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Best Weight Loss Pills & Diet Supplements To Lose Weight Fast In 2023

Stuck in the tiresome weight loss process, our health experts have something magical for you! The list of best weight loss pills that show fast results.
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Weight loss can be a difficult task to face. A lot of people will just suggest working out, eating healthy, and other such things, but for most people, that may not be enough to see any big improvements in their weight. Sometimes you just need that extra support in achieving your weight goals, and normal means just won’t get you there. This is why weight loss pills are so useful. 

With improvements in weight loss pills over the recent years, more and more people are able to achieve their goals of attaining their dream figure and thus attaining the healthier and happier lifestyle they desire. Unfortunately, there used to be far fewer options for weight loss pills on the market. 

Since 2012, there has been an increase in companies producing new kinds of pills with a variety of all-natural ingredients for the best effects. But not every company is selling what they advertise and finding the best pill takes time and research—finding the best pill, though? That is a whole different story. There are variables as to who the pill is made for and which one can be the most effective for your specific needs, and taking the time to figure this out may be too much for some. 

Every weight loss pill is made with a variety of ingredients, each with different properties to assist in weight loss; some help suppress appetite, others burn fat, but it is also important to have ingredients with caffeine to boost energy or ingredients that boost mood.

Some are better for those who want to lose weight and convert the fat burned from weight loss into bulking up and gaining muscle. That is why we made this article, compiled of research from top brands to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Below you will discover a list of products where we have listed the top 5 weight loss pills currently available on the market. So, your search ends here, and your journey to your dream body begins now.

Best Weight Loss Pills That Actually Work

  1. phenQ: Overall Best Weight Loss Pills; Editor’s Pick

  2. Lean Bean: Top Rated Weight Loss Supplements

  3. Trimtone: Natural Weight Loss Pills For Women

  4. PrimeShred: Effective Diet Pills To Shred Fat

  5. Phen24: Recommended Weight Loss Pills To Suppress Appetite


#1. PhenQ– Overall Best Weight Loss Pills; Editor’s Pick

In the field of dietary supplements, PhenQ is a relatively new addition. PhenQ was produced by Wolfson Berg in order to prevent excessive appetites and to improve your energy and mood. Despite its newness, it is already doing great by getting popular in the market and with its customers. 


While the pill itself is based on more recent research and discovery in the weight loss world, the company behind it is more than ten years old. Nevertheless, Wolfson Berge is a well-trusted company in the supplementary health field. PhenQ’s popularity is growing quickly, with 190,000+ loyal customers.


One bottle of PhenQ contains sixty pills. They offer a sixty-day refund policy as well. The company offers one-day shipping in the United Kingdom and 5–15-day shipping anywhere in the US. Buying two bottles for $139.90 will get you a 3rd bottle for free. All of their offers include free international shipping.



PhenQ pill reduces your appetite, preventing you from overeating. It also increases your energy and improves your mood. PhenQ is actually five supplements in one. In addition, the pill will help in breaking up any fat by burning it and stopping fat production at the same time means you won’t be gaining any more weight. 


Rather than spending a huge amount of money on various weight loss pills, which may not work at all, you spend less on PhenQ, which is a combination of five different supplement types. Natural ingredients are used to make this product; each of those ingredients is selected based on their ability to help people lose weight and burn fat. 


It is recommended to take one capsule with breakfast and another with lunch. Remember, as mentioned in the PhenQ review guide this product contains caffeine and, therefore, shouldn’t be taken in the evening unless you plan on doing some exercise or workouts later in the day and have no sensitivities to caffeine. If you are sensitive to caffeine, avoid it after the afternoon so that it does not affect your sleep schedule.


PhenQ is a great option not just because of the supplement’s effectiveness but also because of its great money-back guarantee, free shipping, proven clinical studies, and over one hundred thousand excellent positive reviews.


Because PhenQ is a safe and all-natural supplement, everyone can use it. But your healthcare practitioner should be consulted before you start taking this supplement if you have any health concerns or are taking any kinds of medications. 


