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SDM Guide to San Diego Food + Drink: Little Frenchie


Welcome to SDM’s Guide to Food + Drink, a series created to help you decide on where to eat in San Diego—curated by the team at San Diego Magazine.

Little Frenchie is the Parisian sidewalk bistro wine shop cafe bakery thing in Coronado. Owner is David Spatafore, born and raised in the parts. He left, then came back (San Diego is the inescapable ex). He opened a little ice cream shop near his childhood home and now that’s turned into a modest empire of eats (Liberty Public Market, Stake, The Islander, etc.). Then there’s chief operations guy Matt Gordon, who local food people know as the former chef/owner of Urban Solace in North Park. And in the kitchen—Sramek, who trained under Bruno Lopez at Hotel Bel Air, then cooked on the team that helped Thomas Keller open Bouchon in Beverly Hills.

Sramek serves aromatically aggressive but undeniably addictive French cheeses. Cronuts and coffee in the morning, burger (topped with a raclette aka molten lava cheese, an ancestor of fondue) during the day, Provencal classics and wine at night (they got an advanced sommelier on staff). Everything from scratch. Learn more in the video above.

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