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Team Behind Kindred Opening Vegan Diner & Fine Dining Spots

The talent behind the vegetarian favorite and Mothership will be launching Vulture & Dreamboat in University Heights this summer/fall
The bar at Kindred in South Park. | Photo: Beers & Cameras

In 2015 and 2022, respectively, the psychedelic space-age bonanzas known as Kindred and Mothership opened in San Diego. Since then, the team behind the restaurants have helped put San Diego on the map for inventive eating and drinking experiences that often thrill, sometimes confuse, but generally delight guests.

Now, they’re expanding their intergalactic clutches into University Heights—specifically, to 4608 Park Blvd, the new home for Vulture and Dreamboat projected to open sometime in the summer or fall of this year.

The two projects will fall under one roof (which makes sense once you take real estate prices into account) but will each offer a unique approach to their signature brand of offbeat vibes. “Vulture will be a resurrected institution of yesteryear, reimagined through the eclectic possibility of today,” said owner Kory Stetina.

You may be asking yourself “What on earth does that mean?” Don’t worry—I had the same reaction. Basically, it’ll be a dinner spot, with dim lighting, inspired by mid-century aesthetics, and a reimagined bar program that will take classic cocktails and put a new spin on them. Easy enough to digest, if I’m right. 

Alternatively, Dreamboat will focus on breakfast, lunch, and desserts, operating as a “micro-diner” with only 10 seats. It’ll be more grab-and-go than stay-and-chill, serving coffee, pastries, and pie from morning until night. (Sometimes you want a late-night sweet—I get it!)

Economic reports estimate between three and six percent of the American population identify as vegan. That would mean there are around 41,460 to 82,920 vegans out of San Diego city’s 1.382 million people, and there are probably less than 30 strictly vegan restaurants across the whole county. That’s a big gap between supply and demand, and Stetina is smart to capitalize on it.

Plus, judging by the vegan and vegetarian options at nearby Kairoa Brewing Company and the fully vegetarian menu at Plumeria down the street, plenty of hungry and thirsty meat-averse diners are already lurking the streets of University Heights. Now, they’ll get even more out-of-this-world, animal-friendly, plant-based food and drink served directly into their humanoid face receptacles. Take me to your tempeh. 

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