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5 Best Background Check Sites Of 2024

Searching for the best sites that can help you perform a background check on someone? In that case, check out the detailed reviews of the top options.
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If you’re looking for the best background check site, there are several options to choose from.

Background check sites allow you to search for public information on anyone. Personal information, court records, contact information, and other data obtained can be used for various purposes, such as learning about someone’s criminal history, confirming the identity of a prospective date, etc. 

Most background check sites allow searching for information using the person’s email address, phone number, and name. They access databases containing numerous public records to find relevant info on the individual. 

This guide reviews the best background check sites while considering factors like accuracy, offered services, efficiency, and price to help you select the most suitable one. 

Best Background Check Sites Of 2024

1. BeenVerified: Overall Best Background Check Site

2. PeopleFinders: Best For Criminal Background Checks

3. PeopleLooker: Ideal For Comprehensive Background Checks

4. FindOutTheTruth: Best For Custom Background Checks

5. Spokeo: Most Affordable Online Background Check Service Provider

#1. BeenVerified: Overall Best Background Check Site

Offered Services

A. People Search 

People Search makes BeenVerified the best site for background checks since it allows you to search for information regarding individuals, be it old friends or online sellers. Such information can be used to reconnect with friends and relatives and ensure safety in online transactions.

B. Phone Lookup 

Phone lookup can help you find details about unknown numbers, making it easy to decide whether to respond to calls and texts from these numbers. It can provide information, such as the name, location, and address of the phone number’s owner.

C. Email Lookup 

This service is designed to help users verify the authenticity of an email address and check whether it belongs to a real business or individual. 

D. Address Lookup

When planning to purchase a property, you can use the address lookup service offered by BeenVerified to find relevant details of the property or look up your new neighbors. 

E. Vehicle Search

The vehicle search service can be used to search for information regarding a vehicle you plan to purchase or your existing car. It provides details like accident history, estimated ownership cost, and listing history. 


Like any reputable background check site, users need to visit the BeenVerified website and select any of the offered services like phone lookup and people search. Then, they need to enter the subject’s details, such as the full name or phone number, in the provided box and click the search button. The background search platform goes through various public records and provides the required information. 


A. Huge Database Of Records

BeenVerified has a huge database that contains over a billion records, making it the best background check website on this list. 

B. Accurate Data Sources

Data accuracy is essential when choosing the best online background check websites, and BeenVerified has a database of verified data for that purpose. 

C. Trusted By Over A Million Users

More than one million users rely on the BeenVerified website and its smartphone apps, making it the most trustworthy platform for background checks. 

Types Of Information

  • Contact information
  • Court records and criminal history
  • Caller ID
  • Vehicle records
  • Property records
  • Social media profiles
  • Current and past residential addresses
  • Possible relatives and associates


BeenVerified offers two plans – a one-month plan costing $29.99 per month and a three-month plan costing $19.49 per month. 

=> Click here to visit the official website “BeenVerified”

#2. PeopleFinders – Best For Criminal Background Checks

Offered Services 

A. People Lookup

PeopleFinders is the best website for background checks thanks to its people lookup feature, which allows you to search for people using their names if no other information is available. It provides an easy-to-use interface that can be used for this purpose and provides the required information quickly.

B. Reverse Phone Number Search

The reverse phone number search allows you to find information about someone calling from an unknown number. It can provide details like criminal records, address, and name to help you decide whether to call them back. 

C. Reverse Address Lookup

This best background check service can be used to learn about a particular property, such as a house, its residents, neighborhood, etc. Such information can be handy when buying a new home or visiting that area. 

D. Background Check 

Background checks are an important service that PeopleFinders provides, which can be used to learn more about people like your partner, relatives, business partners, and others. 

E. Criminal Search

PeopleFinders is the best criminal background check service since it allows you to learn about an individual’s criminal history with the help of US criminal records. 


The best criminal records search website operates in the same manner as other background check sites. When you enter the name, number, or address of an individual, the website connects to its database of public records to search for the required information. This is then provided to the user depending on the search they conduct. 


A. Access To A Large Database

PeopleFinders best background checker can access a large public record database, making searching for detailed information easy. 

B. Emphasis On User Safety And Privacy

User privacy and safety are extremely important for PeopleFinders. That is why it keeps all user searches and checks confidential and discrete. 

