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New Dumpling Digs

By Archana Ram

There’s something charming about hole-in-the-wall restaurants, that is, until they’re not so under the radar and outgrow their space. That’s the fate that led the award-winning Convoy institution Dumpling Inn to a larger venue located within the same plaza. The menu of noodles and namesake dumplings remains the same—don’t miss the deep-fried beef curry dumplings and kung pao sea bass—but the space is now equipped with more seating; the Shanghai Saloon, a lounge serving 30 beers on tap and other libations adjacent to the Inn; and Dai-Pai-Don, a self-service snack food counter for late-night customers inspired by the open-air food stalls of Hong Kong. 4625 Convoy Street

New Dumpling Digs

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