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Sidehill Lie: Ball Below Feet

By Tina Mickelson

Sidehill Lie: Ball Below Feet

Sidehill Lie: Ball Below Feet

Practicing sidehill lies is important but it can be a challenge to find the opportunity. If you can find a practice range with slopes or have access to a golf course where you can practice sidehill lies, it would greatly benefit your golf game. But it is imperative that you practice these shots correctly.

  • When the ball is below your feet it can be difficult to keep your balance, which can result in raising up at impact for fear of falling forward. Slowing down your swing just a bit will allow you to better keep your balance while giving you added control.

  • As you set up to a downhill lie where the ball is below your feet, stand a little closer to the ball than you would in your regular address position. This will keep you from having to reach for the ball, which will give you better balance without having to rise out of the swing at impact.

  • You want your backswing to be more vertical than normal, which will help you maintain proper posture throughout the swing and make it easier to keep your balance.

  • Keep in mind the ball will have a tendency to go a bit right so adjust for that in your set-up.

  • Utilize every last inch of that grip, meaning grip up as far as you can (opposite of choking down). With the ball being below your feet you want the club to be as long as possible so it can easily reach the ball.

  • Already mentioned but important enough to mention again: swing slow and controlled. Swinging too hard and fast will cause you to lose your balance and any missed shot will be magnified.

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