura Campagna, and Vin Caponigro (video); beck haberstroh and Kirstyn Hom (mixed media sculpture); Brian Black and Joe Cantrell (sculpture, video, and sound installation); Cat Gunn (mixed media sculpture); Claudia Cano (tapestry); Diana Benavidez (sculpture / curator); eka.gren (sculpture and video installation); Erika Roos (video installation); Esther Gamez Rubio, Ivan Trujillo, Mariana Salazar, and Wilfrido Terrazas (performance art, sound, and mixed media sculpture); India Thompson (video and sound installation); Janet Sit (sound installation); Marlon PV (sculpture); Nick Lesley (video); and Yasmine Kasem (mixed media sculpture).

Performances by:
Thursday, January 11: Akari Komura (solo violin, artifacts, and electronics); Ilana Waniuk and Teresa Diaz de Cossio (violin, flute, and electronics); Jonathan Nussman (solo voice and electronics); and Joseph Bourdeau (electronics and video improvisation).

Friday, January 12: David Aguila (solo trumpet and electronics); Natalia Merlano Gomez (solo voice improvisation); Myles Ortiz-Green and Valerie Jackson (electronics and video improvisation); Zane Shrem-Besnoy (solo voice and electronics).

Saturday, January 13: Jesus Cervantes and Odessa Uno (violin, dancer, and electronics); Kosuke Matsuda (solo percussionist and water droplets); Leslie Ann Leytham (solo voice); and San Diego New Verbal Workshop (acapella choir).


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