PhenQ’s natural ingredients have many health benefits. PhenQ’s benefits include weight loss, appetite suppression, fat burning, and stopping fat production altogether. According to PhenQ research, there are no major side effects. Even normal headaches and nausea are rarely reported by PhenQ users.  


It is definitely worth giving PhenQ a try. It is a safe product, and the natural ingredients, formulations, and dosage can significantly impact weight loss. In addition, PhenQ can be used by people looking to lose weight, burn fat, and build muscle. So if you want to start building muscle after losing weight, PhenQ is the perfect weight loss pill for you.



  • Reasonable price

  • Lots of deals are available

  • Free worldwide shipping

  • 100% Vegan and Vegetarian ingredients

  • Easy to use formula

  • Made with FDA and GMP registered ingredients

  • No prescription is needed


  • No subscription services are available

  • A little bit more costly than most other weight loss pills available on the market

  • High caffeine levels

⇒ Visit the Official Website of PhenQ

#2. Lean Bean– Top Rated Weight Loss Supplements

Lean Bean by Ultimate Life Ltd. was created to offer all-natural, healthy solutions for modern working women. It offers a great mission, great customer service, and a low cost. With shipping from the United States to the United Kingdom and a 90-day money-back guarantee, Lean Bean is ranking higher on our list mainly because it not only has a well-regarded product but also has the best reputation.


According to its official website, Lean bean’s weight loss pills burn fat from three angles. According to a team member, the first challenge is to conquer cravings, which change wildly for women at every stage of life. Supplements like Satiety help control weight by reducing appetites and boosting energy levels and metabolism.


With Leanbean, you can lose weight naturally since it is formulated with a variety of natural ingredients. When taking this fat-burning supplement, you will definitely notice its benefits. To go in-depth with its ingredients and their purposes, we will review the top few ingredients used in the pill. 


Green coffee beans are coffee beans before roasting. The beans turn brown during roasting, which damages many compounds, which is why it is not recommended for weight loss. Since the beans in Lean Beans have not been roasted, they have antioxidant properties that are efficient in weight loss.


Also using an ingredient called Glucomannan, Lean Bean’s pills work as an appetite suppressant. In addition, as glucomannan absorbs water and expands, it has a low energy density and bulking properties which may promote weight loss through the displacement of nutrients and the resulting satiety and satiation.


Vitamin B12 and B6 are also used in Lean Bean weight loss pills. These vitamin B ingredients greatly assist in overall energy output, helping to protect users from having to deal with problems such as fatigue, mental apathy, and inability to focus, which come from weight loss pills that don’t include ingredients to face these issues.


There are other ingredients used in Lean Bean’s weight loss pills, such as zinc and turmeric. All of the other ingredients are easily accessible on the company website.



As Lean Bean is specifically designed for women, this makes sense based on the differences in body functions. The supplement reduces cravings and calorie intake, helping you to feel fuller between meals and preventing high-calorie intake overall. 


Besides losing weight, Lean Bean helps you maintain your natural digestion, allowing you to keep healthy and active while still consuming the nutrients you need for good health.


In order to see the best results, you will have to exercise and diet consistently to see the best weight loss results. Therefore, Lean Bean was made especially for working women who want to improve their health and wellbeing.



  • 100% Positive reviews from the customers 

  • Reduces your appetite

  • Prevents cravings

  • Boosts energy 

  • Increases your ability to focus more

  • Vegetarian friendly

  • All-natural ingredients

  • GMP Certified

  • Free Global Shipping

  • Fast shipping within the USA


  • This is specially made for women

  • It takes longer to ship outside of the USA

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Lean Bean

#3. Trimtone– Natural Weight Loss Pills For Women

This product is made by Swiss Research Labs Limited, a company that makes health supplements to help people live healthier lives. While Trimtone is more similar to Lean Bean’s weight loss supplement, Trimtone is more suitable for women with fitness goals, including muscle building and bodybuilding. It has the potential to speed up fat loss, reduce appetite, and jump-start metabolism, thus enabling women to reach their body goals faster while still staying healthy. 


