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Best CBD Gummies For Anxiety From Top CBD Brands in 2021

CBD Gummies - anxiety

CBD Gummies – anxiety

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We all feel anxious at some point in our lives but then manage to calm ourselves down. With anxiety disorders, it’s not the same. If you are someone who’s struggling with them, you already know how tough it can get. A lot of times, you may even need help with anxiety management and alleviating the symptoms.

We have found you a perfect solution in the shape of these guilt-free treats; say hello to CBD Gummies! These CBD-infused candies are the quickest and most hassle-free way to ease your anxiety.

So let’s find you a good excuse to treat yourself to these CBD-packed goodies. After all, who doesn’t feel better after a gummy or two?

Our List Of The Top 20 Best CBD Gummies for Anxiety

  1. Budpop : Overall Best CBD Gummies For Anxiety

  2. FabCBD : Best Gummies For Beginners

  3. Cheef Botanicals : Variety Of Flavoured CBD Gummies

  4. MedterraCBD : Vegan Friendly And Gluten Free Weed Edibles

  5. CBDistillery : Strongest CBD Edibles

#1. BudPop  : Overall Best CBD Gummies For Anxiety

CBD Gummies for Anxiety - Budpop

CBD Gummies for Anxiety – Budpop

BudPop came in with a bang and swept us off our feet. This brand was only launched earlier this year but has already made its way to the top best CBD brands in the market. Mindful of their unique slogan, “pop plants, not pills,” They worked tirelessly to bring natural alternatives to generic medicine in the shape of organic CBD products.

In the far west region of Nevada, they grow their non-GMO hemp under strict vigilance, |making sure no pesticides or harmful chemicals are used during the cultivation. They strive to provide premium quality hemp products amongst the entire industry by safely extracting Broad Spectrum oil and refining it minimally to retain all the plant compounds.

Not only do they manufacture top-notch hemp products, but they ensure that they are safe to consume. Complying with the State’s law, the source 100% legal USA hemp, which contains less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC and further get it checked via unbiased labs. They also upload the attested COAs on their website to stay transparent with customers.

The manufacturers of this brand are a group of twenty-something-year-olds with an accumulative experience of thirty years in the hemp industry. Being of the mutual generation, the manufacturers understand what the young adults need. Hence they came up with a solution in the form of CBD Gummies, each catering to a specific disorder.

Among their three vegan CBD gummies, their Ashwagandha CBD Gummies are a fan’s favorite for managing anxiety symptoms and calming their restless brains. These gummies were formulated with successful ingredients from past and present to pack them with optimum goodness. Ashwagandha is a century-old Ayurvedic medicine used to elevate energy levels and reduce stress and anxiety. According to various studies, daily intake of this miraculous herb can lead to lower stress and cortisol levels. Similarly, Cannabidiol is also proven to alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety in some recent studies.

These delicious gummies come in a berrylicious flavor packed in a bottle of thirty, where each serving contains 25 mg of CBD and 150mg Ashwagandha.  A bottle should last you a day if you take one gummy before heading out; however, if you are an experienced consumer, it is suggested to chew on a gummy or two with intervals of six hours. The fusion of the aforementioned ingredients followed by natural terpenes will take you to a tranquil state of mind and rejuvenate you inside out for better days.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Budpop gummies

#2. Fab CBD : Best Gummies For Beginners

CBD Gummies - Fab

CBD Gummies – Fab

Is Fab CBD that fabulous? Certainly yes, this brand has a renowned name in the CBD market and is regarded as a reputable company aiming to manufacture top-notch, full-spectrum CBD products. This brand may sound new, but it was launched back in 2017. With an accumulative experience of 25 years in the fitness and pharmaceutical industry, FAB CBD has mastered the production of quality CBD products.

So what makes this brand so fabulous? Despite our thorough research, we did not find any reviews or testimonials by disgruntled customers or hemp experts, and the best part, no FDA warnings whatsoever! Their transparency and dedication towards bringing holistic products have won hearts.

Being mindful about their products from the initial stages, they source their hemp from the farms of Colorado, where their greens are grown organically without any pesticides and are extracted using solvent-free CO2 method to maintain the potency. The product samples are then sent to renowned labs like ProVerde for full panel lab tests, where they screen the samples for THC percentage, toxins, foreign matters, contaminants, pesticides, etc. The analytic reports from the third-party labs are uploaded on their website for the customers to review at any time.

