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More than Your Average Beer Issue

San Diego Magazine launches online Brewery Guide
Photo by Paul Body

By Erin Chambers Smith

The craft beer thing is something we love at San Diego Magazine. We love it because our readers love it, and buy lots of copies of the issue when it’s out. Cold beer is a neat thing to photograph, craft beer personalities make great fodder for stories, and the trends and innovations in the industry seem endless. Our annual Beer Issue is out on newsstands now and for the first time, we’re launching a super slick online beer guide along with it. Bruce Glassman wrote it, so the rest of this blog post is dedicated to him. Thanks, buddy!

Three reasons we love Bruce Glassman

(Other than the fact that he’s partnered with us on this super neat, searchable, sortable, tip-laden brewery guide)

  • He gets the gossip. And he’s also slow to publish. It’s a great combo because he really does have an inside perspective and great sources, and yet he’s not in it to be first or be loudest. He wants to be a resource more than anything, a voice people trust, both in the industry and for regular beer drinkers. There’s plenty of stuff Bruce tells us in edit meetings that doesn’t make it to the website or in the issue, and that’s a good thing. He’s a pretty measured guy. Doesn’t brag, doesn’t speculate, doesn’t prod.

  • He’s drunk every beer! Literally, every beer at every brewery! I’m convinced of it. He wrote a book about every brewery in San Diego with tasting notes, and then a few years later when more were opened and changed, he wrote another one. And now he’s partnered with us to put it all up on the website, and keep it up to date as things open, change and close.

  • He wants to do more. He’s got great content and experience, and with the San Diego Magazine platform of print, web, e-newsletters, and social media, he’s got a lot of eyeballs on it. And together, we’re talking about all kinds of things from tours to competitions to just plain for-fun beer events where beer people can geek out and drinks lots of good local beer.

So… let us know what you think! Our digital team David Martin (@davidmartin08) and Sanna Coates built the beer guide, so send them your feedback. David also sells digital advertising and sponsorships, so let him know if you want do more with the guide and the (hopefully) thousands of people who’ll be using it.

And ping @emeanley with your thoughts on the Beer Issue of San Diego Magazine (it’s on newsstands now).

More than Your Average Beer Issue

Photo by Paul Body

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