This product is based on the thermogenesis principle, which is the process by which energy is released from the body when heat is produced. Thermogenesis helps burn more calories during workout, causing more fat burn and helping with muscle gain.


The product is also relatively new, so it has fewer reviews. However, the reviews are generally good, with customers saying it has helped them reach their fitness goals. Some claim to have lost a great number of pounds since starting Trimtone.


Trimtone contains only natural ingredients, giving it an edge. But how does it have an edge? Since there has been a rise in focus on all-natural products with less chemicals in them, there has been an increase in the product. Resulting in Trimtone being made with all-natural ingredients to ensure an absolutely positive impact on weight loss.


Trimtone is a bit pricey but considering its formula and ingredients, it shouldn’t be a surprise. However, what they provide is better value for the money when you buy their bundles. For instance, one month’s supply is $49.99, two months’ supply is $99.99, and you get one free. In addition, free delivery is included. So, overall, the price is reasonable for the product. In addition, the 100-day money-back guarantee is among the best we’ve seen in a weight loss pill.



To allow your body to burn fat throughout the day, Trimtone uses ingredients such as green coffee, coffee beans, grains of paradise, and green tea. The combination of green coffee beans and roasted coffee beans allows benefits from both ingredients without losing certain properties from roasting the beans. So not only will you be energized, but the pill will also have antioxidant properties that are efficient in weight loss.


Even with this 100% natural supplement, there will be some side effects if you take more than the recommended dosage. In addition, since this supplement contains high amounts of caffeine, excessive use can lead to high caffeine side effects.



  • All-natural

  • Fast and healthy weight loss results

  • Affordable deals

  • 100-Day Money-Back Guarantee

  • Free Delivery


  • It has lots of caffeine

  • Not Vegetarian or Vegan friendly 

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Trimtone

#4. PrimeShred– Effective Diet Pills To Shred Fat

PrimeShred is a fat-burning weight loss supplement specially formulated for men. Designed to burn off body fat and help us achieve a lean and toned physique faster, this supplement has been formulated to help men lose weight faster. 


What sets PrimeShred apart from its competition is that it also works as a pre-workout supplement on top of being an effective weight loss pill. So, this is a perfect choice for men who want to burn fat and gain muscles.


With PrimeShred, you can burn fat even while you rest, allowing you to lose weight without losing energy! Primeshed is designed for a “Full Body Fat Burn,” boosting your metabolism and promoting thermogenesis, so you’ll continue to burn fat throughout the day. Some reviewers say they experienced more intense exercises while working out yet recovered better than before, thanks to the product.


The PrimeShred formula is composed of all-natural ingredients, yet it has been scientifically tested. Includes ingredients such as green tea extract for fat burning, Rhodiola Rosea Root for raising mood and enhanced workout performance, and the cayenne pepper stimulates the body’s thermogenesis. In addition, there are many other ingredients that are easily accessible to view from the website.


PrimeShred claims that its triple threat formula is the most effective fat-burning supplement on the market. What sets it apart from other weight loss products is that it enhances the entire body fat-burning system and eliminates every ounce of body fat stored in your body.


Bulk deals are available on their official website. However, one bottle is $49.99, less than the retail price. They also provide a simple refund process and customer service. PrimeShred has a 100-day money-back guarantee. There is only one place to acquire PrimeShred – the official website. Buying the supplement from the official website may seem inconvenient, but it prevents scams and resales.


PrimeShred is designed to help you burn fat during and outside of your workout sessions. It helps boost your metabolism and energizes you by reducing fatigue and tiredness. This supplement is mainly useful as a pre-workout pill and assists in burning unwanted fat into healthy muscles.


PrimeShred is mainly advertised for men, though most everyone can use PrimeShred. Those under 18 or in pregnancy or nursing should talk to a physician before taking these supplements. While it’s not a magic pill, it works. 


The natural ingredients will help you burn fat relatively quickly. The side effects will be minimal, but the ingredients will boost your metabolism. So, if you’re looking for a better workout with more results, PrimeShred is a perfect weight loss choice for you.