C. Free Mobile App 

Unlike many other background check websites, PeopleLooker has a free mobile app that can be used to conduct background checks on individuals. The app is available on both iOS and Android platforms. 

Types Of Information

  • Individual details
  • Business Information
  • Criminal history
  • Address and location history
  • Phone number 


The regular membership costs $24.95 monthly, while the premium membership costs $29.95. While the regular plan provides information like contact details and known associates, the premium one also includes access to property records, criminal business records, etc. 

=> Click here to visit the official website “PeopleFinders”

#3. PeopleLooker –  Ideal For Comprehensive Background Checks

Offered Services

A. People Search

With the people search service offered by PeopleLooker, you can quickly and easily background check people by entering their first and last names, and hitting “search.” This search can provide information like names, phone numbers, email addresses, and relatives. 

B. Phone Search

The phone search option on this best background check website can be used to find information about unknown numbers. This can be handy if you wish to avoid scammers and telemarketers. 

C. Email Search

Learning about an individual or a business through its email address is possible with the help of the email search service offered by top background check sites like PeopleLooker. You can find out whether an email has come from a real person or business. 

D. Property Search

Sometimes, you only have an address and no other information at hand. In such situations, the property search service can be used to acquire more details. For instance, this search can provide information regarding the neighbors or help ensure safety when visiting an unfamiliar location. 

E. Unclaimed Money Search

According to background check reviews, the unclaimed money search offered by PeopleLooker makes it the top-rated background check website for many. This search can help you learn about unclaimed money owed to you by the government so it can be claimed back. 


When a user visits the PeopleLooker website, they first have to select the type of search they want to conduct and then enter the required details like the name, number, email address, and property address. The platform then searches its database to provide a detailed search report. 


A. Simple To Use

This best background search site has a simple-to-use interface that allows users to perform background checks easily. You just need to enter the phone number, name, or email address in the provided search box and click the search button to get started. 

B. Supports Integrations 

PeopleLooker is very popular among the best background check service websites because it supports multiple integrations. You can plug the service into platforms such as Hubspot and Gmail, enhancing their usability. 

C. Comprehensive Search Reports

The search reports provided by PeopleLooker are comprehensive and detailed, providing information like the individual’s name, phone number, email address, address and location history, and much more. These features make it the best personal background check site.

IV. Types Of Information

  • Name and aliases
  • Contact information
  • Social media profiles
  • Photos
  • Unclaimed money
  • Criminal and court records
  • Relatives


PeopleLooker offers two pricing plans – the one-month plan costs $23.99 per month, while the three-month plan costs $19.19. 

=> Click here to visit the official website “PeopleLooker”

4. FindOutTheTruth – Best For Custom Background Checks

Offered Services

A. Custom Background Checks

The main reason FindOutTheTruth differs from other background check websites is that it offers custom checks. Users can choose what information they require and only pay for those checks, making it a cheap background check platform. 

B. Criminal Database Searches

FindOutTheTruth can be used to find out about an individual’s criminal history. It can perform in-depth criminal database searches to provide accurate information quickly, helping save considerable time and effort. 

C. People Search 

The people background check option is also available at FindOutTheTruth and can be used to procure information like a person’s criminal history, contact information, and more. It can be included in a custom background check as with other options. 

D. Foreclosure Records

If you want to know about the details of a property, the foreclosure records service offered by this top-rated background check website can help. It can help determine whether a property has been foreclosed, serves as collateral, or is free of all charges.

E. Employment And Tenant Background Checks

Another reason FindOutTheTruth is the best site for background checks is that it allows performing employment and tenant background checks. However, this should only be used for personal purposes and not for official use. 


FindOutTheTruth works somewhat differently than other services offering background checks online. First, you need to choose the service or services required and make the payment. With the payment complete, you will be provided with a form where details like the person’s name, age, SSN, phone number, address, and other information have to be entered. 


A. Customized Searches

Customization is incredibly easy since you can select the searches to be performed. Unlike other competing options, you will only be provided with the results of the required searches. 

B. Affordable Background Checks

There are no fixed subscription or membership plans where you need to make monthly payments. Since you just need to pay for the services selected, FindOutTheTruth is among the most affordable legit background check websites.

C. Accurate Results

The company has been established by reputable private investigators, which ensures that the results of all background checks are completely accurate. 

