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Kratom Powder: Benefits, Risks, Uses & Effects – An In-Depth Guide

Discover the world of kratom powder, its traditional uses, modern benefits, and potential risks. Learn about the effects and make an informed decision.
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Screenshot 2023-05-19 at 11.50.32 AM.png

Have you heard of kratom powder before? If not, let me introduce you to this fascinating natural extract that has been used for centuries in Southeast Asia. As someone who is always on the lookout for natural solutions to common health problems, I was intrigued by the numerous potential benefits of kratom. From managing chronic pain to reducing anxiety and depression, kratom has a lot to offer.


Now, you might be wondering what exactly kratom powder is. Simply put, it’s a powdered extract derived from the leaves of the Mitragyna speciosa tree. It’s usually consumed orally, but can also be found in capsule and liquid form. And, while the FDA has not yet regulated kratom, many people, including myself, swear by its natural healing properties.


So, if you’re looking for a unique and natural solution to some of life’s common health issues, I encourage you to give kratom powder a try. Just make sure to do your research and consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement regimen.

Top 5 Kratom Powder Brands In The Market

  1. Super Speciosa – Overall Best Kratom Powder; Top Selling

  2. Kratom Spot – High-Quality Kratom Powder To Buy Online

  3. Golden Monk – Popular Kratom Vendor For Chronic Pain

  4. Kats Botanicals – Recommended Kratom Powder; 100% Natural 

  5. Kraken Kratom – Best Kratom Powder With Delicious Taste 

#1. Super Speciosa: Overall Best Kratom Powder; Top Selling

Screenshot 2023-05-19 at 11.50.37 AM.png

Screenshot 2023-05-19 at 11.50.37 AM.png

Super Speciosa is a Kratom brand established in 2016 by a group of individuals who are passionate about the health benefits of this plant. The company has since grown to become one of the largest Kratom vendors globally, focusing on creating high-quality products made from pure leaves.


They offer various products, including capsules, powder, tinctures, and more, all made from premium grade red vein Kratom leaves harvested from Indonesia and Thailand. All their products are 100% pure and safe for individuals 18 years or older.


Super Speciosa is known as one of the best Kratom brands on the market due to the potency and effectiveness of their products when consumed appropriately. Each dose contains at least 25mg of alkaloids per capsule, making it possible to take less than one capsule per day if desired. However, this is not recommended as it may lead to adverse side effects such as nausea or vomiting, especially for first-time users.



Multiple Product Varieties: The company offers various products in different dosages and strains. They provide kratom powder in dosages ranging from 2 to 30 grams per package.


Affordable and Accessible: Premium quality products are available at reasonable prices through their online store or on Amazon.


Huge Bonuses: First-time purchasers receive bonuses such as free shipping and a free screen protector for their phone, laptop, or tablet.


Attractive Packaging: Products come in reusable, portable containers.


  • Potent and pure kratom powder

  • Strong but not overwhelming aroma

  • Pleasant taste

  • Can be mixed with water or juice for easier consumption

  • Various flavors depending on the chosen strain

  • Affordable pricing


  • Limited availability in stores

Customer Reviews:

Super Speciosa has an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 on Amazon with over 400 customer reviews. Some customers have shared their experiences with the brand:


“Great Kratom powder for getting through the day and helping with focus! I love it.” – Amazon Customer.


“I have tried many different brands, and this one is my favorite! Perfect for all types of uses.” – Amazon Customer

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Super Speciosa

#2. Kratom Spot: High-Quality Kratom Powder To Buy Online

Screenshot 2023-05-19 at 11.50.42 AM.png

Screenshot 2023-05-19 at 11.50.42 AM.png

Kratom Spot is a top online kratom retailer that has been operating since 2013. It was established by passionate individuals, including its co-founder, CEO, and President, Dafna Revah, who also owns other health and wellness businesses. Dafna’s experience with kratom inspired her to create and share high-quality products with others.


As an online vendor, Kratom Spot provides a wide range of kratom products, such as powders, capsules, extracts, tinctures, and even seeds. The company’s decade-long presence in the market has allowed it to perfect the art of selling kratom online, ensuring that customers receive only top-notch products.




