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Ready for more? No matter the day, time, or neighborhood, there's a deal on drinks and dining somewhere in San Diego. Here, we've done the legwork of leading a horse to water. You're on deck for what's next.

Bankers Hill

Bankers Hill Bar + Restaurant

4:30–6 p.m. Daily

$7 house wines, $6 sangrias, and $5 draft beers, plus $4 tacos and $6 Caesar salad

Mister A’s

2:30–6 p.m. Sunday–Thursday

$5.50 craft beers, $8 well drinks, and $11 select cocktails, plus $7.50 truffle fries

Wet Stone

5–6 p.m. Tuesday–Friday & 4–9 p.m. Sunday

$6 select wines and sangrias, plus $7 small plates


The Land & Water Company

3–5:30 p.m. Daily

$2 off house cocktails, wine by the glass, beer, and sake

The Compass

4–6 p.m. Daily

$2 off wine by the glass, craft beers, and craft beer flights

BlueWater Grill

3–6 p.m. Weekdays

$2 Pacifico draft beers, $6 well martinis, plus $5 grilled fish tacos

Carmel Valley


3–7 p.m. Daily & 3–6 p.m. Friday–Saturday

$5 well drinks and house wines, $6 beers, plus $9 appetizers

Dolce at the Highlands

3–6 p.m. Daily

$5 prosecco and wines; all day HH on Monday

Westroot Tavern

3–5 p.m. Weekdays

Half off drinks

Chula Vista

Izakaya Naruto

5–7 p.m. & 9–11 p.m. Daily

$3 beers and half off house sake

Savoie Eatery

4–7:30 p.m. Daily

$4 beers, $5 wines, $7 specialty cocktails, and $2 off appetizers

TJ Oyster Bar

3–6 p.m. Monday–Thursday

$3 draft beers


Leroy’s Kitchen & Lounge

3–6 p.m. Daily

$8 specialty cocktails, $6 select wines, $5 well drinks and craft draft beers, plus half off select appetizers

Saiko Sushi

4:30–6:30 p.m. Daily

$12 Sapporo pitchers, $5 large hot sake, and discounted appetizers; all day HH on Monday

Stake Chophouse & Bar

4–6:30 p.m. Daily

$8 house cocktails, plus $2.50 crab claws and $1.25 oysters

Del Mar

The Clubhouse Grill at The Grand Del Mar

4–6 p.m. Monday–Thursday, & Sunday

$7 beers, $5 wines, and $6 appetizers


3–6 p.m. Weekdays

$2 off starters, sea drinks, and draft beers, plus $6 wines; all night HH on Monday

Shimbashi Izakaya

4–6 p.m. Weekdays

$6 cocktails, plus $2 sushi, $4 select hand rolls, and $6 select rolls


El Dorado Cocktail Lounge

7–9 p.m. Monday–Thursday & 5–9 p.m. Friday–Saturday

$6 signature cocktails

The Lion’s Share

4–6 p.m. Daily

$2 off draft beers, $6 signature cocktails and house wines, plus $4 seasonal bruschetta


3–5 p.m. Weekdays

$6 margaritas and $3.50 tacos; $2.50 tacos on Tuesdays

East Village

Harvest by the Patio

4–7 p.m. Daily & 2–6 p.m. Weekends

$6 Moscow mules, select wines and cocktails, plus $8 appetizers; all day HH on Monday

Monkey Paw

5–8 p.m. Weekdays

$1 off wine by the glass, plus $2 off Monkey Paw pints and all appetizers


4–7 p.m. Daily

Half off select local draft beers


3rd Corner Wine Bar & Bistro

3–6 p.m. & 10 p.m– close Daily

$11 red or white wine flights, $6 well cockails, and $5 select beers

The Roxy

3–6 p.m. Weekdays

$4.50 draft beers, $7 house wines, $2 off small plates and craft cocktails; all day HH on Monday

Union Kitchen & Tap

3–6 p.m. & 10 p.m.–close Daily (except Saturday)