Types Of Information

  • Name and alternate names
  • Address 
  • Email address
  • Phone number 
  • Associates and relatives
  • Property records
  • Bankruptcies, tax liens, judgments
  • Criminal records
  • Driving and traffic records


The cost of individual services is mentioned on this website offering the best background checks online, and you can even make bulk orders. For instance, custom background checks start from $14.95, while criminal database searches start from $9.95.

=> Click here to visit the official website “FindOutTheTruth”

5. Spokeo – Most Affordable Online Background Check Service Provider

Offered Services

A. Name Search

Spokeo allows you to search for people and learn about them using their names. It can search billions of records to bring up information about the name you enter in the search box. 

B. Email Lookup

The reverse email search service is free and can help you locate the owner of an email address effortlessly. If a record matches the provided email address in the database, the results will be provided instantly. 

C. Phone Lookup

With the help of the phone lookup service, you can easily search Spokeo’s database to learn more about a mobile or landline phone number. Once the website finds information related to that number, it can provide details, such as the owner of the phone number, their address, social media profiles, etc.

D. Address Lookup

Spokeo’s address lookup is the best tool if you want to learn about a particular address and its residents. It can search through thousands of property records to find the information required and provide it quickly. 

E. Username Search

The username search service offered by Spokeo can be used when you only have an individual’s username. With the help of powerful algorithms and a huge database, Spokeo can provide details like the individual’s real names and email addresses. 


When a user enters the details they possess, such as a name, email address, or phone number, Spokeo background check service searches through its database. This database contains over six billion consumer and 89 billion business records, among other information. Once the information is located, it is provided to the user as a detailed report. 


A. Ideal For Limited Budgets

Spokeo offers pricing plans well-suited for those with limited budgets, making it one of the most affordable background check online services. 

B. Call Screening Feature

The background check mobile app on iOS and Android platforms comes with a call-screening feature that helps you avoid calls from scammers and telemarketers. 

C. Fast Results

Spokeo is among those top background check sites that provide fast background checks, helping you save time while providing accurate results. 

Types Of Information

  • Phone number and alternate numbers
  • Name, username, social media profiles
  • Address 
  • Email address
  • Criminal history
  • Work and estimated wealth info
  • Court records


Spokeo offers a three-month membership costing $14.95 per month and a one-month membership costing $19.95. 

What Is A Background Check?

A background check service aims to provide users with a means to obtain information about an individual or a company through private and public records. Such services can help you gain access to several types of information, such as name, phone number, email address, court records, criminal history, and more. 

Background check services have become increasingly popular in recent years since they allow you to get information about a business or a person quickly and easily. Thus, they can be useful in various situations, such as when you need to locate old friends and relatives or vet an online date before meeting them. 

How Does A Background Check Work?

In most cases, a person using a background check service has to enter the available details, such as the individual’s name, phone number, or email address in the online search tool of the service. When they hit the search button, the service goes through its database and may even access public records to locate information about that name or number. 

Once the information is found, it is provided to the user as a detailed report. This process usually does not take more than five minutes. Most background check services offer a monthly subscription, though some offer free trial periods.

Types Of Information Background Check Sites Provide

Depending on the background check website you use and the searches conducted, background check sites can provide a lot of information, such as:

  • First and last name
  • Possible aliases
  • Relatives or acquaintances
  • Business ownership
  • Assets
  • Vehicle History
  • Vehicle ownership
  • Property records
  • Civil records
  • Traffic records
  • Education
  • Employment history
  • Birth certificate
  • Divorce or marriage certificates
  • Criminal records
  • Photos
  • Social media usernames and profiles
  • Email addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Current and previous addresses

The information available depends on the public records your selected background check service uses for its database. The best background search platforms generally provide accurate information, but this may not always be possible. For instance, a densely populated area may have several people with the same name, resulting in the service providing incorrect information.  

That is one reason why most companies offering legitimate background checks have subscription plans. A part of the membership fees is used to hire data analysts to ensure the data is accurate. 

This is also why free services generally cannot ensure data accuracy and may not have the latest information compared to the websites known for the best background checks online.  

Types Of Background Checks

The best self background check sites offer several searches that provide different information. The most common searches include:

1. People Search 

People search is the most common type of search background checkers offer. This search can provide details like phone numbers, email addresses, social media profiles, and more. It can be conducted for several purposes, such as ensuring safety when meeting an online date. 

Additionally, this search can be used on yourself to learn about the information that is available publicly and control it. People search is even provided by websites offering cheap background checks online. 

