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Jim Laslavic’s Home Away From Home

18 holes with Tina Mickelson

By Tina Mickelson

Coronado Municipal Golf Course
2000 Visalia Row, Coronado

Par: 72
Blue Tees: 6,590 yards
White Tees: 6,276 yards
Gold Tees: 5,742 yards

Green fees
Start as low as $18 for residents.

Coronado Golf Course has been a San Diego staple since it opened in 1957. Winding around the bay with the Hotel Del Coronado in the background, it offers spectacular views. Most of the county’s golf courses offer a sense of calm by way of completely getting away from it all. However, Coronado Golf Course offers a serenity that is accompanied by an urban feel. You are five minutes from downtown, but all the action you really seem to care about is your next golf shot. Result: Relaxation without completely removing yourself.

As a Coronado resident, Jim Laslavic has made himself at home at this public golf course for more than 35 years. “If you are playing well you will be rewarded,” he says, “but bad shots are definitely penalized. The wind shifts at times, so it can play differently from one day to the next. Oh… and be careful, because the trees will talk to you!”

Talk to you?!

“Oh yeah! They say, ‘Hey! Over here! Come say hi!’ And sure enough, my golf ball always seems to listen.”

Okay… So the trees talk, the wind shifts, anything else?

“I love the fact that the front and back nines are very different from each other, which offers a lot of variety. The practice area is great and provides the ability to work on every aspect of the golf game.”

Don’t forget about the restaurant, Coronado Bayside Grill, which serves locally grown produce and meats whenever possible. Eggs are delivered fresh from Ramona, and the menu packs flavor without any transfats. Combine that with spectacular views at every table and you just found yourself another great addition to your “Must Try” list. Fore-course meal, anyone?

Jim Laslavic’s Home Away From Home

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