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3 Ways to Care for Your Prayer Plant

The owners of Gaia Plant Co. fill out our tip sheet!

By Sarah Pfledderer

The name’s no joke. Prayer plants’ leaves stand upright every night as if praying before bed—if their owner is faithful to their care, that is. Here, Melissa Biador of Gaia Plant Co. fills out our tip sheet on what this striking houseplant needs.

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Prayer plants aren’t necessarily starter plants, as they require a balance of lower light with high humidity. There are pests like spider mites to watch for, too. Translation: Better be devoted to caring for this one.


Not too much light is just right for prayer plants, since their precious leaves can burn or curl if they become too sun-scorched. To avoid such a sin, place yours in a spot that can receive indirect natural light (think: new table centerpiece!).


Prayer plants worship humid environments. Spoil yours by spraying it with distilled water or placing it near a humidifier, and be sure to water it when the top two inches of soil run dry. Consider purchasing a moisture meter or investing in a self-watering pot to take most of the guesswork out of the watering schedule.


Prayer plants are relatively slow growers and should be repotted in well-draining soil only once their roots start peeping out of their original nursery pot. Keep an eye out for damage like yellow leaves or webbing between stems, which may be a sign of pests, and consider a horticultural oil or spray to eradicate any infestations.

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