2. Reverse Phone Lookup

Another common search available on most background check websites is reverse phone lookup. If you’re getting numerous calls from unknown numbers, this search can help you know whether the callers are scammers or telemarketers, and they can then be reported.

You may be avoiding calls from unknown numbers, assuming they are from telemarketers. These services can help you never miss important calls from family members, friends, or relatives who may be calling from a new number. 

3. Reverse Email Lookup

As with reverse phone lookup searches, reverse email searches offered by background check services can help avoid scams. Reverse email lookups can help you avoid spam emails by determining the owner of an email address. 

They are most effective in preventing phishing scams, which involve scammers creating fake email accounts and requesting personal information. Thus, they can help ensure safety when communicating via email. 

4. Reverse Address Lookup

A reverse address lookup offered by the best background check site can provide information relating to a specific address and the neighborhood where it is located. To provide such information, background check websites find data about the area, such as property values, crime rates, etc.

This can be helpful when moving into a new neighborhood, as reverse address lookups can help verify whether that area is safe. Alternatively, you can learn about people new to your neighborhood with the help of public records that comprise the database of such services. 

How We Made The List Of Best Background Check Sites? 

To determine which were the best websites for background checks for this background checks reviews guide, we considered the following factors:

1. Data Accuracy

How reliable a background check app or website is depends on data accuracy. People need accurate results when searching for information about a particular business or individual. If a website provides information that is factually incorrect, acting on the basis of that information can create various problems.

That is why we only included background check services in this guide that are known for providing accurate and reliable data. 

2. User Interface And Search Customization

Another important factor we considered when creating this list of the best background check sites was the user interface and search customization. 

The best background check services generally have powerful search capabilities and options that can be customized according to users’ needs and preferences. For instance, they may allow searches using name, number, social security number (SSN), email address, age, or other details. 

As for the user interface, the best website for background checks offers a clean and simple user interface that makes it easy to use. This helps save both time and effort and makes the process intuitive and beginner-friendly. 

3. Efficiency

The best websites that allow conducting background checks of people are known for their efficiency and speed. They can quickly search through millions of records, both public and private, to provide results to users while ensuring accuracy. This can save a lot of time and avoid waste of effort.

Several components make a website efficient, such as a user-friendly design, simple navigation, easy customization options, etc. Additionally, the page should load quickly and be mobile-friendly for those who need to perform searches on the go. 

4. Costs 

The best online background check sites generally have monthly subscriptions and may also offer individual reports. The costs of these memberships and reports can vary from website to website, so we had to consider the plans offered when selecting the options for this list. Membership plans are usually available for one month or three months. 

For those who need to perform background checks frequently, platforms offering affordable three-month plans might be the best. However, if you only need to perform a check rarely, a website offering individual reports might be better. 

5. Ease Of Use

An extremely important factor to consider when selecting the best background check websites is the ease of use. Users prefer platforms that are easy to navigate, have clear options and buttons, and work smoothly. If a website has a complicated interface or makes things confusing, they will likely shift to simpler options. 

The best background check app or website should provide clear information to users. They should focus on reducing the effort required to accomplish a particular objective, such as conducting a search or learning more about the service. 

Things to Consider When Choosing A Background Check Site

Several things should be considered when looking for the best background service, such as their data sources, accuracy, multiple pricing plans, etc. The interface should also be easy to use and compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Remember that lenders, employers, and landlords are not allowed to use background check services unless they constitute a Consumer Reporting Agency for tenant screening, employee eligibility, etc. According to the FCRA, such institutions should rely on proper consumer reports for vetting purposes. 

When researching the best background check platforms, visiting TrustPilot and Better Business Bureau websites is also a good idea. Doing so can help you know about the legitimacy of a company and how reliable its results are. 

Here are some of the most important factors to consider when searching for the best background check websites and apps. 

I. Public Record Sources

The most reliable background check services disclose the source of their data, including social media profiles, court records, property records, phone records, etc. Always conduct proper research and determine where a company gets its data. If such information is unavailable, it is best to choose another option. 

II. Reliability And Accuracy Of Information

Information provided by a background check website should be accurate and reliable. This means that it should not only be sourced from reputable sources but also be up to date, as information can change quickly. 

The database maintained by different background check companies can be updated regularly with the help of public records to ensure users always get the latest information. 

