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I Tried It: Yoga Out Loud

Who knew that modern electronic music would be a perfect match for a 5,000-year-old spiritual practice?
Yoga Out Loud | Photo by Jessica Weinberger

By Jessica Weinberger

I’ve tried hot yoga, fusion yoga-pilates, and yoga classes that were more like napping classes—none of which was for me. But when I heard a quiet buzz about the underground following of Yoga Out Loud—yoga combined with rhythmic house music—I wanted in.

Yoga Out Loud launched in San Diego early last year when DJ Adam Davis and yoga instructor Jordan Tyler came together to bring the concept to life. The yoga and house music concoction was spawned by the idea that consistent and energized music is more supportive for exercise and has the ability to convey a variety of emotions. As someone who thrives on good music to get pumped for exercise, this finally sounded like my sort of workout.

I arrived at that Sunday’s location, Ski Beach Park on Mission Bay, just as the sun was breaking off the morning fog. To my surprise, more than 100 people were already prepping for the class, chatting with friends, stretching, or finishing off their green drinks. The DJ, poised at the back of the group, started spinning drum patterns to set the mood, and the session was underway.

The donation-based class was beginner-friendly with plenty of opportunity for advanced yogis to hone in on their practice. I noticed the music kept me focused, consistent, and relaxed through the entirety of the session. The meditative beat was a welcome change from a traditional playlist of dreamlike chanting and Enya. At the end of the class I felt enlightened and ready to conquer the rest of the day.

For dates, times, and “secret” locations for upcoming classes, check the Yoga Out Loud Facebook page. Classes are held every other Sunday and on various weekdays. Bring a yoga mat, towel, and good vibes.

I Tried It: Yoga Out Loud

Yoga Out Loud | Photo by Jessica Weinberger

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