Third-Party Lab Tested: Kratom Spot employs third-party labs to test its products, guaranteeing purity and freedom from contaminants or adulterants. The company exclusively sells authentic, organic, and responsibly harvested products.


Variety of Products: Kratom Spot offers an extensive selection of kratom products, including capsules, powders, and extracts, featuring different strains like Maeng Da Thai and Bali Red Vein Kratom Extract Powder.


American Kratom Association & GMP Certified: Kratom Spot sources high-quality kratom from Indonesia, where it is legal to cultivate, and their facility is GMP certified by an independent third party.


  • Made from sun-dried leaves ground into a fine powder

  • A natural alternative to prescription medication and synthetic drugs

  • Can be used as an energy booster or relaxant, depending on individual needs

  • Beneficial for immune system support and improved sleep

  • No known side effects, ensuring a safe product


  • Free shipping may take longer

Customer Reviews:


Kratom Spot has been in business since 2014 and has built a solid reputation for providing high-quality products. Customers have praised Kratom Spot for their prompt shipping, efficient delivery, and effective products.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Kratom Spot

#3. Golden Monk: Popular Kratom Vendor For Chronic Pain

Screenshot 2023-05-19 at 11.50.46 AM.png

Screenshot 2023-05-19 at 11.50.46 AM.png

Golden Monk is a reputable and affordable kratom powder brand with over 6 years of experience in the industry. Manufactured in Thailand, the company ships its products directly to customers’ homes.


Golden Monk offers two types of kratom powder: red vein and green vein. Both varieties provide natural boosts to energy levels, mood, and overall health, while also serving as potent pain relievers for chronic pain, muscle soreness, and other physical discomforts.


American Kratom Association Approved: Golden Monk Kratom Powder has received approval from the American Kratom Association (AKA) for its quality, purity, and potency, ensuring that it meets strict guidelines for production, packaging, and labeling.

Third-Party Lab Tested: The product undergoes third-party lab testing to verify its purity and potency. Customers can access the lab results online after purchasing the product or by contacting customer support.


All-Natural Ingredients: Golden Monk uses only natural ingredients, growing its plants on private farms in Indonesia to maintain full control over production.


  • Wide variety of products

  • Dependable shipping and packaging

  • Affordable pricing

  • 100% organic ingredients


  • Lengthy worldwide shipping times

Customer Reviews:

With over 500 reviews, Golden Monk generally receives positive feedback. Customers praise the effectiveness and affordability of the products, although some report long shipping times and unsatisfactory customer service. A few customers mention slow or damaged deliveries, but most seem satisfied with their experience with the brand.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Golden Monk 

#4. Kats Botanicals: Recommended Kratom Powder; 100% Natural

Screenshot 2023-05-19 at 11.50.52 AM.png

Screenshot 2023-05-19 at 11.50.52 AM.png

Introducing Kats Botanicals Kratom Powder, crafted from the finest quality leaves and meticulously ground into a fine powder. Utilizing a gentle extraction process, Kats Botanicals preserves the essential alkaloids in its products.


The versatile powder can be brewed as a tea, encapsulated, taken sublingually, or mixed with your favorite beverage.


Kats Botanicals is committed to providing access to top-quality Kratom products at affordable prices, offering discounts on bulk purchases for all customers.


Established in 2016, Kats Botanicals has developed a loyal and ever-growing customer base. The company is dedicated to offering high-quality products at competitive prices.


Orders can be placed directly through their website or by calling their toll-free number for assistance with any questions about their products or services.


Eye-catching Packaging: Kats Botanicals employs attractive packaging that distinguishes it from other vendors. The company uses a combination of brown paper bags and durable plastic bags, ensuring safe and convenient shipping for customers.


cGMP Certified: Kats Botanicals is certified by the USP, demonstrating their commitment to high standards of purity, quality, safety, and effectiveness in their products. This certification exemplifies the company’s dedication to providing safe products to customers.