  • The refund process is very easy

  • Burns calories even when you are not working out

  • Suitable for people who follow a vegetarian and vegan lifestyle

  • Uses FDA Registered, safe Ingredients

  • 100-Day Money-Back Guarantee

  • It has ingredients that promote healthy brain functions

  • Offers free shipping when you buy 2 Bottles or More


  • Only available on the official website

⇒ Visit the Official Website of PrimeShred

#5. Phen24– Recommended Weight Loss Pills To Suppress Appetite

Phen24 is also made by Wolfson Berg Limited, a manufacturer known for producing high-quality sports and fitness products. This product also helps to reduce weight every day. Working twenty-four hours is how it gets its name, Phen24. 


Besides increasing stamina and metabolism throughout the day, this weight loss supplement can also improve your sleep at night and help you lose weight. Phen24 is a scientifically based formula that was created by experts. This formula stimulates metabolism, which is essential to losing weight.


The company states that the product is a ’24 hour fat burning solution’, thus the 24 in the brand name. It’s a unique offer on the market, but it is not two pills in one; rather, you are purchasing two types of weight loss pills—one for daytime and one for night.


With pills made for the day to give you energy and burn fat, what makes Phen24 unique is that they also have a metabolism-boosting pill for nighttime. So, no more late-night cravings! In addition, Phen24 suppresses your appetite and helps ease stress that causes food binging due to anxiety.


A unique quality of Phen24 is its natural ingredients. Unlike other weight loss supplements that work when your body is active, Phen24 works constantly. It helps you lose weight in a more precise manner. It is also possible to experience an increase in metabolism, stamina, and energy.


The day pill contains green tea extract, glucomannan, cayenne pepper, caffeine, and many more natural ingredients. With the properties of these ingredients, you’ll experience the energy needed to get through your day even with your appetite being suppressed, and you’ll be burning through fat. While the night pill contains ingredients such as hops extract and green tea extract to help deal with anxiety and calm and promote a healthier metabolism.


A powerful combination of herbs in Phen24 helps you burn fat and increase your metabolism. The leading objective is to help you lose weight quicker. However, it can also help with insomnia, sleep problems, and snoring.


Phen24 is more expensive, as just one box is $74.99. However, they do offer deals if you buy more at once, with the most popular offer at $224.99 for three boxes with two boxes added free. However, they offer fast and free shipping and have a 100% sixty-day money-back guarantee.



  • Day and Night weight loss

  • Well reviewed company

  • It uses vitamins, herbal extracts, and various minerals

  • Boosts energy


  • More expensive than other options

  • Only available on the official website

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Phen24

How We Made This List Of The Best Diet Pills To Lose Weight Fast

It is important to describe how we came up with this list. What makes these pills better than other weight loss pills? Why should you trust us? Our team spent numerous hours conducting extensive research so that we can find out the best weight loss pills for you. After lots of thorough research, we came up with a list of the most effective and popular pills for weight loss. 

We also compiled a list of vital guidelines to evaluate each product carefully. We looked at various reviews and feedback from journalists and experts to compare the different products. We also looked at things such as whether they boost metabolism, decrease food cravings, and if they are made with natural FDA-registered, safe ingredients. 


Also, we considered the benefits and side effects of each product and the properties of the ingredients, and whether or not they contribute to the goal of weight loss in an efficient manner.


Following these criteria, we then compared the remaining products against one another until we arrived at our final list of the top five weight loss pills currently available on the market. Below, you’ll find the top-rated weight loss pills on the market today and research and evidence to support their claims. 

Factors You Should Consider Before Buying Weight Loss Pills

There are a few things to consider when deciding on the best weight loss pill for you as an individual. What best suits your needs? What ingredients are included? How much caffeine is in the pill? Among many other questions. So, here are some things to know before choosing a weight loss pill.


Medications for fat burning, weight loss, or muscle gain can work in lots of different ways. These weight loss pills either reduce your appetite, so you won’t overindulge in binge eating or inhibit your body’s capability of absorbing fat from foods. Most doctors will advise you that the best way to lose weight is to eat healthily, exercise, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, not everyone has such a clean-cut and straightforward experience in weight loss.