They clearly state that they do not believe in the unnecessary buildup and false promises; their products are formulated with specific intent for various purposes. Amongst the variety of such products, their gummies are a fan favorite since they can be carried and consumed anywhere by people of all ages.

Fab CBD Gummies hit home with the perfect balance of chewiness and softness, flavorful yet nothing too overwhelming or artificial; just a sweet, balanced treat loved by all. These gummies are the best options for vegans and health nuts who prefer the cleanest and organic products in their diet. Made out of 100% natural ingredients, these vegan chews are free of any additives or dyes. Hence, their color varies; organic black currants, organic carrots, and concentrated organic apples add color. They also do not add artificial sweetness to mask the taste; they infuse the gummies with organic cane sugar or tapioca syrup for the scrumptious flavor.

Their Anytime CBD Chews are vegan and gluten-free gummies packed with 25mg of potent CBD isolate, which helps you calm down during stressful events of the day. The best part is that you do not have to worry about the glass bottle shattering, any oils spilling, or use droppers in public. These gummies are your savior in public, so chew on in public discreetly and calm your nerves wherever you are.

=> Click here to visit the official website of FabCBD gummies

#3. Cheef Botanical: Variety Of Flavoured CBD Gummies

CBD Gummies - Cheef Botanicals

CBD Gummies – Cheef Botanicals

Cheef Botanical is a perfect match for those who are mindful of their dietary intake. They are known to produce premium quality CBD products without compromising on the overall ingredients. Catering to people with dietary limitations, their collection of CBD products is very flexible and suits everyone. Their products are not tested on animals, nor do they contain animal by-products. The natural 100% natural ingredients are gluten-free, tested by third-party labs, vegan and non-GMO hence everyone can enjoy these edibles.

Initiated by a group of hemp enthusiasts who boast experience of more than twenty-five years in the organic food industry, this brand surely has a strong foundation. The manufacturers partnered with the farmers of Colorado to produce top-notch hemp products. They also aimed to educate the people about the endless possibilities and benefits of these plant stores; hence they have managed an entire section about learning and blog posts about CBD, which helps them spread the word.

For all those who despise the overly sweet, artificial flavored gummies, we have found the best vegan treat for you. These CBD Gummies by Cheef Botanicals do not contain additives, gluten, artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, or animal by-products. Each serving of these gummies contains 100% organic ingredients, including organic brown rice syrup and organic cane sugar as sweeteners. They infuse the gummies with apples, blackcurrant, carrot, pumpkin, and Spirulina to add some color. To make these gummies taste fruity and not just straight-up sugar, they add natural fruit flavorings like apple, grape, strawberry, pineapple, and Orange.

And, of course, they use the best Colorado-grown full-spectrum hemp with the maximum potency. These gummies are infused with full-spectrum hemp, healthful amino acids, terpenes, and cannabinoids that help you achieve the entourage effect and optimize the bioavailability of these valuable contents.

This meticulous formulation of potent, full-spectrum CBD offers a multitude of benefits, including stress management. So chew on this guilt-free treat can be anytime for smoother untroubled days. This brand also offers a variety of options of CBD strength ranging from 10mg to 100mg CBD content per serving which helps you manage your portions according to your stress levels.

Even the reviews and testimonials by the customers online claim that these CBD gummies by Cheef helped them reduce their overall anxiety and helped them function better under pressure. So try some yourself, and if you do not notice any improvements, you are allowed to return them within 30days.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Cheef Botanicals gummies

#4. Medterra CBD : Vegan Friendly And Gluten Free Weed Edibles

CBD Gummies for Anxiety - Medterra

CBD Gummies for Anxiety – Medterra

Hailing from Irvine, this small-scale CBD Company was founded in 2017. Supporting the farmers of Kentucky, they source their hemp from them. They are also a part of the Kentucky Department of Agriculture which means the hemp is cultivated ethically under strict vigilance, producing quality CBD products.

Their transparent policies have helped them grow and become a favorite amongst the users.  Sharing the entire process online from the seed to shelf and manufacturing the products abiding by the strict guidelines has led them to gain consumers’ trust and maintain a new standard in the market. Also, they have never received any warning letters from the FDA, which means they are transparent, but they also do not make any gimmicky claims about their products.

