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How to Incorporate CBD into Your Daily Routine

Hanah Salas, owner of OpenApothecary, shares three simple ways to add the natural remedy into your life
Gerry Saucedo

By Sarah Pfledderer

CBD Simplified

CBD Simplified

Gerry Saucedo

As the owner of OpenApothecary, Hanah Salas has heard all the hesitations around cannabidiol, (CBD for short), most of them stemming from the fact that it comes from cannabis. There’s the misunderstanding that the chemical gets you high, or that you can overdose, and fears over it being a “drug.” The way she sees it, many of us take drugs of some kind every day, be they over-the-counter medications or prescriptions, and they all share a purpose: helping people feel better.

Getting to know this natural remedy begins by understanding its different application methods and what they might address—soothing body pains or easing anxiety, for example. Here, Salas helps us connect those dots and suggests three ways to work CBD into your wellness routine. But first, she clarifies: “I’m not a doctor, not a scientist, not a lawyer. I always recommend talking to your doctor.”

Topical approaches for bodily ailments

Topical solutions apply CBD directly to the skin for the purpose of easing body aches and pains. You might consider purchasing a premade salve for this, or adding a few drops of CBD oil to a lotion you love, blending it together, and rubbing it on your problem area.

Oral solutions for mood shifters

Oral applications, in which you ingest CBD, are intended to alleviate anxiety or stress. You can purchase premade CBD gummies or other treats, or even drop some oil under your tongue for the quickest absorption. To introduce it to what you already know, add a few drops of CBD oil to your morning coffee or tea.

Infusions for all-over relaxation

Baths already deliver full-body relaxation, but adding CBD to the equation could elevate the whole experience. Salas doesn’t recommend putting pure CBD oil directly into your bath, however: It would dilute too much, and it’s not cheap. Instead, drop in a premade CBD bath bomb—she sells them in singles or in packs of up to 12.



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