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La Vida Vegan: All Thai-ed Up

By Odette Cressler

The Dish: House-made red curry with eggplant, bell pepper, bamboo shoots, basil, and steamed tofu.

The Spot: Chi Extraordinary Kitchen, 2789 Adams Avenue, University Heights

The Scene: The restaurant is small and cozy. The vibe feels peaceful and intimate, even quiet in a good way. As I walk in, all the diners I spot are engaged in their food, their cups of tea, and their conversations.

The Bottom Line: The curry’s spices blend wonderfully with the coconut milk, making a perfect base. The fresh basil adds a sweet, fragrant aroma, the vegetables in the curry are perfectly cooked, and the tofu is firmly pressed but still maintains a soft texture, ideal for soaking in all of the flavors.

La Vida Vegan: All Thai-ed Up

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