Furthermore, their products are processed in a certified Good Manufacturing Practices site which gets regularly audited by FDA to maintain the top-tier standards. Not only this but all their products are also tested by ISO17025 compliant lab, which cements that the products by Medterra are attested via reliable labs. Continuing their transparent policy, they have an entire page on their website for each product Certificate of Analysis. These COAs show the varying potencies and detection of harmful matters, which no brainer showed null on the COAs.

Medterra has been ahead of the curve in infusing all-natural ingredients that cater to individual purposes. Similarly, they have formulated various CBD gummies for a specific time of the day and purposes. Their ‘Keep Calm’ Gummies are formulated to balance your emotional and mental energy and elevate your mood.

All hail the power of 99% Isolate CBD and ingredients like L-Theanine; these gummies can revitalize your dull moments and bring relief from daily stressors of life.  These tasty treats do not contain any fructose corn syrup; the Isolated CBD already takes away the intense weed flavor, and then the tapioca syrup, raw sugar, and natural flavors blend into the fun tropical flavor.

The best part is that these gummies do not make you feel groggy and lazy. On the contrary, they charge you up to continue your day stress-free.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Medterra CBD gummies

#5. CBDistillery : Strongest CBD Edibles

Best CBD Gummies for Anxiety - CBDistillery

Best CBD Gummies for Anxiety – CBDistillery

Back in 2016, a few citizens of Colorado noticed the dire need for affordable but quality CBD products in the market. With people’s best interests in mind, they set off to manufacture the best hemp goodies in the immensely saturated market.

This brand has been featured by multiple renowned media platforms such as Forbes, USA Today, and even The New York Times! With recognition from such high-end media sources, they also amassed a big bunch of loyal customers. This fame did not come so easily; they went through rigorous research, maintained stringent standards over the years, and stayed clear with their customers.

The legitimacy of this brand is advocated by various regulated organizations, including the U.S Hemp Authority (USHA), which shows that the standards and their quality are up to par.  Moreover, their independent toxicology review received GRAS status, which further approves that the products are safe for consumption.

Its credentials don’t end here; CBDistillery is also an active member of the U.S Hemp Roundtable and National Hemp Association. While like every reputable brand, CBDistillery facility utilizes Good manufacturing practices and is considered safe by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.  They also source their hemp from the open, non-GMO farms of Kentucky, Colorado, and Oregon and test their products via ISO-9001 certified labs.

CBDistillery stands out from other brands since it uses different extraction methods for a certain type of CBD. For instance,  they use the CO2 extraction method for Broad and full-spectrum CBD, while for the Isolate CBD, they use the ethanol method, which is known to be the most efficient extraction method for this kind.

From their collection of CBD Gummies; The Relax Gummies are best for those who find it difficult to function under pressure. These Broad Spectrum Gummies can be consumed anytime, anywhere to relieve any fretfulness. These gummies come in a pack of 30 pieces, with each serving containing 30mg CBD with less than 0.1% THC. Being mindful of the exclusivity of these gummies, they used gluten-free, vegan, allergy-free, and even kosher ingredients!

As per their customer survey, these gummies have an incredible response amongst their customers when managing anxiety. A large percentage of people reported that the CBD helped them deal with mild anxiety and helped calm their minds.

=> Click here to visit the official website of CBDistillery gummies

#6. CBDFx

CBDFx has been in the business for almost six years and has gained a reputable position amongst the best CBD companies. They also accumulated many positive reviews from renowned websites, including BBB, listed as an A-list brand.

According to the manufacturers, if you often deal with stress and anxiety, you need to try their Melatonin CBD Sleep Gummies. Since increased stress levels disrupt your entire day, including the sleep schedule, which causes trouble at work, eventually increasing irritability and mood swings, so if you are trying to put an end to this cycle, grab these Melatonin gummies by CBDFx. These Broad Spectrum Gummies contain 5mg of Melatonin, 50mg CBD and other ingredients like passionflower, chamomile, and lemon balm, which promote calmness.

#7. Charlotte’s Web 

This brand is one of the oldest standing brands in the CBD industry and has built an empire with many CBD products, well-loved by their loyal customers.