III. Subscription And Pricing Options

As mentioned earlier, consider how frequently you need to perform a background check when selecting a service. Users who do not need to conduct frequent searches may not require a subscription and should instead opt for a service that offers individual report pricing. 

On the other hand, those who constantly face problems like scam calls or need to use different types of searches might find a subscription more useful. 

IV. Services Offered 

Background check websites offer many services, which may be bundled with a single membership subscription or offered individually. These can include people lookup reports, reverse phone searches, reverse email searches, and criminal record searches. 

For instance, websites like PeopleLooker and BeenVerified offer multiple searches in one package. Consider which services you need when deciding on a platform. 

V. Information Provided

Apart from the different types of information offered by websites offering background checks online, it is important to consider how detailed the information is. Some services offer detailed information about the person or company for which the search is conducted, while others limit what users get to know, depending on their subscription plan. 

What Does A Pre-Employment Check Show?

Employers often run pre-employment background checks to learn more about an employee before hiring them. Such checks can provide additional information, including the following:

1. Identity Verification

This type of background check helps confirm an individual’s identity by tracing their social security number. Such a check can help verify details like name, date of birth, address, present and past addresses, etc. It can even be used to learn about a person’s citizenship and whether they are eligible for work. 

2. Criminal History Records

Pre-employment background checks include criminal history checks for misdemeanors and felonies in federal and county courts. How detailed the check will be depends on the employer and can even include in-person court record searches. These can utilize global watchlist and sex offenders registry data to provide the latest information on the individual.

Remember that states have different rules regarding the types of criminal history that background check services can provide information about.

3. Employment And Education Verification     

An employment check often involves the new employer contacting previous employers to confirm an employee’s previous employment and employment duration. Similarly, an education check is undertaken to confirm an individual’s education degree, name of the educational institution attended, attendance, and other records like GPA. 

4. Driving Records

Driving or motor vehicle records (MVR) reports can provide information, such as DUIs, accidents, infractions, traffic violations, etc. They can also show whether the person’s driving license is expired or suspended and whether it is a passenger or commercial license. 

Such checks are most important in jobs involving driving and require signed consent from the person for whom the checks are to be undertaken. 

5. Credit History

Credit reports contain several types of financial information, which is usually procured from one or more credit bureaus. Such information contains details like collections and liens, bankruptcies, loans, level of debt, payment history, and others. Background checks for credit history may not include your credit score, but this check requires the person’s consent. 

6. Civil Litigation And Judgements

Employers also search court records for judgments, legal disputes, or civil lawsuits involving the potential employee using the most accurate background check sites. Such background checks can help them know whether hiring such a person can create potential problems for the business. 

7. Fingerprint Background Check

This is a special type of background check only required in some organizations. It is needed when the employee has to handle sensitive information or requires a security clearance. This is a highly detailed criminal check because the employee’s fingerprints are matched with individuals recorded in the Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System of the FBI. 

8. Social Media Check

Employers conduct a social media background check to determine how a potential employee behaves on social media platforms. Any inappropriate behavior may showcase the organization in a poor light, which is why this check can be quite helpful. 

Levels Of Background Checks

Background check websites provide a range of search options, including basic criminal searches, address traces, and more. They can also include highly detailed searches, such as bankruptcies, judgments, tax liens, etc. 

Different types of searches can have varying check levels depending on the business. They can even vary by state, such as employers in Florida may need a level one or level two check. 

Common Uses Of Background Check Sites

Here are some of the most common uses of background check sites.

1. Online Dates

While online dating offers a lot of convenience, it can pose certain risks. That is why when meeting someone for the first time or going on a blind date, conducting a background check on them beforehand can help ensure your safety.

Such background checks, which can involve going through their social media profiles, criminal records, and other aspects, can be performed quickly, easily, and affordably.  

2. To Know Roommates History

One of the most common ways background check sites are used is to find out about a potential roommate. Such checks can help you know whether living with someone can be problematic and help you avoid a lot of trouble. The best background check websites can provide detailed information about a new roommate, such as their criminal history, address, aliases, etc.

3. Personal Safety 

The most important reason for using a background check site is to ensure personal safety. You can use such a service to learn about a new neighborhood when visiting or meeting strangers for the first time. Such services can also help protect you from scammers by providing information about unknown email addresses and phone numbers. 