30-Day Money-Back Guarantee: Alongside their high-quality products, Kats Botanicals offers an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee on all orders placed on their website or through Amazon Prime (for Prime members only).


This policy allows customers to return products they are not satisfied with, providing peace of mind regarding potential losses if they are unhappy with their purchase.


  • 100% natural and organic, ensuring safety for all, including pets and children

  • Available in capsule form for those who dislike the taste or texture of the powder

  • Offers a variety of strains to cater to individual needs

  • Accessible at local grocery stores or online for added convenience

  • Unbeatable pricing


  • Difficult to obtain outside of the US

  • Customer Feedback on Kats Botanicals

  • Customers who have tried Kats Botanicals praise the quality of the products and the exceptional customer service.


They also appreciate the ability to order directly from the company website without dealing with high fees or lengthy shipping times that can span weeks or even months.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Kats Botanicals

#5. Kraken Kratom: Best Kratom Powder With Delicious Taste

Screenshot 2023-05-19 at 11.50.57 AM.png

Screenshot 2023-05-19 at 11.50.57 AM.png

Kraken Kratom is a renowned brand that instantly comes to mind when discussing kratom powder. Known for its high-quality, organic kratom, Kraken Kratom has been operating for several years, establishing itself as one of the best brands in the market.


Kraken Kratom’s products are available for purchase through their website and on Amazon. The company offers a wide range of products, including kratom capsules, powder, and extract.


Kraken Kratom powder is sourced from premium leaves in Indonesia and Thailand. The powder contains both red vein and green vein strains, which are popular choices for pain relief and relaxation. The product is available in two potencies: 10g or 20g jars, depending on your desired strength. Each jar contains 1000mg of powder, allowing you to easily adjust your dosage based on personal preference.


American Kratom Association Certified: Kraken Kratom’s products are certified by the American Kratom Association (AKA), an organization dedicated to protecting kratom users’ rights and promoting kratom as a safe alternative to prescription drugs and other harmful substances. The AKA collaborates with the FDA to ensure its standards are met, giving customers confidence in their Kraken Kratom purchases.


Lab Tested: All Kraken Kratom products are tested by third-party labs before shipping to customers, ensuring that only the highest quality products are available. This guarantees customers know exactly what they’re getting when they order from Kraken Kratom.


Bulk Options Available: Kraken Kratom offers bulk options for all its products, including powder. This allows you to stock up on your favorite strains without worrying about running out too quickly. For orders exceeding one kilo of any strain, Kraken Kratom’s website offers great prices!


  • Legal in most countries

  • Suitable for any time of the day, whether you’re feeling sleepy or energetic

  • Easy to mix with other powders

  • Pleasant taste


  • Unavailable outside of the US

  • Customer Feedback

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Kraken Kratom

How We Made The List Of Kratom Powder

Kraken Kratom reviews are generally positive, with customers praising the quality of their products and their customer service, which sets them apart from many other vendors. A few negative reviews mentioned delayed shipping times for customers outside the US.


When it comes to shortlisting the best kratom powder brands, we consider a range of factors to ensure that you receive only top-quality products at affordable prices. Here are the criteria we use to make our selections:


Testing Results: We prioritise brands that create products from organic maeng da kratom and  kratom strains and are committed to sustainable sourcing and production practices. We send samples from each brand to an independent lab for testing to verify their purity and freedom from contaminants or adulterants.


Ingredients: We check the ingredients to ensure the product is safe, natural, and effective, and that it is made from high-quality components without fillers or artificial chemicals.


Quality: We look for brands with a long history and high-quality products made with care and attention to detail.


Value: We consider factors such as price per ounce and the amount of product you receive for the price, as well as how long a container or package will last.


Customer Service: We select brands with excellent customer service that is available 24/7 and whose representatives are knowledgeable about the products they sell.


Guarantee and Return Policy: We choose brands with solid guarantees and return policies to accommodate customers in case they need to return or exchange products.


Brand/Manufacturer’s Reputation: We evaluate the brand’s reputation, including the consistency of customers’ experiences across different batches and product lines.