$3 Pacificos, and $2 off craft cocktails, pints, and wine by the glass, plus select food deals



3–6 p.m. Tuesday–Friday, 4–6 p.m. & 8:30 p.m.–close Saturday

$2 off wine by the glass, $1 off draft beers


4–6 p.m. Daily

$8 martinis, and half off appetizers

The Wooden Spoon

5–6 p.m. Tuesday–Saturday

$2 off beer and wine by the glass


Cafe Sevilla

3–6 p.m. Daily

“Dollar for Dollar” HH Monday–Thursday (for every dollar spent on drinks, get the equivalent in free food) and $3 off any food or drink on Friday

Don Chido

4–7 p.m. Weekdays

Half off all drinks and appetizers


4:30–7 p.m. Weekdays

$7 infusion cocktails and house wines, plus $5 draft beers


Empire House

3–6 p.m. Daily

$3 off large cocktails, $1 off beers and wine by the glass, and $2 off small plates


5–7 p.m. Monday–Thursday

$5 beers, $6 wines, $7 cocktails, and $2 off bar bites


4–7 p.m. Weekdays & 4–6 p.m. Saturday

$5 select beers, wines, and well cocktails; all night HH on Sunday


Cucina Sorella

4–6 p.m. Daily

$7 wines; $6 local draft beers on Tuesdays

Kensington Cafe

4–6 p.m. Weekdays

$2 off small plates, beers, and wine by the glass

Ponce’s Mexican Restaurant

4–6 p.m. Weekdays

$4 beers and $5 house margaritas

La Jolla


3–6 p.m. Daily

$6 arancini, $8 Wagyu beef carpaccio, and $7–$9 cocktails


4–6 p.m. Daily

$6 sangrias, $5 beers, $8 specialty cocktails, and $1 oysters


3:30–6:30 p.m. Weekdays

$5 select wines, $2 off all beers, and half price bar bites

La Mesa

Bo-beau Kitchen + Garden

4:30–5:30 p.m. Tuesday–Friday

$4 select beers, $5 select wines, $6 select craft cocktails, and half off appetizers

The Hills

2–5 p.m. Weekdays

$4 draft beers, $6 specialty cocktails

Proprietor’s Reserve Wine Bar

5–7 p.m. Wednesday–Saturday

Half off second glass of wine, discounted appetizers

Little Italy


3–6 p.m. Weekdays

$5 select beers, wines, and cocktails, plus $5–$7 appetizers

Puerto la Boca

4:30–7:30 p.m. Daily

$4.50 draft beers and well drinks, plus 30 percent off appetizers; all day HH on Sunday

The Waterfront

3–6 p.m. Weekdays

$5 Ballast Point spirits, draft beers, and house wines, plus free hors d’oeuvres

Mission Hills

Brooklyn Girl

3–6:30 p.m. Daily (closed Monday)

$7 select cocktails and draft wines, plus $6 draft beers

Fools & Kings

4:30–6 p.m. Tuesday–Saturday & 3:30–5 p.m. Sunday

$6 wines and sangrias, $4 beers, and $7 small plates

The Patio on Goldfinch

3–6 p.m. & 10 p.m–close (drinks only) daily

$4 off agave spirits, $9 wines, and $4 soup of the day; all day HH on Monday

Normal Heights

Jaynes Gastropub

5–6:30 p.m. Daily (closed Sunday)

$8 cocktails, wines, and appetizers, plus $7 draft beers

Polite Provisions

3–6 p.m. Monday–Thursday

$6 cocktails

Sycamore Den

Open–7 p.m. Daily

$7 wines, $8 specialty cocktails, and $1 off draft beers

North Park

Seven Grand

4–8 p.m. Monday–Saturday

$5 select beers and $6 select cocktails

Waypoint Public

4–6 p.m. Weekdays

$5 draft beers and $7 wines

West Coast Tavern

4–6 p.m. Daily

$7 specialty cocktails, $20 mule pitchers, $4 house wines, and $7 select appetizers