It is important to remember that weight loss supplements won’t work like magic. While weight loss pills may assist in your weight loss goal, they aren’t the aspect of the journey. The most effective and long-lasting results will come from maintaining a healthy lifestyle by following a balanced diet and exercising while still on these supplements. These weight loss supplements provide you with the necessary energy to keep up with your lifestyle. This way, you will burn fat and calories even more effectively. 


Choosing the right weight loss pill is not as simple as choosing one from a list of options. Be sure to consider the ingredients, target audience, and caffeine content. Dietary supplements are only as effective as the ingredients they contain. When used in conjunction with exercise, dieting, and a healthier lifestyle, pharmaceutical-grade supplements that contain FDA-registered ingredients, such as caffeine, green tea, or vitamins, tend to give the best results.


You need to set realistic expectations at the start of your weight loss journey to remain on a healthier path. When you set realistic expectations, you’ll stay on the right path. If you want to lose weight and gain muscle, don’t expect too much to change on the scale. While the fat may be turned into muscle, giving a better appearance, the weight gained from muscle will still be a little high. 


So, don’t be deterred by your weight scale; instead, keep track of results through pictures or measuring the areas you want to see the most change in. In summary, remember to eat healthy, get plenty of rest, exercise consistently, and take the weight loss pill at the right time of the day.


As for the results you should expect, this depends on the individual. A healthy weight loss would be roughly 3 pounds per week. However, some have reported losing more. It is important not to overdo it to rush the weight loss process if you want the results to be healthy and lasting. The main goal should be fat loss during a fitness program, not weight loss. If you are training and gaining muscle, your weight may not change much, but the fat you shed will be noticeable.


There are differences in the health and state of each person before taking a weight loss supplement, so it is important to take into consideration any medications or health concerns you may have. Suppose you take other medications or have health concerns or previous medical issues. In that case, it is important to speak with your medical professional to decide upon which pill is better suited for your own individual situation.


In summary, it is important to keep these things in mind when deciding upon the weight loss pill that is most suited to your lifestyle. Consider the ingredients, caffeine content, the target audience, company reviews, and most importantly, your goals in weight loss. Do you want to lose weight and get fit, or bulk up and gain muscle? Consider the outcome you’d like as you decide upon which pill to begin your weight loss journey with.


FAQs On Weight Loss Supplements

Q1. Do Weight Loss Pills Work?

While most will say that it is better to exercise and diet, it’s not such a simple answer for everyone. Sometimes, the extra push is necessary with weight loss pills. Weight-loss diet pills are not a magic trick for weight loss. 

However, weight loss pills can be very effective if made with all-natural ingredients and paired with dieting and regular exercise. This is why research on the pill for each individual is important. So, while results may vary, yes, weight loss pills do work.

Q2. How do Weight Loss Pills Work?

Although many weight loss pills are available, most of them work by making dietary fat more difficult to absorb or by suppressing appetite. There is a wide variety on the market, but any pills containing fibers or glucomannan work to make you feel fuller, so you have less appetite, while other pills contain ingredients to promote thermogenesis: A process through which energy is used to generate heat through burning calories. So, the process in which the weight loss pill works depends on the formula the company uses.

Q3. Do I have to Work Out when Taking Weight Loss Pills?

When you supplement your diet with fat-burning supplements, you need to exercise regularly, as the high energy levels will need to be exhausted. If you do not exercise regularly, you may experience hot flashes, restless sleep, and not lose much weight. So yes, even in the lesser amounts, the exercise would allow for more benefits from your weight loss pill.

Q4. Do Weight Loss Pills have Side Effects?

While weight loss pills have side effects, there are fewer chances of side effects in pills using all-natural ingredients. However, it is important for pills with all-natural ingredients to follow the recommended daily amount to avoid any problems associated with overdoing pills with caffeine levels.

Q5. Should I Take a Weight Loss PIll with Food or Without?

The best time to take your weight loss pills before breakfast is somewhere around thirty minutes before eating. It is important to take with food, as taking it with breakfast boosts your metabolism after a night of it slowing down while you rest.