Sourcing: We assess the brand’s sourcing practices, ensuring that customers receive high-quality products from reputable sources and that kratom powder is processed in a safe environment.


Ease of Use: We consider how easy it is to measure, store, and use the kratom powder, as well as how long it lasts before expiring, if applicable.


By carefully considering these factors, we aim to provide a list of the best kratom powder brands that offer safe, high-quality products, and excellent customer experience.

Important Points To Know About Kratom Powder

What Is Kratom Powder?

Kratom powder is derived from the leaves of the Mitragyna speciosa tree, native to Southeast Asia. This plant has been used for centuries for its medicinal properties and as a remedy for pain and various ailments.


The powder is a common form of consumption, and it can be found in health food stores and online retailers. Kratom is available in several forms, including whole leaf, crushed leaf, liquid extract, liquid resin, and tinctures. The most prevalent form is powdered leaves, which can be compressed into cakes or encapsulated.


Typically, kratom powder is mixed with water or other beverages, stirred until it dissolves, and then consumed without chewing or tasting the substance.


Kratom powder is generally classified into three types: red vein, green vein, and white vein.


Red vein kratom powder is derived from the leaves of the Mitragyna speciosa tree found in Thailand or Malaysia. It possesses pain-relieving properties and can be used to alleviate muscle pain, enhance energy levels, and improve focus.


Green vein kratom powder comes from the leaves of the Mitragyna speciosa tree in Indonesia or Thailand. Like red vein kratom, it also has pain-relieving properties and can be used for treating muscle pain, boosting energy levels, and increasing focus.


White vein kratom powder is made from the leaves of the same tree, and it is often sold as a powder that can be mixed with smoothies or water to create a tea-like beverage. It has a bitter taste but a pleasant aroma. Similar to the other two types, white vein kratom also has pain-relieving properties and can be used to treat muscle pain, boost energy levels, and enhance focus.

Benefits Of Kratom Powder

Kratom powder offers a range of potential benefits, including:


Pain Relief: Studies have shown that kratom can effectively alleviate pain in both animals and humans. As an opioid, it has potential therapeutic value for managing chronic pain conditions.


Anxiety Relief: Kratom’s stimulant properties can help reduce anxiety and improve cognitive functions such as memory retention, focus, and attention span.


Relaxation: Kratom can help individuals relax during times of stress, depression, anxiety disorders, or other mental health issues.


Addiction Management: Kratom powder can assist people trying to overcome addiction to drugs like heroin or morphine by easing withdrawal symptoms. The alkaloid mitragynine in kratom binds to mu-opioid receptors in the brain, regulating pain perception.


Antioxidant Properties: Kratom has been found to contain antioxidants that combat free radicals and reduce oxidative stress. This can contribute to better cardiovascular health and lower blood pressure. Additionally, kratom’s liver-protective properties may help treat liver diseases like hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection.


Energy Boost: Kratom can enhance energy levels and improve focus during workouts or other energy-intensive tasks. It allows for longer periods of concentration without fatigue.


Long Shelf Life: Unlike some products that require special storage conditions, kratom powder has a long shelf life and does not spoil easily when exposed to air. This makes it convenient to use without concerns about expiration dates.

Consumption Of Kratom Powder

Kratom powder, a form of kratom ground into a fine powder, is sold as a dietary supplement. It can be consumed as a drink, tea, or mixed with food, but be aware that such methods of consumption may pose risks to liver health.


To try kratom powder, you can purchase it online or at a local smoke shop, but remember that the legal age to buy kratom it is generally 18 years old, with some states requiring a minimum age of 21.


Kratom is also available as a liquid extract that can be added to water or combined with food or juice before consumption. Keep in mind that when ingesting kratom in this way, the effects might take longer to set in and last longer compared to taking pills or capsules.

Doses Of Kratom Powder 

The appropriate amount of kratom powder to take depends on various factors, such as:


  • The specific kratom strain

  • Your tolerance level

  • Your experience with the herb

  • Whether you are taking other medications or supplements

  • Any health conditions that may interact with kratom (e.g., liver issues)


For those new to kratom, it’s crucial to start with a small dose and observe your body’s reaction. Since each individual is unique, the amount that works for one person may not be suitable for another.