Ocean Beach

Raglan Public House

3–6 p.m. Weekdays

$5 draft beers, sangrias, and house wines, plus half off appetizers

South Beach Bar & Grille

3–6 p.m. Weekdays

$5 mai tais, $4 mimosas, and $3 steak or fish tacos

Wonderland Ocean Pub

3–6 p.m. Weekdays

$3 off mules, $2 off wine by the glass, and $1 off draft beers and tacos


608 Oceanside

4–6 p.m. Daily

$4 draft beers and house wines, and $5 cocktails

Hello Betty Fish House

3–6 p.m. Weekdays

$5 Mexican draft beers and margaritas, $6 house wines and cocktail of the day, plus discounted street tacos

That Boy Good

3–6 p.m. Tuesday–Saturday

$4 well drinks and $5 off pitchers; all day HH on Tuesday

Pacific Beach

Backyard Kitchen & Tap

3–6 p.m. Daily

$4 Modelo, $5 house wines and well drinks, and $7 featured craft cocktails, plus $10 flatbread

Duck Dive

3–6 p.m. Weekdays

$5 cocktails and house wines, plus half off wine bottles on Wednesday

The Patio on Lamont

3–6 p.m. & 10 p.m–midnight (drinks only) Daily

$9 wines, $6 spirits and select cocktails, $5 select beers; all day HH on Monday

Point Loma

Jimmy’s Famous

3 p.m–close Weekdays

$7 margaritas and wines, $2 off draft beers, and $10 sliders

Soda & Swine

3–6 p.m. Weekdays

$5 select draft beers, cocktails, and wines, plus $5 dirty fries and $1 crispy chickpeas

The Wine Pub

4–6 p.m. Daily

$4 select wines and select craft beers


Kaminski’s BBQ

3–6 p.m. Weekdays

$1 off well drinks, beers (draft and bottle), and wine by the glass, $6 cocktails, and $10 Baby Back Sampler

Tong Sake House

5–6:30 p.m. Weekdays

$2 Sapporo and $5 ramen

Villa Capri Trattoria & Wine Bar

3–7 p.m. Daily

$4 draft beers and well drinks, $5 house wines, plus discounted appetizers; all day HH Sunday–Tuesday

San Marcos

The Bellows

4–6 p.m. Tuesday– Wednesay & 3–6 p.m. Thursday–Friday

$1 off draft beers, $5 prosecco, and $6 mules

Churchill’s Pub

4–7 p.m. Weekdays

$1 off appetizers, draft beers, well drinks, and wine by the glass; all day HH on Sunday

Stella Public House

4–6:30 p.m. Daily

$4 select draft beers, $5 house wines, and $2 off small plates

South Park

Eclipse Chocolate Bar

3–7 p.m. Daily

$5 beers and wines

Piacere Mio

5–6 p.m. Monday–Thursday

$3 wines and $5 appetizers

The Rose Wine Bar

4:30–6 p.m. Monday–Wednesday & 11:30 a.m.–6 p.m. Thursday–Friday

$2 off wine by the glass and flatbreads, plus $5 draft beers and ciders

University Heights


5–6:30 p.m. Daily

$5 draft beers and select eats, and $1 off wine by glass; all night HH on Monday

Park & Rec

4–6 p.m. & 10 p.m.–close Monday–Thursday

$6 margaritas, Moscow mules, and cucumber gimlets

Small Bar

5–8 p.m. Daily

$1 off draft beers and well drinks


El Ranchero Restaurant

2–6 p.m. Weekdays

2 for 1 margaritas on Tuesday

Flying Pig Pub & Kitchen

4:30–6 p.m. Weekdays (afternoon hours on weekends)

$6 well drinks, $1 off wine by the glass and 16-ounce pints

Partake Gastropub

3:30–5:30 p.m. Sunday–Thursday

$5 select beers and wines

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