Their Calm CBD Gummies are a best seller, formulated with a proprietary blend to help you ease your stressful events and increase your focus. This blend includes hemp genetics with naturally derived terpenes, flavonoids, Phytocannabinoid, and lemon balm. The amalgamation of these premium ingredients is approved by the consumers who claim it helped ease their mild anxiety and even helped them sleep without any stress.

These gummies do not contain any artificial dyes or additives but are flavored with fruits and vegetable juices. These vegan, gluten-free gummies are available in various quantity options ranging from 30ct to 90ct so that you may alter your serving amount easily. However, the serving size as per the website is two gummies containing a total of 20mg of CBD.

#8. Premium Jane

Premium Jane is known to maintain high standards and vigilant testing at its site. They source their hemp from the farms of Oregon, where the hemp is grown organically without any heavy metals solvents or chemical fertilizers. They have uploaded COAs of each batch online to prove their claims, which rules put any suspicions.

They offer gummies in a variety of flavors and strengths, but they are particularly known for the Industry-Leading Potency of 1500mg CBD. They are packed with Broad Spectrum CBD and healthful natural ingredients like Tapioca Syrup and natural fruit colorings instead of synthetic ones. So give their Mango-Berry Gummies a go; loaded with goodies like Melatonin and Chamomile; they will help you chill out in peace.

#9. Joy Organics

Joy Organics was found by a grandmother who had a great experience using CBD products for her ailments. The founder of this brand, Joy Smith, decided upon curating her brand after getting disappointed by several other brands.

The premium CBD gummies by this brand are a fan favorite and come in two fun flavors; Green Apple and Strawberry Lemonade. Both the flavors are well known to be great de-stressors and help you unwind from a stressful day at work.

Keeping the customer’s health a priority, this brand uses only the premium ingredients that are better alternatives. For example, they use Organic Tapioca Syrup and Organic Sugar instead of artificial flavorings and fructose, while they use vegetable and fruits juices instead of artificial flavorings to add color. They also try to incorporate Superfoods like Turmeric, Spirulina in their gummies for added benefits.

#10. CBDmd

Hailing from North Caroline, this brand was launched in 2015 and has gained ground progressively since then, so much so that they even won the Best Flavor Award and Highest Quality Award in the 2016 Reviewer Choice Awards.

These gummies are best for beginners or those who are watchful of their CBD intake since they are available in a few concentrations ranging from 10mg to 25mg to 30mg per gummy. For those who crave the tart, mouth-puckering candy, these gummies are also available in the sour flavor, which adds to the excitement of chewing on these gummies and a fun kick to our mediocre lives.

Infused with CBN, CBG, CBD, and terpenes, these vegan gummies are formulated to help you achieve the entourage effects after a long stressful day without any THC.

#11. Palm Organix

This family-owned business was launched in 2018 with a mission to assist every consumer with their CBD journey. They aimed to provide CBD products at a reasonable price without compromising on quality.

This brand is amongst the very few in the industry that uses the Phytocannabinoid Rich Hemp (PCR), which is considered twice as powerful as the other forms of hemp. Apart from premium quality hemp, they also use holistic ingredients, excluding all the artificial flavors, additives, and intoxicating THC from the list.

These traditional style fruity gummies are infused with 10mg of PCR hemp per piece, which is adequate to reduce the feelings of anxiety and stress and uplift your mood.

#12. Green roads

Green Roads is considered one of the pioneers and one of the largest private CBD companies in the States. This brand was once started as a career-risking idea by a bunch of friends, which now turned out as one the most successful companies, all due to their values and personal commitment to the customers.

They offer endless products infused with top-shelf hemp; however, their Relax CBD gummies are a fan favorite. Each bottle is filled with thirty pieces of gummies, and they come in two potency options; 10mg and 25mg Isolate CBD per piece, which offers solace with each bite. These old-school gummies are packed with flavors and have endless reviews about how delicious they taste; the best part is that they do not have any nasty aftertaste either.

#13. PureKana

Hailing from Scottsdale, Arizona, this brand is known for its crazy yet unique ways of incorporating CBD into products, things you may never have heard before like CBD toothpicks and beverage enhancers. While some products may be a hit or miss, their CBD gummies have lately been the talk of the town. Priced at $40, they are not the most affordable option, but the brand claims to use better alternatives in their ingredients list. They use organic sugar cane and tapioca syrup in place of processed sugar and artificial sweeteners, and to add the fruity flavors, they infuse their gummies with organic fruit juices.

