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Caitlin and Kevin Welsh’s Go-To San Diego Date Spots

Meet the South Park couple that loves teeing off at Balboa Park
Caitlin and Kevin Welsh's Go-To San Diego Date Spots

Caitlin and Kevin Welsh’s Go-To San Diego Date Spots

Ages: 30; 32

Occupations: Marketing Specialist for ECR4Kids, a children’s furniture manufacturing company; Relationship Manager for Wells Fargo

Neighborhood: South Park

Dating Since: July 2014; married September 2018

Their Go-To Date

Caitlin and Kevin tee off at the Balboa Park Golf Course

How did you meet?

K: One of my best friends married one of Caitlin’s best friends, and we met at one of the friends’ birthday party.

When did you know the other person was the one?

K: It was the way Caitlin interacts with my family—the way they loved her, and thought as much of her as I did.

C: Kevin is really thoughtful. He invited me to Thanksgiving four months after we started to date. My parents live in Hawai’i, and he said I should spend the holiday with him so I wouldn’t be by myself.

Most romantic thing your partner does?

K: I appreciate how Caitlin understands when I’m going through things. She knows how to support me, whatever the situation calls for.

C: That’s sweet!

K: Your turn, Caitlin.

You’re on the spot.

C: When Kevin makes time for us to be together, his attention is undivided. We used to eat dinner at the coffee table in front of the TV, and he said we should be eating at our table. He doesn’t check his phone. It’s quality time.

Where was your most recent date?

K: There was a huge rainstorm, so we went to our favorite place, Counterpoint. It was the end of a hectic week, and we didn’t want the rain to stop us from getting out and enjoying each other’s company.

C: They have really good cocktails, local beers, and small plates. Everyone who works there makes you feel like you’re visiting a friend.

What’s your weekend personality?

C: Kevin loves sports. Usually every Saturday he plays golf. Sometimes I join him. He recharges by being active and I like to have my downtime and watch bad TV.

So Kevin’s parents gave you the golf clubs?

C: Before we got engaged, I would borrow his mom’s old set of clubs. As an engagement present, his dad bought this really cute set—a peach-colored bag with these beautiful white clubs. It was really sweet. And I got really cute pink balls. It sounds so girly, but it’s what makes it fun.

Have you ever heard of a golf widow?

C: No, what’s that?

It’s when your partner is gone playing golf every weekend.

C: It’s important to find joy as individuals, so that we enjoy our time when we are together. I played golf in high school and used to play with my dad growing up. I’m not a very sporty person, but it’s one thing we can enjoy together.

K: I worked at a golf course in high school but didn’t play much until the Chargers announced they were leaving town. I texted my friend and said, “We need a new hobby for Sundays.” From there it snowballed into something I do three or four times a month.

C: He and his dad love sports. I think when we first got together, he downplayed his love of sports. It’s next level.

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