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Top Food Events: November Main Dish

Alice Waters + Kermit Lynch at Chino Farm | La Plancha Pop-Up at Romesco Baja Med Bistro | Best American Cheeses at Marriott Marquis & Marina

By Troy Johnson

Top Food Events: November Main Dish

Alice Waters The Art of Simple Food 2

Alice Waters + Kermit Lynch

WHERE: Chino Farm

WHEN: Dec. 7, 11AM to 1PM

COST: $50


Alice Waters is a woman who does a little gardening up north. As the founder of Chez Panisse in Berkeley, she became a legend of the organic, local-seasonal food movement in restaurants. After decades of progressive work, she’s been anointed the “mother of American food,” taking on bigger projects like planting food gardens in the nation’s schools. Her Berkley counterpart, Kermit Lynch, is regarded as one of the world’s great wine importers—a man whose iconic Berkeley wine shop kept focused on French and Italian wines while the rest of the world was going gaga for Napa’s buxomous cabs. The Good Earth/Great Chefs series brings them to Chino Farm for a reading from their books, food and wine. A rare food-literarature moment among the corn.

La Plancha Pop-Up

WHERE: Romesco Baja Med Bistro

WHEN: Nov. 18,  6:30PM

COST: $75


Chad White is one of the most creative chefs I’ve come across in San Diego. And it’s a rare double compliment to say his food also tastes good. For the last year he’s gone rogue with his pop-up concept, La Plancha, a mix of his wife’s native cuisine (Baja) and his own gringo roots. By teaming with Jason Knibb, Javier Plascencia and Marcella Valladolid for this six-course dinner, he’s put three of the city’s best chefs in the same room. Valladolid will pair tequila for the feast. It’s time you got acquainted with Bonita.

Best American Cheeses

WHERE: Marriott Marquis & Marina

WHEN: Thrusday, Nov. 21, 4-5:30PM

COST: $70


If you haven’t noticed, it’s San Diego Bay Wine & Food month. I’m assuming people already have their tickets to the Grand Tasting Event ( But you know the SDBFW is a success when it splinters into a month-long gathering of food people across the city. Laura Werlin and her cheeses would be a casual winner among those. The James Beard Award-winning author ahs written six books on cheese, including her cheesemonger classic The New American Cheese. She’ll pair some of her top finds with wines. Good way to whittle away a Thursday afternoon.

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