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La Vida Vegan: Let’s Do Brunch

Seasonal veggies star in a customized risotto

By Odette Cressler

The Dish
Roasted corn barley risotto

The Spot
Sea & Smoke

On a Tuesday that felt like a Sunday, I headed to Sea & Smoke to try their daily brunch. I don’t see any vegan dishes on the menu, so I ask the server if anything can be “veganized.” I know chef Matt Gordon has always respected vegetables, so I am not surprised when the server tells me they can definitely make me something. With the produce and ingredients they have in the kitchen at the moment, the chef suggests a risotto.

The risotto is super-creamy, thanks to the corn puree that it’s cooked in. The medley of veggies and nuts includes eggplant, Romanesco cauliflower, grilled asparagus, lima beans, orange wedges, and pistachios. A combination that is fresh and seasonal, providing a great balance of flavor as well as texture. Here’s to a meal that delivers the same message as brunch itself—well-thought-out and unhurried. If only every Tuesday could feel like a Sunday…

TIP: If you’re a home cook and would like to make a vegan risotto, check out one of my favorite food blogs for a recipe:

La Vida Vegan: Let’s Do Brunch

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