Q6. How Can I See The Results?

You shouldn’t rely on the weight scales to determine whether your weight loss pill is working. Since you’re also gaining muscle, your body weight may seem similar at the beginning. However, if you take a picture of yourself and measure yourself at key points, you are going to notice a difference after a few weeks. 


Again, if you’re working out for muscle gain, don’t expect drastic differences on the scale. Instead, expect your weight to stay the same while fat is converted into muscles. You’ll feel healthier and look better, but muscle weight is also going to mean the scale shows more. What is important is how you carry the weight, not so much the scales.

Q7. Are Weight Loss Pills Worth It? 

A weight loss pill’s effectiveness entirely relies on the ingredients used. Exercise, dieting, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, combined with all-natural supplements containing ingredients that are FDA-registered, such as green tea, caffeine, or various vitamins, are likely to produce the best results. 


However, if you plan on just taking the pill with no changes to your lifestyle to become more active or healthy, the pill will not be worth the cost as it will yield little to no results.

Q8. How Can I Speed Up My Weight Loss Journey?

On top of taking an all-natural weight loss pill, working out, and eating healthy, there has to be more to speed up the process, right? There are indeed a few other things to do to lose weight faster in a healthier manner. A few factors to consider are getting sleep, consuming plenty of protein, getting more fiber, and trying cardio. 


Poor sleep can throw your hunger hormones off, resulting in an increase in cravings. In addition, when you don’t get enough sleep on a consistent basis, it will be harder for your body to get rid of fat. So instead of cutting out on sleep to workout or binge a show, try to start hitting the hay a little earlier to give your body the much-needed rest during the weight loss process. 


Maintaining your metabolism by eating a diet rich in protein can help you prevent muscle loss. It will also ensure that you burn the most calories. Consuming more protein will also make you less apt to have an overdone appetite and help with dieting, losing more weight, and gaining more muscles.


Fiber is another thing that can help suppress appetite; fibers help with digestion, so you’ll feel fuller by promoting a healthier digestive tract.


Finally, you should consider trying cardio; the benefits of cardio exercise for overall health are numerous. It will also help you lose weight. There are various kinds of cardio workouts with different benefits, so finding the best one for your needs can greatly help you attain your weight loss goal sooner.

Q9. How Long Should I Take Weight Loss Pills?

Medicines like this limit how much fat your body can absorb for only a short time, usually no more than 12 weeks. So, you should take it for a short period with break periods in between if you want the effect to last the longest. 


If you take the pill continuously, your body will adapt to its effects until they have no cause; this is why breaks are important. Research the pill you are considering purchasing as the time period may vary between each kind of pill due to formula differences.

Q10. How Long do Weight Loss Pills Last?

Depending on the type of pill and its formula, the time it takes to kick in varies significantly. On average, though, it takes around half an hour to an hour to kick in and can last up to one hour to nine hours, depending on the person and the pill. 


It is important to use this time to try to workout; even a little bit will help. Even though you can burn a lot of calories by just having the pills, they won’t work to their highest potential unless you combine your supplements with a good workout routine.


Where To Buy The Best Weight Loss Pills?

In conclusion, weight loss pills can be an excellent boost to getting your dream figure on the weight loss journey. If you have tried healthy eating and exercising and have yet to lose those extra pounds, weight loss pills may be able to help. However, it is important to remember the pill is not an all-in-one solution and merely enhances weight loss if you’re struggling.


Pairing the weight loss pill with an intense workout, healthier diet, and an improving lifestyle is the best way to receive the fastest and longest-lasting results. So rather than constantly going up and down in weight loss results, a weight loss pill may support regulating weight loss so that the results are long-lasting with less influx.


Once you’ve chosen the best all-natural weight loss pill to suit your needs, you can start working towards your dream figure today. Now that so many advances in the formulas used for weight loss have been made, there is no better time to be getting into it. 


Especially with formulas and ingredients used readily accessible to be researched online, so you can be positive you’re getting the highest quality of product available. So, don’t wait; kickstart your weight loss journey with a healthy pill today.

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