These gummies packed with 50mg CBD isolate per serving do not contain any THC. So grab a gummy and flick away from your stress without worrying about getting intoxicated by THC.

#14. Just CBD Gummies

Hailing from Florida, this brand has been around since 2017. Just like the name suggests, their area of expertise is CBD gummies, which they manufacture in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and flavors. They produce all the gummies you can recall from your childhood with varying potency levels, which you will not find anywhere else. The different options of strength that offer start from 8mg per piece up to 44mg CBD per piece.

They have been transparent with their customers, providing attested results by ISO 17025 certified lab of each product on their website and verified via GMP.

#15. Five CBD

Five CBD is one of the few brands that has built its name off producing full-spectrum products and explicitly publicizing the presence of THC in their products. They opt for a 5 to 1 ratio, where five parts of CBD are used to one part of other cannabinoids on their formula. They claim that this ratio brings out the best effects and reflects this method in their brand’s name.

Their gummies can be bought in different potencies, including 25mg, 50mg, and melatonin options. Melatonin gummies help you sleep better, ultimately putting you in a better mood and less anxious throughout the day. These vegan gummies are available in various classic fruity flavors, including Orange, Citrus, Lime, Mixed Berry, and Blue Razz.

#16. CBD American Shaman

At CBD Shaman, CBD Shaman researching and utilizing the latest technology for better products is a priority. Their nanotechnology has made their products many times more bioavailable than any other products on the market, making them efficient and effective right away.

All their products, including their gummies, are produced using non-GMO, terpene-rich hemp, locally grown in the USA. They aim to make their products accessible to all; hence they offer Compassionate Care programs with concessions and allow a refund on orders within 45 days.

They offer a range of CBD gummies, where the standard fruity gummies contain 10mg of CBD per piece, while the gourmet CBD gummies are packed with gourmet flavors and come in 25mg of CBD. They also offer Energy gummies with Vitamins and green tea to boost your mood and fight lethargic feelings.

#17. Tommy Chong  

Tommy Chang is a famous American comedian who is a strong advocate of using CBD to combat various ailments.  Hence he partnered with CBD Company and launched his brand to spread awareness and find better solutions with the help of CBD.

His company claims to use nano-technology to produce CBD products that minimize the CBD molecule, making them more bioavailable and efficient.

They use Full Spectrum CBD extracted from the hemp grown in the USA without any pesticides, toxins, or heavy metals. The Full Spectrum CBD includes the whole shebang, which helps you reach the entourage effect and support stress management.

Like any reputable brand on our list, their gummies are tested by third-party labs and packaged on a GMP-certified site. However, they add artificial dyes and gelatin in their gummies which people with certain dietary preferences may not appreciate.

#18. Verma Farms

Verma Farms is considered the top-ranked CBD company in the market, and they have been vouch by none other than Forbes, where they praised Verma Farms in their statement “The Most Well-Rounded and Best-Tasting CBD on The Market.” Need we say more?

Their entire brand is inspired by Maui, where the founder has established the company. They claim to use only the best organic, GMO, and pesticide-free hemp in their products free of THC and toxins.

Their arsenal includes a bunch of your favorite gummies from your childhood, infused with the delicious blend of flavors and premium quality hemp. So choose the blueberry ring gummies to save you the everyday stressful waves or hop on the rainbow ribbons to surf through a tiring day.

#19. Royal CBD

Just like its name, this Californian brand is titled royalty amongst the CBD brands.  They offer premium CBD gummies formulated with organic hemp that is extracted gently through the CO2 extraction method to keep the potency of the oils intact. They use CBD Isolate in their gummies, eliminating the weed-like, full-bodied taste and offering the purest CBD gummies.

They have two kinds of gummies available, the sweet dots and the sour drops; both are available in two CBD potency levels; 10mg is perfect for beginners or those who face mild anxiety, while the 25mg is a heavier dose for those facing severe symptoms or who weigh more.

