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Buggin’ Out!

Insect lovers are buzzing about tomorrow's exhibit opening
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By Erin Meanley

Don’t forget, it’s still Museum Month (through February), and that means half-off admission at 42 local museums.

Opening tomorrow is a new exhibit at the San Diego Natural History Museum (the oldest museum in San Diego!). Called “theNAT” for short, they’ll be welcoming visitors of all ages to Dr. Entomo’s Palace of Exotic Wonders.

What kind of exotic wonders, you ask? Glow-in-the-dark scorpions, a giant mealworm, and a bird-eating tarantula! Eeps! Can you handle it?

There will also be a special local section of the exhibit, featuring our hometown’s native insects from theNAT’s Department of Entomology.

And if you think Dr. Entomo will have too much bite, the museum is also exhibiting Chocolate through March 10.

Buggin’ Out!

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