A beginner’s recommended dose is typically 2-4 grams of dried leaf material or around 1-2 grams of powdered leaf material.


This starting point may be appropriate for most people; however, if you have prior experience with kratom, you may need to adjust the amount based on your sensitivity to the substance.


Taking too much kratom powder can lead to side effects like nausea, vomiting, sweating, and dizziness. If you encounter these symptoms after consuming kratom powder, ensure you drink plenty of water and adjust your dosage the next time to find the ideal amount for you.

Side Effects Of Kratom Powder

Kratom is utilized by some individuals to address chronic pain, anxiety, or depression, while others consume it recreationally for the euphoric effects produced by its active components, mitragynine, and 7-hydroxy mitragynine.


Even though the supplement’s popularity as a recreational drug is growing and some research suggests it may have therapeutic benefits, there are risks associated with kratom use.


It’s crucial to acknowledge that kratom is a potent substance and can potentially cause side effects.


Here are the potential side effects of kratom to be aware of:


  • Dizziness

  • Nausea

  • Vomiting

  • Sweating

  • Itching or rashes

  • Constipation, diarrhea, or stomach pain

  • Dry mouth or dry nose

  • Withdrawal symptoms (if discontinued)

FAQ’s About Kratom Powder

Q1. What is kratom powder, and where does it come from?

Kratom powder is a substance derived from the leaves of the Mitragyna speciosa tree, which is native to Southeast Asia. The leaves are dried and ground into a fine powder, which is then used for various purposes, such as pain relief, anxiety reduction, and energy enhancement.

Q2. What are the different strains of kratom powder, and how do they differ in effects?

The most common strains of kratom powder are red vein, green vein, and white vein. Red vein kratom is known for its pain-relieving and relaxing effects, green vein kratom offers a balance of relaxation and stimulation, and white vein kratom is known for its energizing and mood-enhancing properties.

Q3. How do I take kratom powder?

Kratom powder can be ingested in several ways, including mixing it with water or other beverages, adding it to food, or placing it in capsules. It can also be brewed as a tea. The method of ingestion can affect the onset and duration of effects.

Q4. How long does it take for kratom powder to take effect?

The onset of kratom’s effects may vary depending on the method of ingestion and individual factors. Generally, effects can be felt within 20-60 minutes of ingestion and may last for several hours.

Q5. Is kratom powder legal?

The legal status of kratom varies by country and sometimes by state or region within a country. In the United States, kratom is legal in some states but banned or regulated in others. It’s crucial to check the legal status of kratom in your area before purchasing or using it.

Q6. Can I develop a tolerance or dependence on kratom powder?

Regular use of kratom powder can lead to the development of tolerance, requiring higher doses to achieve the desired effects. Dependence can also occur, with users experiencing withdrawal symptoms if they discontinue use abruptly. It is essential to use kratom responsibly and consider taking breaks to minimize these risks.

Q7. Are there any potential drug interactions with kratom powder?

Kratom may interact with other medications or substances, such as opioids, benzodiazepines, alcohol, and certain antidepressants. It’s essential to consult with a healthcare professional before using kratom, especially if you are taking other medications or have existing health conditions.

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Conclusion: Best Places To Buy Kratom Powder Online In 2023!

Kratom powder is a fascinating substance that has captured the attention of people around the world for its potential health benefits and recreational uses. From its traditional use in Southeast Asia as a natural remedy, to its modern-day popularity as a natural alternative to pain medication and mood-enhancer, kratom has a rich and varied history. Despite some concerns about its safety and efficacy, kratom continues to be used by millions of people who swear by its benefits. 


Whether you are looking for a natural way to manage pain, improve your mood, or simply try something new, kratom is definitely worth exploring. With its unique blend of psychoactive compounds and potential health benefits, kratom is a truly fascinating substance that is sure to continue captivating people for years to come.

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