#20. Penguin

This brand was launched not so long ago but has made an immense presence in the CBD community. They take inspiration from the cool and calm Penguins who live stress-free lives; hence they incorporate the finest CBD in their gummies so you can deal with anything life throws at you.

They source their hemp from Oregon, where the non-GMO farms cultivate the green without any harmful chemicals. The extracts from those plants are infused in their CBD Gummy worms. These gummies taste like a perfect balance of sweet and sour, packing 10mg of CBD Isolate per piece that is enough to get you chillin like those penguins.

Buying Guide

Despite our intensive research, you need to look out for some aspects, which will help you choose the CBD gummies that are best for you; here are a few points you need to keep in mind:

  • If you are new to the CBD world, learn the basic difference between the types of CBD.

  • Full Spectrum CBD offers maximum benefits and is the least filtered kind; they contain terpenes, THC, cannabinoids, and other plant compounds, which is more suitable for experienced users or people with severe symptoms.

  • Broad Spectrum CBD contains a balanced amount of all cannabinoids except THC; this helps reach the entourage effects.

  • Isolate is the most filtered out type of CBD with almost no THC. This is best for those who are allergic to THC and do not prefer the pungent taste of hemp.

  • Flip the bottle of the container to read through the ingredients. What you put in your body is very important; hence you should be mindful of the added ingredients of the gummies. Not all gummies are vegan and gluten-free, and some are even loaded with sugar which may not be ideal for those on diet control. While some may contain ingredients, you might be allergic to.

  • Do a thorough check of the brand reputation; everywhere from the social media pages, comments section, video reviews and reviewing forums,

  • Do not be shy of asking your concerns with their customer services; informed and transparent answers will help you choose better.

How Did We Choose The Best CBD Gummies For Anxiety?

All CBD companies claim to produce top-notch CBD Gummies using premium CBD extracts, but not all live up to their claims. To come up with the best CBD gummies, we followed the following set of standards:

Hemp Source

We chose brands that sourced their hemp from renowned farms of the USA, which practiced safe and ethical means of farming, in the absence of harmful chemicals and pesticides.


Many brands use cheap ingredients like gelatin and corn syrup, artificial flavorings, colors, processed sugar, and artificial flavors in their gummies. However, we chose brands that were mindful of their ingredients and added healthier alternatives like; Tapioca Syrup, Organic sugars, fruit and vegetable juices, and superfoods that helped calm down during stressful phases of the day.

Third-Party Lab Test

All the brands mentioned on our list get their products tested via certified third-party labs. The COAs should include potency and THC content, presence of microbial, toxins, pesticides, heavy metals, and molds. The claims of getting their products are not enough; the brands should also upload these COAs for the public.

FAQs about CBD Gummies

Q. What are the health benefits of CBD Gummies?

As per some recent studies, CBD offers healthful and therapeutic benefits, including:

  • Relief anxiety and stress

  • Improve Sleep Cycle

  • It helps focus and increases attention span

  • Reliefs chronic and acute pain

  • Reduces inflammation

Q. How are CBD Gummies better than other CBD products?

Here are a few reasons why this is the case:

  • You can control the dosage; since gummies come already set with a certain amount of CBD, you can alter the portions accordingly without worrying about overdosing.

  • Gummies are the most fun way of consuming CBD. They come in endless candy flavors, from sweet, fruity, to tart. So reminisce about your old times and hush away your low times.

  • They can be carried anywhere and can be consumed at any time. You do not need to worry about any bottles leaking or having to carry water or a lighter.

  • They are a discreet way of consumption. You can chew gum anywhere you want, at work, in the streets after gym, at parties; no questions asked.

  • For those who do not prefer smoking hemp or hate the taste of the hemp oil, gummies are the best option, after all, who does not like a mid-day treat.

Q. What Is The Entourage Effect?

When all the cannabinoids and hemp compounds work in synergy rather than alone to enhance the effects of CBD, it brings out the entourage effects. This effect can mostly be attained through full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD; however, full-spectrum may also include THC.


CBD Gummies can help you manage anxiety and daily stressors. So if you need help calming your nerves, chew a gummy, from one of the reliable brands listed, with ingredients like CBD, melatonin, chamomile, lemon balm and so on, and you will find the tranquility you’re looking for.

These gummies are especially convenient for the newbies since they are easy to consume and managing the dosage is also straightforward.

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