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5 Flavors of FEAST!

The New Children's Museum's latest exhibition will leave little mouths watering. Here's what to look for.

1) Food Trucks: Make your own food truck vision come to life. Choose your signage, cuisine, and food packaging, then drive your truck around the gallery selling your bites. 2) Garden Fresh: Kids can wander through the museum’s new outdoor garden to watch the fruits and veggies as they grow on the vine, or sign up in advance for a cooking class or workshop to learn about gardening. 3) Oranges: Let your little ones swing from giant oranges hung from the ceiling. 4) More Fruit: Look for one giant, vinyl, inflatable playground made to look like a huge basket of fruit. Kids can take off their shoes and run, jump, and climb all over it. 5) …and Chickens! The museum will house several chickens in a real coop, allowing visitors to pet them, feed them, harvest eggs, and learn from volunteer “keepers” about the ins and outs of raising chickens. Special appointments needed for interacting with the chickens.

5 Flavors of FEAST!

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