4. Legal Investigations

The best background check websites search for information not only in public and private records but also in court records. This information can aid legal investigations, as they can be used to learn about an individual or a business in detail. It can help investigators know whether the entity is genuine, engages, or has engaged in criminal activity, among other things. 

5. Finding Family And Friends

While social media platforms have made reconnecting with lost friends and relatives easier, many people do not use such websites. That is where background check sites can come in handy. You may only have limited information about them, such as their phone number or email address, which websites can use to locate them. 

6. Phone And Email Lookup 

Best online background check websites are usually used to perform reverse email and phone number checks. They are used to find out about an unknown number or email address from which you may get calls or emails. The information provided can help you decide whether to respond to them or not. 

7. Employee Checks

Employers can use a background check platform that acts as a consumer reporting agency to vet potential employees. It can go through public records and provide information while remaining compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act so an employer can decide whether to hire a potential candidate. 

8. Address And Property Records

People often use online background checks to look up address and property records for various reasons. Such situations may arise when they move into a new neighborhood and want to learn about the place and the neighbors. Alternatively, they may want to find out the property details, such as the value, ownership, mortgage, etc. on a property. 

Limitations Of Background Check Services

Background check sites must comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). This means only platforms providing information as a consumer reporting agency can be used for official purposes, such as vetting potential employees. Most websites do not fit this criteria, so their information has limited use cases. 

According to the FCRA, background check sites cannot be used to make decisions relating to employment, creditworthiness, insurability, tenancy, etc. This means that professionals, such as insurers, employers, and landlords cannot rely on these services. 

Similarly, prospective employers can only use a consumer report background check when hiring domestic workers like babysitters, gardeners, nannies, etc. 

FAQs About Background Check Sites

Q1. Are background checks legit?

You can conduct a free background check on an individual or business to search for specific information. For instance, you can visit the website of a local court to search for a person’s criminal record and find out whether they have been convicted of any wrongdoing. 

However, paid background checks are more effective since they conduct a more detailed search and can provide more information. 

Q2. How long do background checks take?

The time it takes for a background check site to complete a search can vary between platforms. However, in most cases, the process only takes a few minutes. The maximum time a background check takes to complete is five minutes, which generally happens when the user requires a lot of details. 

Q3. What are the reasons for a failed background check?

There can be several reasons for a failed background check, but these must be determined by the person conducting the check. For instance, an employer may decide that an individual with a history of drug abuse will fail their background check. Similarly, other users may set other requirements that determine when a person fails the background check.

Q4. What are the sources of information for background-checking services?

The best background check sites rely on multiple sources to provide information about a person or a business. These generally include private and public records, court records, social media profiles, business websites, etc. 

They may also use educational and employment history, credit history, and other sources of information to provide users with the details they are looking for.

Q5. Is there any free background check site available?

There are several background check sites available that allow you to conduct a basic check for free. Spokeo is one of the best free background check sites, though there are many others. While basic checks are free on such best free background check sites, you need a subscription for more detailed information. 

Q6. What is the accuracy of background check results?

The best background check websites rely on several sources of information and keep their database up to date. Because of this, they can provide highly accurate results quickly when you background check someone. 

Free background check sites may not be very accurate, but this may not always be true.

Q7. Can you hide your information from a background check site?

Legit background check sites allow users to hide their information. This generally requires verifying your identity before such information can be hidden. Also, remember that while that information may no longer be available on that site, it may be present in public records and can still appear online. 

Q8. Can you do a background check on yourself?

Yes, you can conduct a background check on yourself using a background check website. 

A person can perform such a check and then use it to limit and control what others can find out about them. It can be quite handy for security and privacy reasons. 

Q9. Can background check services show employment history?

Yes, a background check can show a person’s employment history, depending on the service you use. However, prospective employers can only use such services to learn about potential employees if the platform acts as a consumer reporting agency. 

Conclusion: Where Is The Best Place To Get A Background Check?

A background check website can be quite handy, whether you’re searching for a way to reconnect with old friends or need to verify the identity of an online date. 

This guide reviews the top background check websites in detail that can be used for personal use. Since these do not act as a consumer reporting agency, they cannot be used by anyone in their official capacity. All of our top recommendations, including BeenVerified, PeopleFinders, PeopleLooker, FindOutTheTruth, and Spokeo, provide accurate and detailed reports.

They can access over a million public records and provide details like address, location history, known associates, social media profiles, and more. These can be very useful in ensuring personal safety and avoiding hassles.

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