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Sweet Spot: Holy Matcha’s Waffle Bouquet

Edible flowers and maple matcha syrup elevate the breakfast staple

By Archana Ram

A quick scan of Holy Matcha’s photogenic, pink-themed interior proves the North Park café is as devoted to aesthetics as it is to its namesake drink, an energy-boosting, antioxidant-rich tea with a history that dates back to 12th-century China.

So it’s no surprise that their food menu is just as design-conscious. Just look to their Waffle Bouquet, a vegan, gluten-free vanilla bean waffle made with rice flour and drizzled with maple matcha syrup. Seasonal organic fruit is optional; we prefer to let the crown of edible flowers take the spotlight.

3118 University Avenue, North Park 


Sweet Spot: Holy Matcha’s Waffle Bouquet

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