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Top Food Events: December Main Dish

10-Course Flavors of Christmas Menu, Whiskey & Cheese, and Mubahay Philippine Fundraiser

By Troy Johnson

Top Food Events: December Main Dish

Wine Vault & Bistro

Wine Vault & Bistro

10-Course Flavors of Christmas Menu

WHERE: Wine Vault & Bistro, 3731-A India St., San Diego

WHEN: Dec. 21 & 22

COST: $45


I have no idea how owner Chris Gluck does it. I once proposed to a well-known chef that maybe he buys truckloads of frozen food. The chef said nope, he just knows how to run a restaurant. Regardless, WV&B remains the greatest “deal” in San Diego gourmet food. The menu from Gregory Chavez (ex-Lodge at Torrey Pines, Leroy’s) for the two-night “10-Course Flavors of Christmas” will include fresh Dungeness crab with Banyuls reduction, cedar-smoked salmon, honey-glazed Temecula ham, pomegranate-glazed duck breast, roasted lamb, hazelnut butter cake, etc. He’ll also be pouring three wines and housemade eggnog, all for forty-five dollars. No more. That’s it. The restaurant is a front for something, I just don’t know what yet. Maybe it’s a front for generosity. Make reservations. It’ll sell out.

Whiskey & Cheese

WHEN: Jan. 8, 6-7:30PM

WHERE: Venissimo Cheese at The Headquarters, 789 West Harbor Dr., Downtown, 619.358.9081

COST: $60


When I heard plans for the historical Old Police Headquarters in San Diego, I had grand visions of an all-local retail outlet. Maybe even a greatest hits of the city, with beloved burger bars, cocktail dens and fish taco icons. That didn’t happen (see Cheesecake Factory). But they did get a local taco shop in Puesto and one of San Diego’s most loved (and only) cheese shops in Venissimo—great educators on all things pungent and wonderful. Like this whiskey and cheese pairing session, which includes a Tennessee whiskey with fromager d’Affinois, an Irish whiskey with Honey Bee Goat Gouda, a 16-year single malt Scotch with Roquefort. Support your local cheesemonger, and go check out their new digs.

Mubahay Philippine Fundraiser

WHEN: Dec. 11, 6-9PM

WHERE: Fluxx, 500 Fourth Ave., Downtown, 619.232.8100

COST: $20


Nino Camillo knows how to run a good event, as evidenced by the all-out, feelgood party that is his “I Love Poke Festival.” Now he’s rallying his troops for a food festival in support of the millions of Filipinos who have no source of clean water after Typhone Haiyan. Mabuhay (which means “live” in Tagalog) will feature chefs like Antonio Friscia (Stingaree, ex-Gingham), Eric Manuel (The Dana), Jason Velasquez (Katsuya) for some Filipino and Asian-inspired grub, plus two of the city’s top Filipino DJs (DJ Question and Freddie Joachim) spinning 90s-era hip-hop. Proceeds will go to Waves for Water, a clean drinking water program spearheaded by Hurley.

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