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Fall Arts: Two Thumbs Up!

The San Diego Film Festival is September 24–28. Co-host, jury panelist, EXTRA special correspondent, and all-around film buff Ben Lyons tells us why everyone should go.

They actually show big movies.

Last year we played 12 Years a Slave. It’s cool to see big movies before they’re released wide, in addition to local filmmakers and films shot in the region.

September is when movies get good.

Summer is for blockbusters. In September, studios start to roll out the movies making a run for the Oscars.

Duhamel and Dreyfuss are coming.

Josh Duhamel has been producing and acting in indies, and we’re showing one of his films. Richard Dreyfuss is also coming to show Cas & Dylan.

SDFF is egalitarian.

It’s for the casual moviegoer from La Jolla and the SDSU student who wants to be the next Jon Favreau. It’s not like, “I don’t work in the movie business, I can’t come.”

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Fall Arts: Two Thumbs Up!

Ben Lyons

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