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Fish & Co.’s Quest to Preserve The Planet

A glimpse into designer Lisa Carolla's environmentally minded materials and secondhand gems
Molly Rose Photo
Fish & Co owner

Fish & Co owner

Molly Rose Photo

Fish & Co. may not be the most intuitive name for an on-the-verge interior design studio. For Lisa Carolla, however, the moniker is entirely logical. Her grandfather owned L.A. Fish and Oyster Co. on the Los Angeles harbor.

fireclay tile

fireclay tile

“It was honest, salt of the earth, and centered around people,” says Carolla, who grew up in San Pedro and moved to Encinitas four years ago. “It’s always been a goal of mine to run a small business that was at least half as good as his, so I took exactly half of his business name.”

Driven by a desire to do right by the seaside environment that raised her, Carolla tackles her residential and hospitality projects with her unique set of sustainability values, and an aesthetic inspired by her coastal upbringing. “I like to joke that my style is ‘mid-century maritime chic’, but it’s actually a pretty accurate description,” she says.

“The colors and materials I love the most are reminiscent of modern design during surfing’s heyday in the 70s, the color palettes of low tide walks, and funky items you might find on a fishing boat.” Current projects include a Scandinavian-inspired new build in Asheville, North Carolina; the restoration of a 1920s Santa Barbara carriage house that she is gently reworking to function for modern life; and her homebase is a 1940s cottage that serves as a lab for eco-artistry.


By KVP: The San Diego-based fashion brand creates linen loungewear in small batches to reduce waste. 

Her ethos has drawn her to a diverse network of local creators who tread lightly while making big statements. She works to find new ways to reuse building materials while sourcing one-of-a-kind gems secondhand. For this lifelong surfer, a big part of reducing waste is being thoughtful about the longevity of a space.

“In real life, we see starting from scratch as a disadvantage, but in the design industry, it’s where most people choose to start. My philosophy is that we get something truly unique and inspired when we start from a place of valuing what’s already there,” says the designer. “Well-built, well-designed spaces that consider their community are the ones that stand the test of time.”

mushroom lighting

MUSHLOOM LIGHTING: This is sustainability to the max: These stunning lights are grown from mushrooms.

mitchell black

MITCHELL BLACK: “Nomalanga in Terracotta” wallcovering by Forbes + Master.

Forbes Lomax

FORBES & LOMAX: Aged brass switch plate in one of Lisa’s latest projects.

joglo living

JOGLO LIVING: Handmade woven copper pendant light made in Sumba, Indonesia.

jack antal

JACK ANTAL: The San Diego artist creates timeless black and white photography with 10 percent of all profits going to Outside the Bowl.

stonesteps herbarium

STONESTEPS HERBARIUM: This Encinitas artist makes one-of-a-kind pieces from dried seaweed found on low-tide coastal walks.

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